Hello again my lovelies...sorry I have not been around for a little while...life is sure busy at the moment...but I thought i would take some time out and show you my garden.

I have been lucky enough to now own a large patch of laid to lawn with a paving slab patio and a 4" x 6" garden shed...I have been happily planting bedding plants in the borders, as you can see above! and they are coming up a treat!

I got them in Dobbies...this is a brilliant garden centre, just around the corner to me.  At the time of purchasing, they had just been sold by Tesco's and they had a Grand Sale....I bought loads of them for 50p each tray...Bargain of the Century!

In the far left hand corner...I have what I call No Man's Land! and in it grows 'This' (above) any ideas what it is? I know its some kind of fern, but not sure which!

I also have a mix of stinging nettles and a bit of bindweed...but it is all confined to that area at the moment! I am not letting that lil' monster grow anywhere else...I have my Roundup at the ready!

There is also a Russian Vine on the back fence down there...which although is growing like wildfire...I quite like it as a fence covering.

So here is a picture of my little bedding plants when I first planted them...I will be the first to admit that I planted some of them a bit too close to the lawn edge...but you live and you learn don't you!


Above is No-Man's land! with little Max having a sniff!

This tree I inherited ... any ideas what it could be?

Oh and I nearly forgot...I bought this climbing rose in Wilko...It was reduced to £1.00 so I planted it along with some feed and a special powder that my Mother-in-Law gave to me and as you can see it has started to grow!

I am falling in love with gardening all over again...it's just so amazing that you can put something in the ground and watch it grow into something beautiful!...Nature is so wonderful don't you think!

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