Hi gals...I thought you all might be interested in the wonderful finds I have found over the last few weeks....alas though I have not found my XXL grey knit to adorn my red and pink roses too...but no sooner than I find it, I will be getting to work with it and showing you what I have created...don't worry about that!...its just its a little harder to pick up a larger size in the Charity shops around here! and especially a good (or used to be good!) charity shop in my local town, has now got a helper that is my size! What a cheek!!!
...and she seems to be morphing into my colours now too! Now I am all for inspiring peeps! but honestly! she should really leave the larger brighter clothing to me!....still  I will be catching her out with wanting this grey knit....she won't think that I will be after something grey! LOL! so I might stand a chance in there! hehehe!

Do you like my little brooch that I picked up, its soooo pretty isn't it and will look stunning in a pretty box with this rosy hankerchief...a perfect gift to send to my auntie! yes! I am starting to think of Christmas too!....don't get me wrong - although I am not a fan of winter...I do love Christmas! but I am starting to think about spending less this year and giving gifts of a vintage variety, which I am very good at picking up through the year :) I think it will make chrimbo this year more fun and traditional....not sure what the kids will think though :/

I also picked up this lovely pine shelf unit... that was just the perfect size to add some more material too! Oh yes it seems to be coming outta the woodwork lately - I never need to buy anymore material again! so please shout that to me when you see me hovering over some!

I also picked up this little green beehive string dispenser...which I love to pieces and these vintage annuals...OOoOoh I love them! Look 8-) all nice and tidy on my new shelf...I will paint it one day, but at the moment I am loving it this colour.

This deco print was purchased at a local bootsale too...although the bootsales around here are terrible now...as they are coming to the end of the season and no-one seems to have anything decent, so it was a pleasant surprise picking up this little beauty.

I have even managed to get this lovely Hydrangea for my winter garden....and what a lovely colour eh!

Oh and I must show you this piccy!  Fred took it actually! Its of a washing line of a neighbour, we have never spoken to them, but they have only ever put black on the line and then one morning TA DAA! this lovely array of colours appears...I hope thay have been inspired by our washing line! As I never hang black on the line and you can imagine the lovely colours, floral and shabby prints on my washing line can't you! Infact I know this sounds sad! LOL! but the little amount of black we have got I dry indoors...coz I think its a bad omen for the line! hehehe!...sunny lines make sunny days HA HA if only life was that simple!

Have a great weekend gals, Speak soon...

Love Happy x


  1. I have GOT to ask, sugar, why you named your blog Happy Loves Rosie when you have 2 kids?? Just curious is all. Delightful and darling blog, sweet chick!
    Connie in Idaho USA
    ;-) <-------Me winking at ya......

  2. i love that washing line..that would have made me smile!!

  3. Actually now that Connie's asking, I was kinda wondering too. And also why sometimes Rosie is called Brittany? Just tell me to shut up if I'm being nosey.

    I love all your finds, esp the print and the beehive. I often try to make as many of my presents as I can, and I know my (extended) family love recieving the one-of-a-kind gifts.

  4. Obviously you gals have not read my 'About Me' page!!!!!LOL!

    Love Happy xx

  5. I've read it! I know the answers! (What a swot....)

    Actually, it was the new woman in your charity shop who struck a chord with me. The new manageress in my French charity shop unfortunately seems to know the value of vintage linens and baby clothes... Sigh...

  6. Oh and I must say I dont feature my daz on here much because he thinks this blog is soooo SAD! LOL! typical boy eh!...although I must admit now he is getting older, he appreciates it more :) but I do blog about his acheivements too - I am a proud mum of a girl called Britt and a boy named Daz and it goes without saying that I adore them both :) and would never be without them.

  7. I'll have to keep my eyes out in the charity shops for a grey knit for you as I'm dying to see your version of the CK jumper which i'm sure will be fabulous.

    I love your little beehive!

    Have a great weekend

    Victoria xx

  8. Excellent idea about using vintage finds, etc., for chrissy presents. I think it has all becpome way to materialistic and commercialised! Back to cosy traditions! Suzie. xx

  9. I always love visiting you and love your finds as well.A vintage Christmas is a great idea. Something I do myself...blessings.

  10. LOL! Somebody has been busy with a colour wash and they look like they put some thought into their colour combo's when pegging out the clothes! Happy you are revolutionising the way we dry our washing ... I love it!

  11. Oh I love that cupboard so cute and the pin is lovely!

  12. Love all the neat things you found! The 1954 book looks very interesting! I like you ideas of clothes on the line! We don't hang ours out much in this part of the world so I never think much about it. I love your sunny thoughts!

  13. Loving your pine shelf and the way you decorated it! Yes - yummy colored hydrangea!

    Sad to say, here in the States, many housing developments won't allow clothes lines in back yards because it "ruins the look of the landscape". They also don't allow residents to shake their dustmops out the back door - have to do it in a bag!

    Imagine that? I'm glad I don't live in one of them!

  14. haha, I just found your blog and I love it! Your story about the same-size-as-you shop lady who's recently started wearing your colours is hilarious.

    Sometimes when I'm at the local charity shop, it seems like the saleslady actually wishes she could take something BACK that I'm about to buy. This one is particular often says "Oh this is LOVELY" and sort of hangs on to the top or whatever a bit too long... :)

  15. You are such a doll! I always love reading your blog. It just makes my day happier! I love the brooch and the shelf and all your cute finds:) You have an eye for beautiful things. The picture of your neighbors line is so darling. It would be a cute piece of art for a laundry room, don't you think?

  16. So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it's always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net!

    I must tell you that I like like like your nice blog!

    Agneta & Sweden

  17. I always love reading your blog. It is always bright and cheery, and that wahing line made me chuckle!

  18. Hi Happy. I just loved every aspect of your blog today!! The shelf, the beehive, the pin and especially the wash line!! We're not as big into hanging laundry on a line here in New York. It's such a wonderful thing to do and I always love when I do see a wash line full of clothes. There are some families in my neighborhood that use them but, interestingly enough they are not American. Americans can be so boring sometimes!! :) I'm American so I can say that. :)

    ~ Wendy

  19. I looove your blog! It always puts a smile on my face! Your whimsical mini-stories and your colors are a bright spot to my day! Keep 'em coming!

  20. Love your beehive, a great find. My washing line was pink and blue today, not quite as colourful as your neighbours but at least no black to be seen!

  21. That brooch is gorgeous, almost too gorgeous to give to someone-else!!

    Love the pic of the washing line. A great antidote to the rubbish weather we've had over the past week!

  22. Your beehive is actually a knitting wool tidy ! My Mum used to have one exactly like that in the 1950's and used it to keep the cat off her hand rolled balls of wool. Oh the "hours "my sister and I spent with aching arms while she wound up wool for her latest creation. you brought back a lot of happy memories.


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