Two's A Crowd: Amazing Solutions For A Multi-Child Bedroom

While one bedroom for more than one child might not be optimal, sometimes it’s just a case of making the best out of a situation. It can be fun for young kids to grow up sharing a bedroom with their beloved sibling, although it can become more problematic as they age and develop stronger differences in their personalities. It’s not just about putting a bunk bed in a room and leaving them to it - to make the most of their space, minimise conflict, and maximise comfort, there are a few things to bear in mind.
a shared bedroom with bunk beds:
When you’ve only got so much space to play with, it’s really important to prioritize items that have to be in the bedroom, and things that can be stored outside in the attic or other rooms. This way, you’ve only got the absolute essentials taking up space in an already crowded room, allowing for a relaxing space that isn’t piled high with belongings. A few savvy storage solutions can really help too, along with a well-organised wardrobe with optimised space.
A child’s privacy, especially as they get older, becomes more important to them. Tensions can start to run high when they constantly have to share a space with a sibling, so it’s important to teach them about the importance of respecting each other’s privacy, but also allow them to be able to shut themselves off. A curtain pole down the middle of the room can work to create a personal space, as can a freestanding bookcase or room partition. Giving each child an area of the room that they can decorate or accessorise to their tastes will also help them to feel as though they have their own space.
Toddler bedroom, big girl bedroom, little girl bedroom. Gallery wall library toys:

There are so many great bed solutions for multi-child bedrooms, such as these from The available space in the room and the age of your children are the main requirements to bear in mind. For example, slightly older children in a very small room will be able to use bunk beds comfortably. If you have more space, loft beds allow each child to have their own desk and storage space underneath, killing two birds with one stone. Or you may just prefer twin beds, in which case fun and personalised beds are a great way to allow the kids to feel at home in their space.
mount your children's wall art in white frames // bedrooms:

With all those beds, floorspace can become limited. Taking artwork and storage onto the walls allows for a room to be personalised, without clutter. Give each child a few shelves for loved books, photographs, and trinkets, and encourage them to hang artwork that makes each of them happy - this can work particularly well if the room is split down the middle, and can even look quite striking.
Shared bedroom ideas for girls | barnrum | kinderkamer | kids interiors and bedroom design
Creating a shared bedroom is all about allowing them to express themselves as they would if they had their own bedroom, while also learning to compromise with their sibling - a good lesson for later in life!


Happy Valentines cute 1940's vintage card
Yep Valentines day is just around the corner! and for some of us it can be a depressing time, whether you have a loved one or not!...Some of you are lucky enough to have a partner who remembers this occassion every year and smothers you in chocolates, cards and pressies! (Please share him with us all! lol!) But for most of us, that just is NOT the case!...So to avoid that horrible feeling of being TOTALLY depressed on this special day...Let's plan ahead!

1930's cute kids and doggy valentines card


Right peeps...we have exactly 2 weeks before the BIG start putting a little money away for yourself now...if you have a big bank balance ignore this step! If you don't put a few things on Ebay that you no longer wear or save a little in other ways by taking your own lunch to work and a flask of your own coffee (have you seen the price of a standard takeout coffee these days! Yikes!) all this will be well worth it when you have saved a few extra pounds!

vintage cat and hearts valentines card

OK so it's not rocket science...but that little bit of money that you have saved!
Well my lovelies...You can now buy yourself a little (or BIG) Valentine's Pressie because whether you have a partner that dotes on you or not...You are a WONDERFUL LOVELY person and Valentine's day is a day for LOVE...Whether you are celebrating a love of a partner or the LOVE of yourself...we all deserve a gift for being so FABULOUS don't we!...and hey! we have a bit of extra cash in the bank that we saved last week to spend on ourselves hahaha! Thank heavens we planned ahead! I have already checked out my pressies right HERE much wonderment on offer...I just couldn't resist!

1950's vintage valentine card

Remember to wrap your pressie up all nicely...this is very important! leaving it in a carrier bag, only not to be able to find it on Valentines morning!  Remember to pick out a nice card acknowledge the love of yourself for being such a fantastic Brits don't do this often enough!...Remember you are a lovely person and YOU deserve a big fat card too!...Put your pressie and card away where you will find it on Valentines morning...say in your bedside drawer or next to the kettle and just ignore it.
you suit me to a tea vintage cup and saucer valentine card

Now for the fun bit...after all your prep, now is the time to remember where you left your special pressie to yourself...make yourself a nice cup of tea with some special biscuits or choccies...even if you are working that day, make sure you set the alarm for at least half an hour earlier! Take your tea and biscuits along with your pressie and card to your favourite place to sit.

...And Remember the fact that you are a very SPECIAL Person and you have bought this gift for yourself on Valentines Day because you deserve it for being Beautiful inside and out!

I promise you, that you will feel so much can even have a little fun with the card and put that it is from your secret admirer or Guess who! ;)
roses and hearts doggy vintage valentines card ephemera

Back in the day, people used to send Valentine's cards to their relatives and friends, so if you know anyone else that is on their own...send them a card too and put Guess Who or from your Secret Admirer...then it all becomes a bit of fun and takes the doom and gloom away if you don't usually receive anything...Also it's very funny if you do have a partner that just can't be bothered! get your friends to send you a card from Guess who...or S*d it...send one to yourself...that will put the cat amoungst the pigeons lol!

Have you any fun ideas for Valentines Day?
Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear them.

Have a great week

THE CHIC ROSEBERY HOTEL we is the evening before Mum's Big move! I feel so very tired as it has been a week of frantic sorting and clearing! sorting out the garage, kitchen and understairs cupboards taking rubbish to the dump and more unwanted things to the Charity Shop!...It's been a long haul! and it has taken it's toll on me!
 This week I developed a nasty cold sore on my bottom lip...I feel totally ill with it, but the show must go on and tomorrow the lads arrive at 8.30 sharp, I still have a few things to do in the morning, but the lads packed most of Mum's stuff today, which was just as well because I definitely wasn't up for the job and was quite happy to sit back and let them do it all.  

So we have been thinking when the move is all over and Mum is settled and all of the building work is finished at our house, we might just take a break away from it all to refresh the 'cogs' so to speak!...
A long weekend away will be nice!
So I was googling the net as you when I came across THIS wonderful Hotel called The Rosebery...well what a scrummy Hotel this is indeedy! just look at the rooms...they are 2die4! and so FABULOUS in style...The Hotel is based in Jesmond which I believe to be in I have never been to that neck of the woods...but I can easily be persuaded! If it we was to stay here...

All the pictures in this post are from this Beautiful Hotel...

They are pet friendly too, so if we wanted to take Bella with us that wouldn't be a problem...they also have 2 ground floor suites which will suit many a disabled visitor...(although there is two steps up to the Hotel itself)...which shouldn't be a problem once I get us some bendy door thresholds especially for getting around these kind of problems!

The decor in this hotel is a breath of fresh air and I felt I just had to share it with you all...Now I have seen my fair share of boutique hotels in the past...but this one definitely has that more homely personal touch, the kind you can only get when it is owned by a family and not a chain.  Just by looking at the pictures you will see how eclectic it is and I am sure you will agree with me, that those little extra, home from home touches, is what makes a holiday so special...

What have you been up to lately?
Have you stayed in a lovely hotel and wish to share your experience?

Please do leave a comment below if you fancy and tell me all about it...I'd love that!


Happy House Bedroom
Well Folks...the work has been well underway here at The Happy House!
The wet room is nearly finished...and the sliding door in my bedroom is being fitted as I speak to you! I must admitt!...I was dreading all of this work being done...but it has actually been ok...we have had brilliant builders here, who are very proud of their work and are doing a great job of it all!
We have chosen a Light blue floor for the new bathroom...only to realise, that is the floor they have in the bathrooms of our local hospital...oh dear! it's probably because we visit there so often, that we subconsciously felt that we had to have the same lol!
happy house bathroom before wet room
This picture above is of how our bathroom used to look when we just moved in!
The lift will not be installed in the living room/bedroom until February 10th with the completion on the 14th February...that is when Freddy will finally be able to go upstairs (those of you that don't know, he is in a wheelchair) and after 2 years of bed washes and top and tailing by the sink he will be able to have a proper shower!..Just two weeks of not being able to shower properly has made me feel yucky...let alone 2 years since his accidentso you can imagine how he must feel…
Bless him! He is sooo looking forward to be able to live in our house to the full...actually sleeping in our bedroom (he is currently sleeping in the lounge) using the bathroom...just the little things that we all take for granted! he will be able to do again...just brings me to tears with happiness. I now know how those people in DIY SOS feel...I am so Happy I could cry!

So are you now ready for the transformation....? This is what our new Freddy accessible wetroom looks like... Taa Daa!
happy house wetroom revealed
Fanbloomingtastic isn't it! The door opens the other way now so that Freddy will have plenty of room to manouever, it used to open into the room, therefore blocking a lot of space, but now with it opening straight onto the (left) wall side, it leaves plenty of room for him to wheel in!

Here is another view...happy house wet room
 Very plain and simple at the moment...but we need a bit of storage here and there...I thought perhaps a mirrored cabinet above the sink... and then something on the wall above the loo...we are going to try and find something quirky as now the year is up and the house is all ready for painting and decorating of the 'Happy kind'...that means pictures can go up, happy shabby coat hooks and wonderful chandeliers can finally show themselves again! Yippee! we are soooooo excited!
mum and me 1965
I am leaving home to visit my Mum on Monday 16th and staying for the week in London with her and then on Friday 20th she is moving over to live just around the corner from us for good! Yay! Yes it is finally happening...after 6 months of shall we shan't we, can we? should we!...
Then it just all fell into place and now it just feels so right, that it is all finally happening and she will only be around the I can visit her every day if I want too and only 6 minutes down the road!
I am such a lucky girl :)
So once again it's going to be a hectic few weeks for us...but I promise I will keep you all informed, as there will now be two homes to blog about...(Mums new Garden Flat is soooo modern and chic!) Gosh! You'll all be sick of the sight of me soon! lol!
Oh and by the way...if any of you spot me out and about...please do excuse my extra long...nearly down to my knees Grey blonde roots...Yep! never got a chance to have them done before Christmas and then the builders ripped the bathroom apart and well! the rest is history! lol!
Bye for now my lovelies xxx
Please do leave a comment if you fancy and tell me all about your news - I'd love to catch up :)

Start Planning Your Outdoor Decor for 2017

Now’s the Time to Start Planning Your Outdoor Improvements for 2017

It might be chilly and wet outside (unless you’re in Australia!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some home improvements done to the outsides of your home. Even if you’re not up for braving the snow and cold, you can start to plan your outdoor improvements for when Spring and Summer come around. Buffing up the garden, a new set of outdoor furniture or even an upgraded barbeque set up—the possibilities are both endless and exciting!

Winter is a great time for home improvements because you have ample time to plan what you want for when the ice clears up and the outdoors become easier to work with. So get those pencils and papers out and consider some of these excellent changes you can make to the outsides of your home when the winter season is over.

Fixing Up the Garden

The winter weather can be harsh on our plants and trees. They usually won’t survive very long in the cold, so it’s important to keep them managed whenever you can. The snow makes it hard to do any meaningful maintenance work on your garden, but you can utilise some general safety measures to ensure that you won’t completely destroy your garden.

For starters, don’t walk on your lawn when it’s frosty because you’ll damage and crush the grass. If your plants look frozen in time and they’re blackened, then they will most likely die so start making plans on what you want to replace them with. However, it's’ a good idea not to touch them for a while in case they do revive. You don’t need to water or feed your plants either because the plants are usually dormant during the winter, so you don’t want to encourage them to grow yet.

Once the snow and frost start to melt away and clear up, give your plants some time to come out of their dormant state before you start to mow the lawn and feed the flowers again. Get out the jet washer and clean up any frozen dirt and mud on your pathways, replace withering flowers and get ready to plant new ones.

Improving the Decking

There are countless improvements you can apply to your decking. For example, how about adding some containers for plants to add a bit of colour? Decking is usually a really plain wood-coloured shade, so it’s always a good idea to spice it up by adding some bright flowers into the mix. Another good colour-inspired idea is to add some very bright and colourful accents. This can be painted furniture in colours like yellow, blue or green. This will make those objects stand out and contrast against the decking which makes them pop up and catch your eyes.

The railings of your decking are also an area of improvement to consider. Not only does it add safety so that you don’t fall off, but it can act like walls to prop up furniture, plant pots and parasols. You can install railings around your decking area that are both stylish and functional. For example, a glass railing can make your decking area seem larger than it is, but an opaque one can separate the decking from the rest of your garden to give the illusion of having multiple “rooms” in your garden. Whether you decide on a contemporary design or something traditional, it will no doubt add some style and class to your garden.

Screening and Blocking

Thanks to some unique fabric designs, it’s easy to install canopies and awnings that look and perform great. They can block out the sun, protect from rain and even retract to let in the sun whenever you need it. Look for fabrics that support all weather types so you don’t need to switch it for different seasons. With ample protection from the elements, you can place softer furniture like cushions and pillows because they’ll be protected from any downpours, and it’ll keep your cooking equipment safe if you decide to upgrade your barbeque.
You can also install screens to block unwanted views. A good example of this is neighbours who don’t keep their garden looking good. If their trees and plants are encroaching on your territory and affecting your view, then install some beautiful wooden panels or screens to block the unsightly mess from your vision. You can then use the screening in creative ways, such as hanging items, using it as a wall for an outdoor kitchen area or turning it into a relaxation area. There are many uses for screening, but the main idea is to block out unwanted views.


Happy Christmas Everyone...
I am sorry I have not been around for a while, but I have been thinking of you all and have been trying to get the time to blog a bit more often, which I am hoping too after I get January and perhaps even February out of the way!

Honestly my life has been so busy with family lately, that I have not had any time to myself!
As you know I have been helping my Mum find a new forever home nearer me and it has taken nearly 6 months in all...she finally now has a moving date which will be just at the end of January 2017, which will also coincide with all the work being done at our wet room and lift work to start on January 3rd! I am beginning to wonder whether I will survive it all!

At least when all the work is done we will be able to add our Happy House style to our now 1 year old forever know, adding those cosy home touches, like shelves and pictures to the walls (I can't wait!) and also moving my Mum over to her new modern garden flat...she finally has her own private there should be many a Happy Home post coming your way next year!

Thank you all for being so patient with me...I know how you all love a Happy Update :) and they have been very sparse of late...

So whilst I sign off for another year...
I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year.
I truly do hope you all have a brilliant time.

See you in 2017.
Pictures taken from Happy's Christmas House 2016

What You Need At Your NYE Party

Flickr Image Courtesy Of: Fisher Chia

Christmas is almost here which means the party season’s in full swing and the biggest one of them all is right around the corner. While you’re busy deciding what to wear, the hostess should always look extra glamorous, wondering if 800 canapés and a sit down dinner will keep guests satisfied and double checking the booze order it could be worth going back to basics. The last thing anyone wants is a brilliant event held in a venue no one could find, a  fireworks display without the fireworks due to noise limiters and staff that are more interested in sampling the buffet than five star customer service.

Enough Facilities

This seems fairly obvious but you’d be surprised about who plans a party without a thought to the number of guests versus the number of bathrooms. If your venue is intimate it may be worth hiring extra toilets or asking if there are bathrooms in an another area of the building you can direct guests too. It’s best to have at least five men’s toilets and double that for women to avoid any frustrated sighs, long queues and even disappearing party guests to the bar next door. Speak to the venue about sprucing up the bathrooms a bit with little soaps, fresh flowers and extra hand towels. Make sure that they’re clean, tidy and all facilities work as well as having staff members check them regularly through the evening.

Controllable Temperatures

If you’re lucky everyone’s going to be drinking, dancing and laughing as well as telling you what a great time they’re having. While that’s good lots of people in one room can get a little hot, if not quite stuffy. Make sure you have as many doors open as possible or speak to the building manager about their Air Conditioning Services. Not only are some systems portable, but air conditioning can also circulate both warm and cool air. It’ll  automatically shut off when the room is at optimal temperature giving your guests a cool, refreshing blast or a nice warming hug.

A Well Known Venue

There’s no point having a party and picking somewhere obscure, out of town or at the back of another similar venue. Choose a location your guests will be familiar with, print the invitations with comprehensive directions attached and make sure you pay in advance your local Uber drivers to be on standby in case anyone gets lost. Even on the most sociable night of the year don’t let your phone out of your sight and make sure all guests can contact you, or someone you’ve delegated admin responsibilities to. Set the ringer on loud for the longest time possible and check it every fifteen minutes or so.

Somewhere To Hold The Fireworks

Not every location is suitable for fireworks due to noise limiters, zoning laws and even its proximity to a residents association. Look for a large, spacious venue with private gardens or a courtyard, or if you can’t find one consider hiring a large marquee, catering facilities, portable toilets, and a music system and placing them in a more rural area. If you do decide to do this make sure all your guests are extremely confident of where your shindig is happening!
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