Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

When it comes to the summertime, everyone wants to be out enjoying the weather. Not everyone has a garden so you can venture out to the park or do something else, but for those lucky enough to have a garden, it could be time to take a look at preparing it for summer. There is nothing worse than summer coming up and you realise your garden is in no state to relax in then you have to sort it out in the hot weather, which can be hard work. 

If you are looking to prepare your garden for the summer time and make sure you have a place to relax and unwind when the warm weather comes knocking. Then hopefully these few tips will help you to get your garden ready for your summer relaxation.

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Clean up the garden

The best place to get started when it comes to the garden is giving it a spruce up. Over the year your garden can get messy, whether that be debris blown by wind or overgrown shrubs and bushes there are a few things to sort out. If you have a patio then make sure you are sweeping it and pressure washing it where needed. If you have big bushes  (hahaha pardon the pun!) then make sure to trim them back and stop them overcrowding, also you need to try and cut your grass if you have it, this should be done weekly if it is fast growing. As Well as cleaning up the garden you also need to pay attention to your garden furniture, this can get dirty and wet over the winter and spring time so make sure to get them cleaned up. You can also look to clean up your outdoor cushions, I’ve recently just popped mine in the washing machine and not all, but most of the dirt has come out! they look fresh anyway and will last another summer no doubt!

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Invest in a good bbq and firepit

When people think of summertime then it usually involves a beach, a barbecue and drinks with friends. That is why investing in a great barbecue for the garden and a fireplace built in or to go with it, is a great way to pimp up your summers. If you enjoy spending days and evenings outside with friends or family having a drink and some great food then this is definitely something to think about. Investing in a good bbq will mean you can cook and cater to your meal desires and if you have a lovely fire pit you can then spend the evenings under the stairs without getting too cold and roasting up some marshmallows. Fire pits give that natural camping and wilderness vibe which is great when spending time with friends and loved ones.

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Change your gardens look and layout

Another way to help change up your garden for summer is to have a change around. It can be easy to get bored of your garden after having it the same way year after year, you also may want to add some things to your garden like a hot tub (a bit pricey to run though!) or more garden furniture so you need to make room. There are a few things you can do to update your garden, you can change from a patio to a deck or if you have neither add one in to make it easier to have furniture without damaging the grass. Also if you have lots of plants and shrubs then it may be worth taking some out if you are looking to make more room for other things. If you have the room then you could look to install a pool or just a small plunge pool which is a great way to spend the day cooling off or even using it for exercise. Also with a pool you can use it in the autumn winter too however it could be a little colder unless you have it heated. Changing the layout to your garden is not always a small easy task so if you are looking at big changes but you are not sure how to go about it then look to get in a professional, who can help you get it perfect.

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If you are looking to spend your summer in the garden whether just on your own or with others. But if you are unsure how to prepare it and what can be done to get it ready, then these few tips should help you to make some changes and upgrades to prepare your garden for summer.

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Happy Gardening Peeps x

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