Happy New friends....

Lookee here gals at my Secret Santa wonderful  parcel that I received nearly two weeks ago....but saved for Christmas Day to open! Do you remember that Victoria and Kelly was holding this swap and I helped them with the button for it!

CHRISTMAS DAY is nearly upon us ....

Christmas day is nearly upon us and I have been so busy that I havn't reported here about half the things that I said I would...sorry! I have been bad! real bad!...I have actually got caught up in the christmas frenzy thingy!...but this year it is different...I am enjoying it!

Christmas Countdown

Well gals, here we are with a week to go until Christmas Day...doesn't time fly when you are having fun! I actually said that I wouldn't go mad this year...but I still seem to find myself out and about! and in a PANIC!....This morning we woke up to a blanket of snow...and 'blighty' is not very good at coping with these kind of conditions, listening to the news, the weather men were advising not to go out at all!....and driving Rosie to work we realised that most people had decided to take that advice....it was very treacherous on the roads, but seeing as we were out, I took this opportunity to get a few more presents at the shopping centre, as there was hardly anyone out shopping!

Christmas at Happy's House

Ok gals, heres my pictures of my Dining room all christmasted up!...we have decided to put the bigger of the two trees in the Dining room as there is more space....and again we have chosen red white and blue for the tree.


Oh my goodness! I am soooooo sorry for not being around for a while there! Oh and how vain it was of me to broadcast about my birthday, only to leave you all for more than a week!...without an update!  Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes :) I had such a lovely day...well it all started the day before actually, as my lovely son Daz paid me a surprise visit from Uni, to wish me a HAPPY Birthday....as you can imagine...I was grinning from ear to ear!  it was such a lovely surprise!

HAPPY Birthday !

hAPPY'S bIRTHDAY, originally uploaded by HAPPY LOVES ROSIE.

Hello Gals...Yes its December 2nd and its my Birthday Yippeeeee! 

May I first Thank all the lovely people that have sent me such lovely emails...from my previous post...I received such heartfelt messages from lovely lovely gals...you have all made my day...honestly - Thank you so much :) Those of you that have a blog I will be adding you to my HAPPY BLOGS :) list soon.

Please Email me.....

blog pics sunday 126, originally uploaded by HAPPY LOVES ROSIE.

Hello Gals...As you all know I have had trouble with my computer just lately and it went off to the 'Tech Guys' the other day....well it was back in no time, only to have everything wiped off of it! Hmmm! anyway at least it is working now! (touch wood!)

My Favourite Christmas Pictures

These pictures are my favourites from my group on Flikr called 


Go on...click on the pictures and view the talented gals that have contributed :)

Love Happy x

This Week!.....

Noddy head doll, originally uploaded by happy loves rosie.

I have toothache!...is there no end to my talent! for being the ill'est person around right now!!!!! GRRRR !....

So off to the doctors I went this morning and it turns out that my wisdom tooth on the bottom right hand side has decided to appear!!...Goodness Gracious Me! aren't I a little old for all that milarkie!

Christmas decorations

upside down!, originally uploaded by happy loves rosie.

Well its time to venture down to the garage and sort out all of our christmas decorations...Yes we have bought all of them with us (when we moved) and we have been buying vintage baubles through the year as well...goodness knows where they are all going to go! we have stacks and stacks! and as I have over-filled our little cottage already, it will be a major uphaul!

And the winner is ..... Woof woof!

Hey guys..... I have just realised a way that I can sort this book giveaway milarkie out!...Phew I am sooo tired, everyone has had the flu and I have been feeling a little icky too!

Anyway I went ahead and drawed a winner this evening...It was a bit difficult with my paws! but because  Mummy and Rosie have been ill, I thought I would lend a paw!...anyway the winner is....

Swine Flu Mayhem!

Oh dear! I am in a bit of a pickle right now! 

We had a lovely weekend and I was reading all your lovely comments that you all left in my giveaway...Thanks gals you ROCK! ;)  and then on Sunday a load of shit nasty things happened!....You see every now and again I think that if you have had a run of good stuff happening, you have to pay with some shit! bad stuff! and that is definitely what has happened...

Blogging for Bliss Give Away

Well here we are! it has finally arrived!....actually its been a bit like buses! yesterday the copy from LARK publishers and Amazon arrived all at the same time! which is good news for you lot :) coz I have a spare copy!

Guess who's back!... why its Freddy of course!

Somebody is back with us in Blogland!

To find out who!...he is an amazing artist! 

Mum's Visit....

My Mum came to visit the other day...we were going to be designing her 80th Birthday Party Celebration Invites...she wanted to have it printed on a simple notelet...but I thought for such a special occassion...they needed to be pretty special too!

Guy Fawkes Night Supper....Yum!

Tagliatelli spaghetti (1 fresh 250g packet serves 4)

1 leek chopped, Bacon lardons (as many as you like, I use 2 £1.00 packets from tesco's)
1-2 large tablespoons horseradish (depending on how hot you like it)
3/4 pint of milk
knob of butter (or dollop! LOL)

Grrrrr! NO MORE JEDWARD !!!!!




I actually think it is a FIX to get more people talking about the show!
....Apparently Ireland cannot vote! and thats why I find it even more unbelievable that they are being kept in!I think we should be allowed to see how many voted for each of them...because how do we know that the votes are NOT fixed!....Sorry about this MOAN...but I just had to get it off of my chest! LOL! GRRRR!

Happy Halloween

Well...Here we are! Saturday 31st October...Welcome to Halloween!...and the Church on the Green. I have been meaning to go down to my local church and take some pictures, because the last time I visited it, I didnt have my camera on me, but spent a good hour having a look around this lovely place...set amoungst Gillinghams 'surburbia' !

Mirror Mirror...on the wall

Do you remember this lovely vintage mirror that we had on the wall in the dining room of our old house?

Happy's Kitchen

Hello gals...I thought it was about time that I showed you my kitchen, you see I have been putting this off for quite sometime now!....and all because I do not like the design of the cupboards! I would love to rip them out and fit a more neutral shaker style kitchen, but alas I am not made of money these days!  So we have done the best we can!

Introducing - ZARA CARPENTER

Hello Gals...Have you been feeling the chill this week, have you sorted out your wardrobe and put all your summer clothes away for next year? If like me you have done all of that and are looking for some bright and beautiful head gear to wear with your winter separates... then look no further.....

Wonderful Autumn

Isn't this spider and his web....just wonderful! Nature is a magnificent thing, don't you think!

Love Happy x

The Old Rectory Vintage Sale

The other week we visited the Old Rectory Sale, it was a lovely weekend and Margaret and Madeleine had done themselves proud with the way the had displayed everything. 

It was going to be a lovely sunny weekend! Its like they order the sun every time...as they have been sooo lucky with the weather in the past (all except for the last sale! lots of rain! YUK!)

Pretty Finds and Washing Lines

Hi gals...I thought you all might be interested in the wonderful finds I have found over the last few weeks....alas though I have not found my XXL grey knit to adorn my red and pink roses too...but no sooner than I find it, I will be getting to work with it and showing you what I have created...don't worry about that!...its just its a little harder to pick up a larger size in the Charity shops around here! and especially a good (or used to be good!) charity shop in my local town, has now got a helper that is my size! What a cheek!!!

Fancy a new blog banner?


These are old...but soon! I just might be doing something again over here

updated 29/10/17

Love Happy x


Well here we are heading towards the autumnal months and everythings a changing in the garden! Now I promised myself that I wouldn't do a post like this because I cannot stand Autumn and Winter! Its simply not good for your health you know! and because here in Blighty, we do not have very good summers!....to have to go through these very short days...some as short as 8 hours of daylight! is simply just NOT fair!

Full Moon!

I picked a mighty fine time to do a blog tonight! apart from the fact it is a full moon! Men are affected by this! did you know? we have our monthlies and men are ruled by the moon!...so with this knowledge I went to bed early to do a blog, leaving, a sure to be in a bad mood soon! Freddy downstairs watching the TV!...BAD idea!! You see lately I have been sorting out my pictures, as I take about 5 of each shot!

How green are you!

I think I have just made the BIGGEST carrier bag store EVER!! hee hee!
Its 3ft long and stuffed full!!...Now if only I could remember to take them with me when I go to the supermarket! LOL!

Love Happy x

Make do and mend....!

Hey gals...look at this 'Make do and Mend' idea!

Don't go buying yourself a new mouse mat....this little idea works just as well! 
Yes its a quarter of a vintage scrabble board game! you must have several unused games lying around the house! The finish on them is brilliant...and just perfect for the job! and looks soooo much better too! 

I wouldn't be without mine :)

Love Happy x

Happy's vintage ramblings....

Hello everyone, I do hope you are all well :) ....swine flu has been talked about quite alot this week, have you noticed! ....and everytime they mention the symptoms...I seem to think I have them!...they seem to change as well! have you noticed!...I have been thinking....ah well! I havn't got a sore throat, so I'll be Ok...but the other night they never mentioned anything about a sore throat! SHOCK!

I CAN SEW !!!!!

Isn't this a lovely piece of material (above) I have had it for about a year now and apart from covering my shopping trolley with it...I havn't done much else. So the other day I dug it out. You see I have an itch in my head...you know the type! I wanted to make something, but wasnt really sure how! and I wanted to use this material....so yesterday I started....surely it wouldn't take long!!!!


Hello gals...Thank goodness its Saturday...and what a lovely day again, especially now the wind has died down!...the garden took a beating last week...everything was blowing around and we had to do a rescue job with our pots and plants as lot of them were strewn all around the garden!...but today is lovely and sunny...the thought of those dark nights coming! arghh! I hate them...I love the long days and will miss them sooo much! Anyway lets get on with it - enough already of the weather! LOL!...

Bright, Fun and Happy ....

Hello gals...well lookee here...I nearly fell off my chair, when I saw this pushchair in the New Cath Kidston catalogue! Now if I had little ones I would definitely be saving my pennies for this little number!

I want my MOJO back!

I am having one of those weeks...you know where you just cannot get motivated! Apart from the fact that it is all dreary outside today (check out the pic above!).

Last week I decided to catch up on some well deserved sleep, over the years I have only needed about 5-6 hours, but just lately, my body has been telling me otherwise. So last week I decided to go to bed about 9pm and I slept all the way around to 9am!! the next night I went to bed at 10 pm and slept all the way round to 10 am!! each night I slept for at least 12 hours each and then at the weekend, I went to bed very late around 3am and it has thrown me all out of sync coz now I can't stop sleeping! cat naps here and there! and no focus to do anything! Oh gosh what has happened to me!

Happy's House

Hello gals...how are you all this week...I hope you are all having fun in the sunshine!

Look (above) what we found whilst we were out thrifting last week...yes this lovely tin horse, that looks divine in our garden!...

French Enamel and Herne Bay

Gosh I really do not know where to start here! First let me say a BIG thankyou to everyone that left a comment about our holivan...we really have been overwhemed by all your support and lovely comments...you really have bolled us all over here at the Happy house!...I am speechless honestly :)

QVC !...Na Not Me!

OMG...Its been one of those kinda days...!

I decided to have a rest today, because yesterday I did rather overdo it on my poorly battered and bruised legs....please do remember that I am looking kinda like a reject from a St Trinians movie LOL! but NOT in the sexy black stockined look that those naughty school girls were famous for....but in this years pasty white look! (SsSSsHhhhhh! My lovely medical tights!)