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The Leesa Mattress - Happy's Review

I have always been a bit sceptical about trying another mattress for my bed...I have had a Tempur mattress for years now and have always got the best sleep ever! but it has had its disadvantages over the years too!...for one it is getting rather old and 2. I get rather hot in it...and lately with the very hot weather I have been sleeping with no covers and getting a zillion mosi bites...

Sprucing Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Sprucing Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Redecorating can be preposterously expensive. Especially if you want new furniture and appliances on top of a coat of paint and some new accessories. This budget tends to go on those rooms that get seen by outsiders, or where our families spend most of their time. It somehow seems more acceptable to spend a fortune on the kitchen or lounge, but not on your bedroom, because no one else spends any time in there.

How to Add Value to Your Property

How to Add Value to Your Property
When you are selling your home, you might find that you were expecting to get a little more than what the value has been set at. The value of your home can get lower over time based on the fact that you have been living in it as well as the current market. The good news is that you don’t need to stick with the value that it is currently set at – you can add some value of your own. If you aren’t sure how to do this then you should keep reading to find out some ways that you can add value to your home.

It's National Fish and Chips Day Today!

Today is National Fish and Chips day in Blighty!

So if you need an excuse to pop down to the local Fish bar, then this is the best excuse of all!

What are the best facts about fish and chips?

1. Britain's beloved dish actually originated abroad! Chips can be traced back to Belgium or France and fried fish was first brought to Britain by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain.
2. Northern entrepreneur John Lees is often credited for putting the entire dish together in 1863.

Royal Wedding Garden Party Ideas


What a big weekend we have in store this week here in Blighty! Yes we have another Royal Wedding and although it is going to be a bit more informal, I still want to kit the garden out with bunting and 'Big Up Blighty' flags...but then that's the way I roll!

I seem to be the only one that is excited about it in my family! everyone else just 'tuts' and 'rolls their eyes' at me!  But I have always been a Royalist and celebrate it! in my Garden I will!

How to Bring Your Personality To Your Wedding

Source: Pexels.com

People think that it takes a long time to organise a wedding, but this isn’t true. You could organise a wedding in a few hours if you wanted to. But you wouldn’t want to, because this would be a bad wedding, one that isn’t worthy of your love and the future you’re going to spend together. To plan a wedding that’ll live long in the memory for all the right reasons? Yup, that’s going to take time. The best weddings are the ones that look good, are fun, and are infused with the couple’s personality. Below, we take a look at a few ways in which you can make sure that your wedding oozes slices of your personality at every turn.

Making Your Home A Happier Place To Be

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Life isn’t always easy. We have to work long hours; we sometimes have to go long periods without seeing our friends or family, our bills can sometimes feel overwhelming, and so on. When life begins to feel a little too much, we want to ensure that we have a place that can pick us back up and again, and what better place than our home? By making our house a more enjoyable place to be, we’ll always have that relaxing retreat to return to. Below, we take a look at some of the ways in which you can make your home a happier place to be. Let’s go!

Happy Easter & Pinch Punch

 spring flowers and shabby chic home decor

Hello Folks and a Happy Easter to you all...also pinch punch as it's the first day of the month! I am busy sorting out for a bootsale, I wanted to do it tomorrow [bank holiday Monday] but the weather doesn't look too good so I will be doing it on Sunday 8th April, again weather permitting!