I know you probably think you are seeing things, but I thought we would step back in time as I hadn’t shown you any of my Christmas 2021 pics!  So I thought…Better late then Never and here they are…

Sorry about the Pictures

The quality is terrible as I have taken them on my Ipone! ha ha I mean Iphone 8, which is like an antique these days! I always get the hand me downs as I am too tight to purchase the exorbitant prices or get a contract lol!  I have recently realised though, that if I take them on Freddy’s new tablet I can transfer them by ‘Air’ (Who Knew!) so I think that is the way I will do it in future…or I might revert back to my camera! I’ll have to dust it off though! I can’t even remember where it is! Oh God! I’ll be looking for that for about 3 weeks now! 🙂

cavachon-dog-sitting-on christmas chair

Our sometimes Georgeous Bella

Look at my darling little Bella, she is a cavachon, which is a King Charles Spaniel mixed with a Bichon Frise…She is such a Cheeky lil thing! I think Freddy would call this look ‘resting bitch face’ lol! (does anyone use ‘lol’ anymore?) She is looking over at him in this picture I know that!  She really does make our family complete, she is a little mare at times and likes to bark when it gets dark, you know, when everyone is asleep and when you really need to be quiet…Oh yeah she loves to do that with a passion!

She also knows that I am the leader of the pack, what I say goes! she knows I mean business and that I can move quick! But she makes Freddy work for it, because she knows that he can’t get to her as quick in his wheelchair.  Oh don’t get me wrong she loves him and everything, while he’s doing Her Majesty’s work! say like tummy tickles, massages and feeding her, but when he needs to get her in from the garden, she totally ignores him! lol! (I’ve decided I still like writing lol! Just putting it out there 🙂 ) He has tried everything, even waving bits of ham out of the door :))  I have only got to say ‘I’ll get the hose’ and she comes running in straight away, because she knows I will! 🙂

Christmas cards on a shelf

Oh dear ‘ark at me going on a bit aren’t I…

Now where was I?  Oh yes Christmas pictures… Well I hope you like them,  I think there is 17 in all!  I am not going to say that I have my mojo back because that always ends in me not writing another post for ages.  But what I will say is that I am feeling a lot better in myself, there is still a lot to do in this house of ours and whilst I wasn’t feeling it last year, nothing got done and previous years; Well I just threw myself into the garden, so there is a lot of projects to do and I really feel like I want to share my life with you again!…and whilst we are on that subject…Thank you so much for hanging around and waiting for me to get my head straight ( I am blowing a virtual kiss to you all xx) a lot of you on Facebook, Instagram and on my blog here have really kept me going…much more than you could ever imagine…so thank you all from the bottom of my heart x.

A few things have changed here on the blog lately…

You might have noticed that I have added a shop on my blog here and just lately I have added a few bits and pieces! I have bought so much stuff and I have been buying for buyings sake…I think sometimes it’s good therapy to get out and about and take you’re mind off things that would otherwise drive you CrAzY lol!,  so please keep checking in and visit out my shop page when you can.  I hope to bring you plenty of Happy House cheer.

cosy-christmas-corner-in-sitting room

Mobiles are working Better Now

Hopefully you will be able to check out my blog on you’re phone’s and tablets now…apparently there was a problem and I only just found out a few days ago!  There is still a problem with small text but I hope to sort that out again soon, so please keep coming back and also tell you’re friends that I am back too (please xx) Perhaps even add my link to you’re blogs if you have one and I will do the same as I now have an old fashioned blog list at the top…check it out 🙂


Do please enjoy the rest of the pictures…

I had better go now as I don’t want to ware myself out on the first post lol! I do hope you have enjoyed this little catch up and I hope to talk to you all in the comments section below as that part keeps me connected with you all and I love that xx










If you are new here then Hello and Welcome…

I hope that you will become a good friend and part of the Happy Loves Rosie clan that goes back over a decade.  As like with all my friends that I have made over the years (YOU ROCK!), I hope you all have an amazing and fruitful 2022 XOXOX

Any Questions about the pictures? let me know x
Bye for now my Lovelies, until the next post xxx

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