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Having a little perusal around the internet the other day got me thinking that I wouldn't mind getting a wardrobe for Freddy's bedroom...you know his bedroom has been in the Dining room since his accident last December...I think the last time I updated you all about this was that he was receiving physio therapy and that there was a chance that he would walk again! well that has not happened because his limbs are too lax due to his Ehlers Danlos Sydrome!

happy loves rosie dining room

 Well! He decided that he wanted to move into the Living Room, because it is out of the way in there and he can sleep there undisturbed...but after much thought and consideration we have both decided that it is best for him to stay in the Dining room after all...that way he is in the center of the house where all the chatting and decisions are made! afterall its nice to be center of attention isn't it!

happy loves rosie & cath kidston

So being that he has not been in our bedroom for a whole year (nearly), I have been choosing what he wears everyday! Can you imagine that! you take it for granted don't you! just being able to choose your own clothes!...so i was thinking it would be a good idea to move the 1960's kitchen cupboard out and a brand new painted oak wardrobe in to Freddy's space so that he can choose his own clothes every day!...to just be normal again...How wonderful would that be! 

happy harris style home

I have seen some here with drawers...perfect for Freddy being wheelchair bound, as there is a shelf at the top so the rail is a little lower, which is ideal!

It's a different kind of life that we are living now.  we are gradually getting there, you have to think out side of the box and it takes a little longer getting to places, but you have to face life's little challenges don't you...you never know what is around the corner.

happy loves rosie and cath kidston style

Our house right now might not be ideal, but instead of trying to fit in with the house, we are now fitting the house around us! it would help if we didnt have any stairs...but bungalows are very few and far between around our neck of the woods unless you have oodles of money...so we are making do again for now...happy loves rosie style

We did think that moving was the answer, but that just caused more stress, so we are putting that on the back burner for now until after Christmas...so we are going to unpack! arrange things how we want them and be happy with our lot until the New Year!

Are you putting anything on the back burner until the New year?
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  1. I am so proud of you all. Making lemonade when life dishes you lemons. My little family is going through similar circumstances as we prepare for my hip replacement next Wednesday. There is so much in everyday living that we take for granted. My husband picks my clothes and assists me in dressing.

    Our bedrooms and full baths are all upstairs. We,too will make do, clean, organize and purge as necessary. All the best everyday.

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated on your life events, life isn't easy at times. I have put things on hold many times and for long period of time. Life isn't picture perfect but it is the little things that make my DH and myself happy.

  3. I love the idea of using your rooms for whatever you need them to be...

    "Homes are for free expression, not good impressions" a quote I love - although your beautiful home looks like lots of good impressions too!

  4. A tricky situation when you are juggling practicality and design but if anyone can do it you and your Happy crew can :0


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