CHRISTMAS DAY is nearly upon us ….


Christmas day is nearly upon us and I have been so busy that I havn’t reported here about half the things that I said I would…sorry! I have been bad! real bad!…I have actually got caught up in the christmas frenzy thingy!…but this year it is different…I am enjoying it!

Yes we have snow, and that has helped as it feels sooo special, even though I am such a baby, walking along on the ice! tut tut! you want to see me – its hilarious! thats the main reason why I have not been out taking pictures of our many neighbours lights! I am a scaredy cat! I have seen pensioners walk along in the snow faster than me! LOL! It really puts me to shame!

We have been out though, oh yes, we have been shopping in Maidstone yesterday and have picked up some last minute bargains, and I have decided that I like getting caught up in the frenzy…okay okay, I know I said I wouldn’t! but I have saved alot of money cutting corners and making things, and it was nice being out shopping for a change, as Maidstone is one of those centres that is mostly outside, so you get the atmosphere, which is missing from the big undercover centres that I hate.

Its was nice to still see some colour in the shops too, as I hate it when the seasons change for winter and the shop keepers seem to think that all we want to wear is dreary colours! surely that will make people feel more depressed!…since wearing primary colours, I have felt so much better in myself! Who needs a tonic!LOL!

All I have to do now is wrap them all up!..I have two more pressies to make and then I will be finished….but isn’t it lovely wrapping pressies listening to christmas tunes and drinking mulled wine! hmmmm! another excuse to be merry!

Today I plan to do all my housework and a bit of washing and ironing! Oh and of course get the christmas shopping!…I am a BIG Aldi convert! I used to shop at Tesco’s or M & S, but these days its Aldi all the way for me….the price of the food helps! but the brands are german and everything is sooo delicious and about a third of the price of everywhere else…my shopping used to cost about £110 for the week whereas now….at the fabulous Aldi, it only costs about £60 and that is with all the lovely treats as well!…see you there! 😉

Do you like my christmas piccies of the sitting room…its sooo cosy in there…we have moved the scandinavian style christmas tree a couple of times to accommodate TV watching, which is soo important for this time of year! Rock on Dr Who and The Queens Speech!

Anyway, I have decided that I will get all my jobs done today and then I will be free to chill, all holiday…hahaha! thats the plan anyway! 

Its really weird…I used to be one of those people that got carried away at christmastime, buying everything in sight, thinking that my family wouldn’t love me, if I didnt drown them with presents…I totally forgot the true meaning of christmas…which I think was so sad!

Okay so yesterday I did have a little spend up…but I never went half as mad as I have in the past and yet this year of all years I am enjoying this holiday time so much more! Ironic isn’t it!

I suppose it just goes to show that money isn’t everything…money doesn’t buy you happiness…its learning to love yourself and each other and teaching one another that the best present you can give is your love and attention!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the build up to Christmas as I hope all of you have too! Have fun all of you lovely people…Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

…and I’ll be back again in the New Year chatting with you and sharing my kinda experiences and happenings…thanks for your lovely comments I have enjoyed reading all of them…I am only sorry that I do not get the time to comment to you all back….but you know I love ya all 🙂


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