Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween ...

black halloween scottie card

Happy Halloween to all my lovely friends and family...
whether you celebrate this holiday or not...have a fun day and night.


vintage butlins poster
For anyone who has even the slightest interest in all things kitsch, retro and just that little bit romantic-nostalgic then some words are worth their weight in gold. And close to top of the pops in that list has to be ‘bingo’.
vintage Butlins postcard
For all it harks back to a golden age of Billy Butlin holidays, the spirit of the blitz and Mecca Bingo halls, it turns out Bingo is alive and well in the 21st century. ‘Two fat ladies’ may have failed to make the pc cut, and nobody even remembers why the number 9 was ‘doctor’s orders’ (it was a wartime laxative), but the game itself is in rude good health thank you very much.
bingo newspaper advert
Not many 20th century bonanzas have survived the move into the digital era quite so well as good old Bingo with its capital B. Roller skates came and went, and hula hoops are all spun out, but it is reckoned that more than a billion dollars a year are spent on online Bingo. That’s a lot of clickety clicks!
beach blanket bingo advert
And once you take a peek at some of the sites out there - the likes of Winner Bingo, Mecca Bingo online or one of the newspaper versions - you can see that they’re hanging onto that old-school vibe for all they’re worth.
vintage bingo hall
‘Bingo lingo’ is still very much alive and well, but nowadays you might be more likely to see it in theonline bingo chatrooms rather than in the bingo hall. Modern-day bingo sites such as Winner Bingo, 888 Ladies and Wink Bingo have also kept the game fresh and interesting with various promotions and bonuses. At Winner for example, you can sign up today for a bingo bonus of £30 when you deposit £5. Not only does this help to attract new players but it keeps the national sense of nostalgia alive.
vintage lotto game
Even the word ‘bonus’ has a happily dated ring to it! Who’d have thought that the internet could offer such a heart-warming marriage of the old and the new. As it turns out the game itself remains instantly recognisable.
vintage bingo card
Different versions are available but the good old fashioned combo of balls and numbers is still going strong. Sadly those archly camp calls for the numbers are becoming a thing of the past. ‘Danny la Rue’ for 72, ‘Here comes Herbie’ for 53 - are you old enough to remember Herbie? - and ‘Burlington Bertie’ for number 30 all stand out as belonging to very specific periods of time (Burlington Bertie was a music hall hit in the early 1900s). For anyone with even a hint of historical interest that sort of thing is just too juicy for words.
auntie ginnie's cousin playing bingo
It does make you think though - what would the bingo lingo of 2014 be like? Number two - mobile in a loo; number five - 20 gig hard drive; number twelve - the QI elves; number 70 too old for a selfie . Sure there are more and better ones to be had? Anything ending in ‘teen - touch sensitive screen; feel free to make up your own… 
american bingo sign
It’s easy to imagine sometimes in our shiny new digital world that we’ve left our past behind us and that it’s only a few renegade romantics left hanging on to days gone by. The resurgent power of Bingo shows that there is more to that easy conclusion than you might imagine. Thanks to good old-fashioned Bingo, the past is alive and well - Hip hip hooray and hurrah for that!

Do you have fond memories of playing Bingo on holiday when you were younger?
Do you like to play Bingo Now?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Collage Artist - Freddy Harris

I love the Collage Artist, Freddy Harris...well of course I do, he is my Hubby!
So I have added here just a selection of my favourite pieces that he has created over this year! I hope you love them as much as I do...and that they give you plenty of inspiration to create something just as wonderful...

There are lots of hidden meanings in his work and he covers many different subjects.
If you would like to see more, Please visit his FLICKR page.
...and come back here and tell me which ones you like or have favourited.

Speak soon,

Monday, 27 October 2014


french mannequin
Well guys and gals...I have started the cull...slowly slowly sorting through my belongings, making piles of 'to go's' and 'to stays' and also piles of 'not sure's' is very difficult, because most of the things I have got, I really really I want to keep everything, but through fear of getting buried underneath all this loveliness...some things have simply got to go!
vintage french enamel
So rather than show you all the mess i have made! and honestly! there has been plenty of that! I thought I would show you some new pictures of the things that I have kept and the new arranging of the above picture has been taken from the cold house, where I make my also houses my washing machine and tumble dryer in there...I have stuck to a mainly red white and blue theme...I love all my French and British tins...I haven't been able to part with any of them...well not yet anyway!
happy loves rosie style
hahaha...s'cuse the dust...I took the pic above before I had dusted everything...rotten job, but someone's gotta do it ay!
vintage rose glasses
...and you can slap my wrists if you want..but I have been buying in some lovely beauties that I just cannot resist lately! I know! I can hear you telling me that is not the point of a clearout! but I just couldn't resist these (above) lovely vintage rose glasses, they are a set of six and in perfect condition and..well! I have got rid of quite a few other odd one's, so surely I am allowed a few newbies!?!?
vintage french tins
My next challenge is the shelf all needs sorting out, as the first aid tin has nothing in it and the bread bin is a first aid tin OoOOp's, so its all a bit confusing and although it looks quite pleasing to the's just need a general sort out and shape up!
T G Green
Anyways...I'll keep you all updated with this cull as the weeks progress.

What have you been up to this week?
Speak soon my lovelies xx

Saturday, 25 October 2014


red plooms pen
The other day I was sent this beautiful pen by the lovely Sally at PLOOMS, her company designs and sells these divine ink pens that come in five different colours...naturally you would of guessed that I wanted the red one! 
red plooms
These days what with the internet, we tend to communicate through emails and texting, hardly anything is handwritten anymore...which is such a shame... 
plooms fountain pen
Sally is trying to get people to fall in love with writing again and with her pens...well it's hard not too! These are beautiful ink pens, they are solid and weighty and the ink glides on to the paper with ease,..

(PLOOMING: verb: to handwrite a message in ink and photograph it)

Some words need to be written in ink, so next time you want to say something special

Don't Just Text it - PLOOM it

...And never forget the power of the written word!


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