simple lit christmas tree on a dressing table

Pared Back Christmas Decor and Ramblings.  

This year my mind has been all over the place, I just haven't been able to settle on any one task, apart from lately making Bella, Homemade dog food! So the thought of getting all the Christmas decorations down from the loft was making me tired just at the thought of it!  So we decided to have a pared back christmas and not go, all over the top like we usually do!

lit christmas tree french and dutch style

We just got down a smaller Christmas tree and a scattering of christmas decorations and made do.  We do have a lot of battery candles, which help to make the room look cosy and a trip to Ikea also helped with a few spit spots of red here and there.

red baubles tucked in a glass cake stand with a christmas tree looking over a garden

It was a very tough and sad year, you see...As back in March Freddy's Dad passed away.  He had been suffering from prostrate cancer, when he caught Pneumonia and was taken to Hospital.  He was very weak, but managed to get over the Pneumonia and the nurses where making plans for him to come home...But then as Freddy visited him with his Mum the next day, they were told that he had caught Covid!  And weren't allowed to see him, but just look through some glass and wave...

He died the very next day...His body was just too weak to fight it off!..........

Pretty vintage christmas scene

As you can imagine, it has affected us all so badly.  Getting used to not seeing him takes a lot of time and tears.   He was such a character (see pic above) So as I said before this year has been very hard for all the family and probably why, if I am honest, that we didn't want to go too over the top with the decor side of things.

wire cake stand with vintage baubles and Jugs

This year I have also been part/diagnosed with ADHD,  but it looks like I have the ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but no Hyperactivity!  I say 'part' because it is extreemly likely but it is still in is also likey that I am on the Autism Spectrum too!  which would explain a lot of why it has always been hardwork being myself lol!...and the symptoms seem to be getting worse for me as I am getting older!  It might be that now I know what I have,  well! I have an excuse don't I! where as when I didn't know what it was...I just got on with it! Oh well Hey ho! That's the way the cookie crumbles I suppose lol!

winter white plates, french tins and tureens decorated for christmas
simple christmas tree with scandi felt star

We have had a lovely Christmas though, (well as lovely as can be expected under the circumstances) Freddy's Mum is staying with us and we all went over to my Mums on Christmas Day, where we stuffed turkey, figgy pudding and chocolates into our mouths until our hearts were content! Well why not!

We also played games and some of them were rather rude 'cards against humanity' for instance was soooo funny and rather shocking! lol! I don't know what version we had but it was definitely X-rated! Playing it with my soon to be 94 year old Mum and Freddy's soon to be 80 year old Mum was hilarious...I haven't laughed so much in such a long belly hurt...there was 8 of us in all and we were all laughing hysterically!  and I think the best bit was the way Freddy did a double take everytime his Mum won a round with the best answer (and the rudest!) lol!  You have got to give it a go, if you haven't already!

a cosy christmas corner with shutters plants and candles

I will leave you with the rest of my pictures of our Sitting room...

a soldier nutcracker baubles and christmas candles

a scandi style cosy sitting room

christmas candle and baubles

old jugs on a dresser shelf and a christmas card

baubles and cards under the christmas tree

simplistic lit christmas tree on an old french writing desk

old mannequin on a french table with christmas decor and suitcase

old fancy metal light frame decorated with holly fir and red berries

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, my Friends and I wish you all, from the bottom of my heart, a VERY Happy New Year...

Speak to you soon xxx

P.S I've been recently told that it was the Adult version of 'Cards Against Humanity' that we were playing lol!

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