As promised, here are some of the pictures that I have styled for Annabelle Magazine, they are a Swiss Mag that is printed in German and distributed all over Switzerland and Germany.

 These will not be the actual photographs in the magazine, as i have taken these ones, the photographer for this shoot was the lovely Joanna Henderson.

 As usual, there is plenty to feast your eyes on...As soon as I got home from my Mums in October it was action stations...Operation 'lets get the decs up' lol!...
  And this is the result...needless to say, Jo's pictures do the decorations more justice than mine, as she has state of the art equipment!...but this is just a little snippet of the sitting room...and then a little peek, at the end of these pictures, of the Dining room!
 My Nikon camera died on me today!...I have taken so many pictures on it, I get snap happy lol! has been like an old reliable friend, I shall miss it terribly :( and hope I can find something just as good for a snippet of the price I paid for that one about 7 years ago.
  Still its my birthday soon, so hopefully someone in my family will be sympathetic :)
I'll be bringing you more pictures from that shoot shortly....
I hope these are enough for now to get you in the Chrimbo mood ;)




  1. Looking good as ever - making me want to put my decs up!!

    Hope you find a new camera soon - a cameraless blogger is not a happy one. I've asked Father Christmas for a new big camera - ever hopeful he'll listen!!

  2. looks amazing...definitely in the chrimbo vibe today.....i'm itching to get decorating too....!have a happy week-end x

  3. Lovely pics! My camera has died of, lost without it.

  4. Amazing, so excited about the photo shoot, how fun is that?! Rock on, Happy!

  5. Ow this is soooo lovely and beautiful :)! Love it! Have a nice weekend!

  6. Pure loveliness. Can't wait to hear what camera you get to replace your trusty camera. I have a camera on my birthday wishlist,too.

    Happy Birthday sweet Happy.

  7. I thought I was going to be a new follower,found out I've been following you a long time.I'm going to make it a habit to visit you more often.Love your blog! Please drop by any time to visit with Me.Thank you Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage

  8. Well now you have done it Happy..Our tree will be going up the day after Thanksgiving is over..Thanks for the Christmas inspiration..Your home is a perfect choice for a magazine shoot..I look forward to seeing more pics..They MUST get you a new camera for your birthday so we can keep seeing all of your pretties!!

  9. I love your glass tree ornaments, so bright and cheery!

  10. Oh they are such good pictures!How did you get on the magazine circuit. You are really talented first with finding the treasures then with your decorating and picture taken! Your
    #1 in my book! Marlynne

  11. Amazing blog and great styling on this post :) I'll check back often to see your creativeness! Elisabeth xx

  12. Discovery your blog from are the best! you inspire me always!!


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