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Hello everyone, I do hope you are all well 🙂 ….swine flu has been talked about quite alot this week, have you noticed! ….and everytime they mention the symptoms…I seem to think I have them!…they seem to change as well! have you noticed!…I have been thinking….ah well! I havn’t got a sore throat, so I’ll be Ok…but the other night they never mentioned anything about a sore throat! SHOCK!

…so for all I know I could of already suffered from it and not known! Oh what is a gal to do!….anyway enough of all this doom and gloom! LOL….lets move on to nice things…and we’ll start by having a look at all my material that I chucked around the dining room this week!!

Do excuse the weird colours of the pictures!…I am not sure who has been playing around with the camera settings! but I shall have a bone to pick with them when I find out LOL!

Yes… the above picture, was taken at that point…you know when you are thinking to yourself…why oh why! did I go with this idea….but the other half of you is thinking – go on girl! carry on with it…it will all be worth it in the end 🙂

…and worth it, it was!…..I found heaps of material, that I had totally forgotten about!

Modern and vintage alike, bright and happy colours along with pastel and muted tones.

It was a real treat looking through everything and folding and arranging into the cupboard that i had chosen to be their new resting place…

Some of these pieces I just can’t bare to cut up, or make anything out of them…thats probably why I have so many lovely pieces, I just cannot cut up vintage pieces and yet I know that by making them into something else, that can be used, rather than sitting in an old cupboard would be so much better 🙂

This is one of my favourite pieces (below) it is sooo cute, don’t you think? some of it is decaying…I think it might be certain dyes that were used years ago – I have noticed this happening in certain materials where red and brown is used, could it be, that the dye back then was to harsh or is it just part of the age of a fabric…I would love to find out 🙂

…and this is what my cupboard looks like now…all neat and tidy…and ready to be all used up!…You see, at the moment I have the ‘Lets be different’ bug! I sooo used to love buying a certain brand of shabby chicness! but these days, as it is getting more & more popular…I am trying to move out of it and create more of my own style….so I am busy making my own things for the home…vintage cushion covers, throws and shopping bags…you name it I am making it!…and it is really looking kinda eclectic, which I love.

Speak soon gals…Have a lovely weekend…I won’t leave it so long to write next time! I have a lot more things to tell you all – so add yourself to my followers and you will be updated when I have something new to tell you 😉

Cheerio for now

Love Happy ♥


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