Mum’s Visit….

My Mum came to visit the other day…we were going to be designing her 80th Birthday Party Celebration Invites…she wanted to have it printed on a simple notelet…but I thought for such a special occassion…they needed to be pretty special too!

So we got to work….and in proper Mother and daughter tradition (or at least in our house! LOL!) we argued and changed our minds several times before we came up with a simple yet stunning card!

Oooh don’t think it was this one! that got rejected too! hehehe! and plus the english was incorrect on this one….it was very simple in the end…just the first piccy on a red carded background….simple yet perfect 🙂 You can use this piccy if you want…My Mum will be sooo flattered if you use her picture in your work 🙂 and if you do use it at all please do show us :)… is a picture of my Mum when she was 18 years old and I think the surrounding material is a Tanya Whelan fabric – but please correct me if I am wrong…it might be a Cabbages and Roses!…But I changed some of the flowers in photoshop to fit around the frame.

We did have a laugh though! even though my Mum doesn’t really like the decoration of the HAPPY house and frequently moans about how cluttered we are! Rotten cheek!….each to their own taste ay!

It was nice having her over to stay for a few days…

Where did all those years go! I remember her reading me Nursery Rhymes – only yesterday! 🙂

Love Happy x

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