Vintage Material a Bunny and two Royal Guards

old red cupboard and bright kitsch collectables
I was going to call this post ‘Happy New Finds’ until I wrote the titles of each new picture!  Vintage Material a Bunny and two Royal Guards seemed so apt for the fourth picture down and it made me laugh so I thought well why not!  It sounds so much more interesting anyway and it might make you laugh too!

So here we are again! Another post from lil old me!  Last month was such a hectic time, but I am slowly getting back into a routine…my sleeping pattern is still all over the place and I long to go to bed at a decent time in the evening like everyone else!  But I think I’ve got to stop beating myself up about it and realise that if I have’nt changed now, I am never going too!
buttons enamel and cath kidston

Happy Finds

So here we are with some more of my Happy Finds. Last summer Freddy and I visited quite a few bootsales and although my heart wasn’t in it much, I did buy a few things that caught my eye! Also we love visiting charity shops in our surrounding towns and sometimes you can find some nice things, but so many people are looking now and also the prices have gone up a lot in these shops…some of them, I am sure, they think, they are selling Rocking Horse Sh*T LOL!

cute retro ornaments
Pick Up a Bargain

But Occassionally you can pick up a bargain and sometimes it might not be a bargain, but its just something that you love and you just have to have it!
It’s just so much fun having a look around second hand shops and vintage markets…buying something so much more interesting with a past and a bit of history behind it is so much more rewarding don’t you think?

Vintage material a bunny and two royal guards

Anyway, what do you think of my new happy finds?

Rosie Riveter and a wooden duck on wheels
Some of my new finds are pictured with old things that you have probably seen before, but I do love an old vintage Toy, be it a stuffed or wooden variety, this yellow duck on wheels (I don’t think it has much age to it!) but i just fell in ove with it the minute I saw it…I bet you know that feeling don’t you…

illustrated london news and the post

Vintage Coronation Magazines

I don’t know whether you know but my Freddy is a collage artist and he loves collecting paper of all kinds, old books, magazines, Journals etc and last year we came across a lot of old Coronation Magazines, it was just before he had to go into hospital.   Then just before Christmas, I saw one of his instagram posts with pictures of Queen Mary cut up! MON DIEU I cried!  ‘What are you doing cutting those up’ I said…!  Apparently! (don’t believe it for a second!) He had asked me if I wanted any of them and because I hadn’t shown an interest, he assumed they were all his to cut up as he pleased GRR! Needless to say, now I have looked through them all and kept the ones I want…You Know me! I love a bit of Big Up Blighty!

old annual loopy loo and a stuffed dog

Mathmetician Materials

Also I love collecting vintage mathmetician materials and one day last year Freddy bought me home this lovely red Abacus.  He went to a bootsale when I wasn’t that bothered in going, the Bootsales around our area are full of baby clothes and new stalls and you have to walk so far just to find something decent.  My leg was playing me up so Freddy went to the Bootsale alone…It’s amazing what he can pick up scooting around in his wheelchair and when he goes alone, he always brings me back amazing presents, he so knows what I like…he must be my soulmate!

old 1960s abacas sitting on a shelf
Talking of mathmetician materials, you can see what I mean with regards to the pieces I like to collect what with the rulers below, but also can you see the red bus and telephone box?  I bought them when I was staying in London, you see I had to be with Freddy for a while, when he was in hospital in St Tomas’s and to waste a bit of time (and to take my mind of the horrible’ness of why he was there)  I went shopping in some Tourist shops… Once I saw these little darling ornaments I just had to have them! and they are both pencil sharpeners! What Fun!

red bus rover and telephone box pencil sharpeners
I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of my happy finds of late… I have also posted some of the pictures on Instagram to, Not sure whether it’s best to persue that idea as so many people seem to use instagram these days! it might be the better and easiest route to go…what do you think?

illustrated london news and the field magazines
What Happy Finds Have you found lately?

Bye for now my lovelies xx


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  1. Valerie from Minnesota
    1st February 2022 / 3:08 pm

    Love love seeing your finds! I have the red telephone box, too. My sweet son went on a trip to England, and knowing what an anglophile I am, brought me back several little “gifties”, including the phone box and a tin of biscuits.

  2. Mandy Williams
    31st January 2022 / 6:40 pm

    I love it all but the abacus and the rulers are extra wonderful! And I looooove red!

  3. Kim
    31st January 2022 / 6:21 pm

    I so enjoy your posts! They bring me such joy, and put a smile on my face! Love seeing all of your lovely finds and collections!

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