Happy Harris was born in London during the 1960's...A love of vintage and all things bright and whimsy morphed from a casual eclectic habit into an outright obsession...She is an eccentric, larger than life, redhead that loves to decorate in bright colours and craft whenever possible, whether it be in her Kent cottage or her 1950's caravan in the garden....Bliss!.....Influences of her childhood is paramount in her bright, retro and whimsy....decor, artwork and designs!


....HAPPY LOVES ROSIE Blog was created back in 2007, the name was supposed to be Happy and Rosy, because my nickname is Happy and I have always had red rosy cheeks...but because i am a bit 'dippy'... I happened to be pricing some Johnny Loves Rosie hair accessories for my bricks and mortar shop that I had back then...and well the name sort of stuck in my mind subconsciously and so when I named my blog, i totally forgot that I was going to call it Happy and Rosy and called it Happy Loves Rosie! Derrrr! Which in retrospect has worked out rather well because My Daughters name is Rosie and needless to say I love her to bits!

...and some

So being me is hard work! I always feel responsible for silences!...I laugh about half an hour after the joke has been told!....Everything I say (that sounds a bit rude) I say 'said the actress to the bishop'!....we all sing in the car, no matter where we are going!....I am useless at impressions, but Rosie and Freddy are brilliant!  I am not visually aware! and bumped into Princess Anne at a trade show about 10 years ago....Yes! lol! I literally BUMPED into her not looking where I was going!  OOppPs!...Anything we say, that sounds like a song...we start singing that song and people look at us as if we are Mad!...hehehe!

I am also convinced that we are living in the 'Trueman Show' as everything that we say, or do, tends to be repeated on the telly, in magazines or out and about....a few minutes to a day later...deja vu eh!

But in all this CrAzY'ness' comes laughter!...Despite having had the worst couple of years of our lives, and now my Hubby has ended up in a wheelchair, life is as tough as tough can be! Yes we have our bad days...but we also strive to carry on and see the sunny side of everything...My hubby is amazing...he still makes me laugh and we always try to make the best of what we have!..we are closer now than we have ever been.

Happiness is good for the soul!...the more you smile, the happier you become...smiling at people you don't know in the street is a good exercise...its amazing how many people smile back at you....and it don't half make you feel good ;)

I can't stand....Turkish Delight...The colour purple, Liver, egg mixed with beans (the first meal Freddy cooked for me! Yuk!) Hypocrites, Raspberries, red currents or blackberries...any pippy fruit really.....Greed!....and Bad tattoos!

However I do like....lindt lindor....bright colours...happy people...Sailor Jerry Tattoos...whimsy collectables....feet...french enamel....staying up all night!...Dance Music...1950's and 1960's fashion and design...and making stuff.

I hope you now know a little more about me...and hopefully you might want to pop over and leave a comment on my blog at some point..I would really like that...of course i would return the favour...It would be nice to make some new friends.

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