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Online Bingo - Not just for ladies anymore!

I’m sure we all have the same preconception of the stereotypical bingo players. We all think of a trip to a bingo hall where you will be probably imagining about a group of retired gray haired ladies, all with the same blue rinse vintage, jostling over each other for their lucky seats with bags full of bingo markers. Sure, you’ll still find the older demographic in bingo halls around the United Kingdom, but in the online version people of all age groups actively participate in the game. According to the recent research, 15% of men also participate in online bingo games.

On bingo sites such as New Look Bingo you will find a lot of young and tech savvy people.This site is definitely aiming for a younger crowd in terms of their branding – and it’s not surprising that they’re succeeding in that. Though the number of ‘silver haired surfers’ are constantly increasing, the online bingo site is also getting populated by more and more younger demographic across the UK.

It’s a pretty social game to play online similar to the land based bingo halls, which may be quite surprising for some. However, people who play online bingo games tell that they get to enjoy the live chat functionality of the site, and you’ll find sites like New Look Bingo include chat games. They also have loyalty points that you can convert into bingo bonuses, which give chances to win more.

It means that you can be playing alongside people from all over the United Kingdom, making friends virtually that you’ll no doubt see in real. When you’re playing and chatting online, nobody cares about how old you are, what community you belong to, how you look like and what’s your style statement – it’s a quite social world to be in, where age really doesn’t matter. Anybody who is above eighteen can participate in online bingo games.

In some cases you will even find people meeting up in person and sometimes become friends for life. In land based bingo halls, talking while playing bingo is often frowned upon, as in offline version players will have the risk of missing out on the numbers that are called out, as the room is too crowded and loud. While you play on New Look Bingo, there are no restrictions on when to chat, and choose any set of cards you like. Hence, many players choose to play bingo while they’re doing regular chores such as cleaning, cooking etc.

With the rise of mobile bingo, sites can be accessed on the go. Whether you’re using an Android, iOS, or Windows phone, bingo can be played anywhere, anytime. With bingo on mobile devices, you need to erase those stereotypes from your brain. As gaming operators wouldn’t have to spend their money on developing more modern ways of playing if they were still targeting the elderly audiences.    

Like I mentioned before, these days men also play on online bingo sites and the reason would be you’ll find sites like New Look Bingo are providing casino games as well. Recently after collaborating with Microgaming, they are able to provide a new set of casino games like Avlon, Break the Bank, Pure Platinum, Golden Factory and many more. So if men feel bingo is not their cup of tea, they can enjoy the casino games.

If you still haven’t played online bingo, start your online bingo journey right now and grab £5 this instance by signing up to New Look Bingo.

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