Isn't this a lovely piece of material (above) I have had it for about a year now and apart from covering my shopping trolley with it...I havn't done much else. So the other day I dug it out. You see I have an itch in my know the type! I wanted to make something, but wasnt really sure how! and I wanted to use this yesterday I started....surely it wouldn't take long!!!!

I layed out my material and cut it to the right size, including a lovely old french linen sheet for the lining and preceeded to sew it altogether on my lovely sewing machine (you have to talk nicely to the sewing machine you know! coz if you dont it picks up bad vibes and starts going wrong!)....

BUT someone in the house must have been having bad thoughts just at that moment, coz look what happened...all the underneath started to jam and knot up in a most angry manner! OH POPPYCOCK!...

As I got up from my chair Max looked at me very guiltily!....I reckon he must of been having bad thoughts...prabably about that cat again!! oh I could just scream...what wasn't going to take long, was now turning into an olympic event!

Then I remembered the conversation that I had had with my lovely mother-in-law the other day and she said that IKEA cotton was the best and to use that if my machine ever played I started looking for some...surely I had this magic cotton...I have most things, as I love to buy all the bits...! LOL.

I had a look here....


...and here...but still I could not find it.....but what i did find was.....

These vintage pinking shears, and this lovely green checked ruler...Great finds and I havn't even spent any money! LOL....Phew I am getting good!

Then I had a brainwave...Lets look in my sewing box....I dont know why but I keep this in my lounge and often forget whats in it!

Success! At last I can carry on with making my bag....only 4 hours later!
Thats what I hate about sewing - its one thing after another...I dont think my machine likes me very! if it did like me sewing would be a pleasure...without a hitch going wrong!

I started sorting out the tension, because I have never really got to grips with that!...I have lost the manual long ago and after a further hour I had sorted that out too and my machine was at last smiling at me! I have made her all better...she is now working like a dream!
...and after all that - this is the end result...its not perfect, but its perfect for me! I love this vintage material and I think I'll be making quite a few more items from it...even though it took me forever! hopefully it won't take so long next time now that I have sorted out my machine :)

Have you made anything that you are proud of lately :)

Love Happy x


  1. I love the mix of fabric patterns. You are such a creative inspiration!! I sooo understand about projects taking forever. Only, I would have started another project while looking for the thread and totally forgotten what I started out to do... :(

  2. I did laugh at this post because i've just got my machine (or rather my daughters) out and it's sat patiently waiting on the table untill i'm brave enough to try and use it.
    Love your bag, it looks fab!
    Beki xxx

  3. I can so relate! I just tried making a pencil case. Number 3, so you'd think I could do it just like that. And I probably could. Only I didn't have a red zipper. Went and bought one - which I just found out is both too short and of the "invisible" kind. So I'll have to wait untill I can get another. I was wondering whether it's possible to cast a curse on a website because I had a lot of trouble making the first pencilcase. But maybe it's just somebody who had bad thoughts at the time. Which would be our dog - since it wasn't me! And we were the only ones in the room.

  4. Oh - and of course I forgot to say how nice your bag turned out!

  5. Oohh, the bag looks gorgeous, such pretty fabric!
    I'm knitting pretty mohair scarves at the moment and it took me ages to hunt down the right size needles as I have a few bags for my knitting supplies!So annoying when you just want to get started on a project!
    Rachel x

  6. your bag turned out so nice! And it feels so good to have such a great result after putting all this effort in it! Lovely post!

  7. I think you did a wonderful job, I love the way it turned out, and best of all it's handmade (: You go girl keep it coming. Hugs, Diane

  8. hi..
    lovely bag you did...:)
    where did you buy that wonderful material?


  9. I know what you mean about taking so long. By the time I find all the bits and pieces that I want to make something, its time to pack it all away again as its my elderly fathers lunch/tea time....I used to do most of my sewing in the evening, but dad sits with me and watches tv so I feel guilty if I move away from him!Lovely material and lovely bag, well done! Elizabeth

  10. Fantastic bag! Yo have done a good job. I love the fabric.
    Isabelle x

  11. Beautiful bag.
    I have a machine that I give a good talking to first! I tell it I need to start and finish this job within a certain time, and true to form the certain time arrives and I can guarantee that the machine will decide to suck the under thead back into its innerds as if to say you promised to finish at this time!

  12. I have! I just finished three quilts, a skirt for my granddaughter, a sweater for my son and one for his son!

    I do love the bag that fabric is just beautiful!

    P.S. Max needs to meet my little Westie Paisley!

  13. Just wanted to say your blog is the BOMB and so is your blog site. Comments: I love to here how much you love your kids - Thank God for mothers like you. Just a note I too just started to sewing and really really love it. See you soon

  14. Wauw, good job!!

    You made a wonderful bag :)

    Regards, Veronique

  15. Your bags is gorgeous. I love your blog... It's great that you have created such a strong identity for yourself surrounding yourself with the things you love. I believe when you are confident in the things you love it is much easier to show the world who you are. Come and visit me over at

  16. I used my sewing machine for the first time last night and ended up making a cushion!! Only a little one and not near perfect but I'm so proud of it!!!

    Your bag is fantastic and the fabric is just perfect!

    Victoria xx

  17. What a perfect bag! I love nice big bags to carry everything in! Great job! I am not sewing right now...and I miss it!

  18. Lovely bag... that fabric is to die for! I HATE when the sewing machine doesn't cooperate.. not fun!

  19. Gorgeous fabric! Your bag turned out really nice after all the disasters :)


  20. I always seem to run out of thread JUST before the end or if I'm in a hurry. You forgot to mention that cardinal rule. NEVER sew when your in a hurry because then NOTHING will go right.

    Great bag and beautiful material.

    I posted about your blog yesterday. Check it out.

  21. Seeing your sewing box, it kind of gives me an idea. Have you ever thought of using it for upholstery material? You can even start with that craft box.


  22. I totally understand where you're coming from, I'm always swearing at my machine!! But look at the result - love it! Imagine what you could do when you're a little less rusty! Brilliantly written post as usual xx

  23. Oh so cute, I need a little doggie to help me sew, my border collie was no help at all when I sewed this bag last weekend!

  24. You have a very lovely blog. Lots and lots of inspiration. You are most welcome to visit my blog too.
    Best regards from Germany,

  25. I'm feeling poorly today :( and your blog was just what I needed to make me feel a little more happier and rosier ..thank-you so much and if I can ever do the same for you too one day...just pop by !:)

  26. Ah-ha! bad vibes! Now I know why I've never been able to sew! But I can do other things which I can be proud of. Crafting keeps me sane!

    Hi, Happy, I'm Holly! Your blog has been a wonderful shot of fun and color for me this morning. Thank you! ♥

  27. Oh yeah, the bag is fab! ☺ Good job!

  28. It's lovely! No, I haven't sewed anything lately. I have my little Singer featherweight in the guest room. I need to bring it in here in the garden room. Where it will send me vibes of guilt that will make me sew something!

  29. its gorgeous, really pretty fabric! fliss xx

  30. Great cute crafting-blog I found here! Your blog makes me happy..Have a great day!//Eva


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