Hello gals...well lookee here...I nearly fell off my chair, when I saw this pushchair in the New Cath Kidston catalogue! Now if I had little ones I would definitely be saving my pennies for this little number!
When my kiddies were little I searched up and down the country for the right pram for my little ones...I finally found it in a shop in Brentwood, Essex...I had never seen one and have never seen another since...

It was this Ninni Nana Pram/pushchair (above and above) that was sooooo bright and fun and I am talking some 16 years ago now...when prams were very pastel in colour. Well I suppose you would expect this type of pram from me eh!

The brightness didnt stop at the pram either...even Daz used to wear brights and flowers...it soooo suited the two of them...I wish that I still had some of their clothes! I used to hang their spotty coats and jackets on my coat racks long after they had grown out of them...

The colours and patterns of the clothing back then, were so pretty, we used to go to a shop on the Roman Road in Bow, London E13 called *Jacks* and we used to spend a fortune! the labels that they used to stock were Portofino, cakewalk, oilily and a few others.

I was addicted to this style of clothing and loved the way they used to look in them, coz you could clash everything....and boys clothing was so boring back then...daz and Rosie was always dressed in the brightest attire...fun, bright and happy :)

Rosie and I have had a right laugh this afternoon...checking out all these pictures, plus others that were too embarrassing to show! Like my hair over the years! thats a whole other post on its own! LOL!

Its so great to get out the old pictures...isn't it! I felt I just had to share them with you all, to let you see that even back then...all those years ago, colour was always my thing...yes that CK pushchair has made my weekend...I am so glad that there is finally a bright and happy pram out there...for like minded Mums and Dads!

So they are both grown up now...Boo hoo! Rosie is sweet sixteen and Daz is sweet 19, so I don't have any say in what they wear! even when they are spending my money!!...sad isnt it!

I love them to bits...and its been a real pleasure bringing them up....I wouldn't have missed it for the world!...

Now how can I think of an excuse to buy that CK spotty pram to put my dollies in!!! LOL!

Love Happy x


  1. I have that pushchair except mine isn't Caths. It's just plain boring blue, if only it had been around 19 months ago. I don't think my OH would be too happy if I bought another especially at that price 'hehe'.
    Love your kiddie pics!
    Beki xxx

  2. Wish that was around 29yrs ago! Even Caitlins is Cherry red and plain.........Never mind nanny has knitted rather bright cardies!

  3. Well, I've got to be honest, the CK red and white spotty is fun but nowhere near as good as the one you had. I remember searching everywhere for something different 22 years ago. Push chairs were definitely improving but way beyond the normal budget and still very sensible and slightly pre-occupied with the folding technology. Love all your pattern, I used to make my daughters dresses and would always have something like flowery sleeves with a spotty dress panel. People thought I did it because we were poor, but I loved to make something special for them.

  4. Pastels - yuck! I would always go to the second-hand stores to find the bright colors for my Teen (who's Rosie's age) when she was little. Then came along Pre-Teen with her reddish hair and white complexion - not a bright color kid. I was disappointed! But now her fave colors are black and red! (Even though they still don't match her skin tone!)

  5. awww! I love the old pictures!
    Every now and then I get ours out too. my kids are 20, 22, 24 and 27now.. gosh.. i feel old!
    have a sweet sunday!

  6. so CUTE your little kiddos were. Take it from me, you'll have grandkids before you know it. I say buy the pram now and you'll be right ready ;-)

  7. Lovely photos! Don't they grow up quick? Blink and they are all grown up! Suzie :)

  8. Oh my daughter would love that pram, its so cute! You know one day you will have grandchildren like I do and you will need to buy all that stuff again!

  9. Lovely..and I need a new buggy but I don't think hubby would appreciate the price tag!!You're right about the pastels..my mum was the same, I lived in dungerees and red cardis when I was little..no pretty pinks for me!

  10. My SIL and I were having a chat about this pushchair today. I wonder how long it'll take for a Burberry style photo to appear in the press!!!

    Victoria xx

  11. Cutes blog ever it makes me smile it is soo cheerful!
    Pix are adorable to.

  12. Hello again. I have a great blog award for you which I really want you to have. Please pop over to my blog and copy it from my sidebar(at the top) I made it myself especially ( with my drawing)for the blogs I love! Suzie. :)

  13. So gutted my days of pushchairs are nearly over. Mine is falling apart but cannot warrant buying a new one now molly is nearly 2. Red and white polka dots do it for me every time - my whole house would be red and white spots and stripes given half a chance. Not sure where the obsession came from but there sure is plenty out there at the moment to keep feeding it!

  14. I enjoyed reading about your children and seeing their pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Such a sweet and happy blog! xo, Serena

  16. So similar to my two cute photos brought back distant memories .The professional traveller is 21 just back from Mexico ,dredlocks blond ,body bronzed and toned from all that surfing.Miss America is now 19 and challenging Katie Price for her crown where have the years gone.

  17. Què lindo tu blog!!!

  18. Its so cute!

    Bright and cheerful!



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