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Were you hit by Photobuckets Fail!

Lucille Ball feeling sad about photobucket

Were you hit by this ugly label on your blog during the summer?

Yes what a blooming problem this has been and what an ugly piece of kit to be on your blog!
You probably know what caused it...Photobucket decided to be greedy and wanted everyone that used their hosting to pay for it!  And a pretty penny it was too! Something like £300 for the year!

Happy 10th Birthday Happy Loves Rosie

happy loves rosie is 10 years old

Before I even start talking about Christmas, I have got to mention something which happened earlier in the year and that is!...it was my blogs birthday!!  Yes Happy Loves Rosie was 10 years old in June! see first post Here. I had always meant to celebrate it...but what with all the busy days I have had this year I just didn't get 'a round to it'!...HaHaHa...remember these things...My Nan had one of those!

Why I deleted the G Plus System from my Blog

Why I deleted the G+ Commenting System from my Blog

I have been rather detached from the blogging community  lately and couldn’t really understand why my usual blog friends weren’t commenting on my blog posts...I just thought it was because there were so many blogs out there now and that there was so much choice for people to read!  Comments from like minded people mean a lot to me...back in the day when I first started blogging, the comments were strong...it felt like my extended family, the people that liked what I liked and every time I went out and about I took my camera with me to show my friends what I was up to...It was so fun and enjoyable.

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Since I have changed my hair colour from red to grey, I feel like I am a new person...When I had the red hair, because it was so vibrant, I felt like I had to always be bright and cheerful myself! Oh don’t get me wrong! I actually loved being that happy person, dressing in bright and happy colours and decorating my home in that way, but now I feel I have entered a new phase in my life...if I was writing a book, it would be called a new chapter…

1950's Interior Design Ideas

The 1950’s was an incredible period for interior design, a period which today many of us still love and enjoy. With some ideas of how to decorate, or even tweak your home, you can enjoy the stylish and gracious living which we all associate with this era.

Make Recycling Super Simple: 3 Key Tips


Recycling is one of the best ways to help the environment these days. Turning old items into new items rather than creating new items from scratch saves energy and resources in the long run. Our resources are limited, so looking at ways to do this is always going to be important!

Designing A Relaxing Bathroom

Designing A Relaxing Bathroom: Expert Advice You Can't Ignore
Would you like to turn your bathroom into a place of tranquillity and sanctuary? Do you struggle to unwind in the tub at the moment? Then you’ll want to consider some of the expert suggestions from this post. None of these ideas should break the bank or require a lot of effort. So, nothing should stand in the way of you achieving your goal.

Bathroom Revamp: From Dreary to Divine

Is it time your bathroom had a make-over? If don’t enjoy spending much time in your bathroom, something has to change. It’s easy to overlook the bathroom because other rooms in the home are often given higher priority. But, your bathroom should be somewhere that helps you to relax after the stresses of the day. If you don’t feel like it’s your haven, perhaps it’s time to make some tweaks. Here’s how to convert your boring bathroom into a luxury, modern sanctuary.

Getting Married? What about the Invites!

If you have been lucky enough to of been proposed to this year and are at a loss on where to start with your wedding plans?... why not try looking at pictures in magazines!...it's a good place to start!...filling your head with ideas is a brilliant way of getting your creative juices flowing.

Cleaning Out A Storage Cupboard

So we all can admit that there’s a cupboard in our house that we throw everything in when we don’t know where to put anything else. Yet, that means we can lose track of some pretty valuable stuff. So it’s time to fight through the possible dust layers and cluttered floors to find things again. Here’s a few tips on what to do to sort out a store cupboard, which can be so much denser than anywhere else in your home.