Cavachon dogs are so loving

Introducing Our New Doggy Arrival – Bella.

After the death of our beloved Westie Max, we were all distraught (as you can imagine) we talked about getting another Dog but felt that it was best to mourn Max first…I was having a very bad reaction to his death…Freddy literally thought I was having a breakdown…I didn’t stop crying for about a week…then one Sunday afternoon…all of a sudden…my heart seemed to heal a little, then a little more and so on…as the days past and my heart was gradually healing, the house still felt so empty…we had Max cremated and when his ashes came back to us, I put him on our dresser with our Red Teddy holding his little box and it felt like he was home again and my heart felt much better.

cavachons have such cute faces

I talk about him all the time and always give his box a little kiss when I am dusting around…He was just the sweetest little doggy you could ever imagine…

Cavachons are the best pets

Then quite by fate, some of Rosie’s friends were moving back to the area and could no longer keep their three and a half year old, Cavachon Bella and to cut a long story short, we were asked if we would like to have her!

I felt a bit guilty at first, as I didn’t want Max to think that I was replacing him, even though he is now in Doggy Heaven, I know that he is watching down on us, but we said yes anyway as she is so blooming adorable and I hate having an empty home as a house without a dog just doesn’t feel right to me!

She is absolutely adorable and is so funny, what with her little quirks and habits…she has helped my heart get better and I tell her about Max everyday…I even think his spirit has morphed inside her, as she gets up to the same mischief that he used too and that makes us smile.

cavachon dog on tidy clean bed

I took her for a walk to the Boot Fair a couple of Sundays ago! Hah! That was a mistake! She was constantly pulling on the lead and trying to say hello to everyone! Then if someone paid her some attention, well she would throw herself on the floor and roll over, for them to tickle her belly!…she particularly liked to roll over for men in shorts! What a flirt!

She is a very loving girl and gives everyone lots of cuddles and kisses, she is getting better fitting into our routine…we are trying to train her not to bark at night in the garden and she is gradually learning…

cavachon dog with ears spread out

Max was my dog…he would follow me around, no matter how comfortable he looked, as soon as I got up he would follow me and he would obey my every word.  Whereas Bella is a people pup…a little free spirit…sometimes she wants to be with me and sometimes she wants to be alone or with Rosie or Freddy…she always loves a tickle belly and if your stop for one moment because your hand is aching!….lol! She will kick you with her paws to make sure you carry on with the tickles! bless! I am sure she has a sense of humour, if that is at all possible in a dog!

I want to thank Tina, Zoe and Courtnee for giving Bella to us, it must have been a very sad and difficult decision for you and for that I am truly grateful.

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