It's that time of year again; the six week break that you have to desperately try to fill to keep your children entertained or risk your sanity.

Thankfully, I've got lots of pro tips for holidays that will keep you and yours happy so that you don't end up tearing out your hair over the school holidays.

1. UK Holiday 
There's actually no need to leave the country to have a great holiday, especially with the weather being as good at it has been. You can take a trip down to sunny Cornwall or Devon, and explore some of the prettiest coastline that Britain has to offer. There are loads to do as well, such as a day trip to St. Michael's Mount or a visit to the legendary castle of Tintagel. You can go surfing at Newquay, or camp out at St. Ives.

2. Jersey Holiday
If you want a bit of a hotter holiday, but still relatively close by, then a trip to Jersey could be just the thing. It's so easy to get to, and once you get there, there are some great family-orientated hotel such as the Merton Hotel, which has a swimming pool, slides, flow rider and lots of children's

3. Croatia Holiday
It seems that every one is jetting off to the beautiful coastal country of Croatia this year, with its miles of beaches, stunning islands and lots of activities for the whole family.

4. Greek Holiday
There are a range of activity holidays that you and your family can try if you have older children. Why not visit Greece and go on one of their Club Vounaki Sailing School holidays, to really tire you and your kids out. No chance of arguing if you are all asleep by 9pm! If this isn't your thing, there are so many Greek islands to choose form with lots of family friendly hotels available.

5. Further Afield
Show your children the world by taking them away somewhere exotic. There are volunteer holidays available for places such ads Costa Rica, where you and your family can build animal shelters to protect them from deforestation, or a trip to South Africa, taking in the awesome sites on a driving holiday up to see some of the majestic creatures of Africa. Or try going to America and playing cowboys for real on a ranch, with a rodeo, rafting, fishing and shooting.

Where are you off to this holiday time?
 Do you have any ideas for holidaying with the children?
If so, do please share it with us all :D

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  1. Our favourite destination is the island of "Fehmarn" at germany´s baltic sea. My daughter and my husband are windsurfers, so it´s perfect for us!!! ;-)))

  2. No holidays this year but last year we went to Dorset and I loved it there. Italy's Amalfi Coast is one of my favourite ever destinations and can't wait to go back one day.

  3. UK is one of the best option for holiday where you can still enjoyed your lovely holiday,I'm so impressed after read this amazing post...Thanks for this awesome post...


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