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Designing A Relaxing Bathroom

Designing A Relaxing Bathroom: Expert Advice You Can't Ignore
Would you like to turn your bathroom into a place of tranquillity and sanctuary? Do you struggle to unwind in the tub at the moment? Then you’ll want to consider some of the expert suggestions from this post. None of these ideas should break the bank or require a lot of effort. So, nothing should stand in the way of you achieving your goal.

Bathroom Revamp: From Dreary to Divine

Is it time your bathroom had a make-over? If don’t enjoy spending much time in your bathroom, something has to change. It’s easy to overlook the bathroom because other rooms in the home are often given higher priority. But, your bathroom should be somewhere that helps you to relax after the stresses of the day. If you don’t feel like it’s your haven, perhaps it’s time to make some tweaks. Here’s how to convert your boring bathroom into a luxury, modern sanctuary.

Getting Married? What about the Invites!

If you have been lucky enough to of been proposed to this year and are at a loss on where to start with your wedding plans?... why not try looking at pictures in magazines!...it's a good place to start!...filling your head with ideas is a brilliant way of getting your creative juices flowing.

Cleaning Out A Storage Cupboard

So we all can admit that there’s a cupboard in our house that we throw everything in when we don’t know where to put anything else. Yet, that means we can lose track of some pretty valuable stuff. So it’s time to fight through the possible dust layers and cluttered floors to find things again. Here’s a few tips on what to do to sort out a store cupboard, which can be so much denser than anywhere else in your home.

It's Time to Reclaim Your Junk Room

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home where you have more bedrooms than you need for your family to live comfortably, the last thing you should be doing is using that extra space as a place to store your collective junk! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what so many of us do, and it means we are missing out on more living space, and in many places, actually paying over the odds for a storage space. What a waste.

5 Tips to Help with the Moving Out Process

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5 Tips to Help with Moving Out Process

It’s time to move out but you just don’t know where to start! This is a common dilemma of people who are moving out of for the first time. Sometimes even those with experiences in moving still feel overwhelmed with all the tasks involved in it. Those who would like some help with the process may want to put these tips into use.

My Top 10 Bargain Hunting Haunts

I love shopping don’t you?  It’s just the best thing to do with your spare time isn’t it! And what with the Bank Holiday coming up, some of us will have some spare time to bag those bargains!  

I am always on the lookout for a bargain and I have my favourite haunts to go and get them too! So I thought I would share with you my top ten list of favourite shopping destinations and perhaps you can also share yours in the comment section below…