Do you Still have the Christmas Spirit

Sorry I haven’t been posting on hear for a little while again…

I have just been super busy and as I said before, not really in the mood for Christmas at all…I just can’t get in the spirit of things…However rather than hosting the main event at our house, we are now all going over to my Mother in Laws home in Essex…I know it will be a bit of a drive, but I really couldn’t face all the work this year, especially as I have felt so downtrodden lately.

These winter blues are not going away too quickly and I just can’t seem to focus on anything much…

I used to be such an enthusiastic creative type of person…but i seem to have no hobbies at the moment and everything seems such a chore…let’s hope it is just a blip and I can achieve everything that I want to in the New Year!  I suppose the answer to that is to not set myself such high goals…dont have a list as long as my arm so to speak…otherwise that will put the cat amoungst the pigeons!

pretty vintage and modern Christmas decorations

I hope all of you are keeping well and having a Jolly build up to Christmas…I often think that it is the build up that is the best bit…even though I am a bit of a ‘bah humbug’ at the moment! going out and hustling and bustling in the crowds to by Chrimbo pressies…wrapping them up, going out for drinks with friends, watching Christmas movies on the telly…can all be so exciting…

I think unless you have children in the house though,  the christmas spirit kinda dies…I have been searching for that Christmas spirit for years now…and wondering whether I will ever find it again!  Memories of childhood can bring it back into your mind for a while and also when my kids where little…ahh that is when it is so lovely, because afterall isn’t that, what it is all about!…seeing the hapiness in their little faces…

When they get a bit older…all it gets to be is WANT WANT WANT…and then the Christmas Spirit is lost again…it’s a viscious circle…

But Hey Ho…don’t listen to me…

Have you found the answer to keeping the Christmas Spirit alive now that you are older?
What has been your best Christmas Ever?
Do please share…



    23rd December 2018 / 8:58 am

    Hi there Happy,Sorry you're feeling a bit deflated at the moment. I too have lost the hobby and crafting bug even though I have a whole room full of materials etc. etc. I'm trying not to rush into anything new but just enjoying having a look at other peoples wonderful creations on the likes of Pinterest. That way I feel something will jump out at me and tempt me into giving something new a try. In the meantime the yarn stash is being made into blankets which I shall probably give to charity. Christmas brings out the best and worst in life as we all know. I now have grandchildren and it is through them that my pleasure comes. I also love to look at the (precious few) glass baubles which date from my childhood and which I still use to decorate the tree. I have a stock of Christmas themed books to dip into and like you I enjoy the Christmas films on television. So I'm thinking of you and hoping your low mood soon lifts and you move on to new interests in the New Year. I would also like to say that your blog is a delight and I've been enjoying it for a few years now. You give such pleasure with it and deserve a very big CHRISTMAS HUG! With best wishes for all that's good. Diana xxx

  2. Mishy
    23rd December 2018 / 5:35 am

    Hello from America. The holiday blues reach here too. It does take some effort after your children are no longer small and I haven't any grandchildren to spoil but despite all that I try to find joy in other things and you're so right about childhood memories. If I look back at my childhood holidays I always muster up a smile. I have a charity that I give to for American Indian children and their cards and messages help. I don't give a lot but everything counts. It's so hard sometimes but just try to find that one thing that will spark your interest and it will turn you around. Even if it's something silly like those crazy adult coloring books!! Never tried it but smarter folks than I swear by it. I love love love your beautiful photos. You are quite the artist with the camera. Please hang in there and keep in touch. Merry Christmas and here's to a Happy New Year for you and yours. Just know that across the pond there is a person that appreciates your honesty and sharing. Also shares your struggle for a bit of the Christmas spirit in a world that keeps pushing back. Hugs. Michelle

  3. Snickelfritz
    22nd December 2018 / 1:39 am

    I find that thinking of others and trying to surprise someone, who is having a bad time at the moment, with a little Christmas cheer helps keep my spirits up. We have an older man in our church whose wife is in hospice and he's having a sad time of it so I made him a Christmas stocking and am filling it with candy and gift cards for restaurants. I'm hoping it will cheer him up a little. Also, I have a friend who has cats and I made her cats a Christmas quilt out of vintage material with cats on it. Doing these kinds of things gives me the Christmas spirit rather than chasing after that perfect gift for someone who has everything. Look around to see someone who really needs help and find some way to help them. We don't have any children at home anymore, but the Christmas spirit is alive and well at our house. I really hope your depression is short lived. I have been there and you do wonder if you will ever feel happy again. You will.

  4. Jo
    21st December 2018 / 5:16 pm

    Good morning Happy……It seems to me with your LOVELY post and pics that you do indeed still have the Christmas spirit. I can relate to the feeling of loss when your kids get older and you have no little ones to squeal when the presents are opened. I find that I can want to participate in Christmas joy by thinking of past times at the holiday that were happy and bright. Having lost a child it is not always easy to do that …… but as you get older it seems that you are able to be more comfortable with WHAT IS and not with what you WANT IT TO BE.Just my thoughts on the matter. Happy holidays to you and your family.Jo

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