Thursday, 15 January 2015

Will Self-Driving Cars Make Us Bad Drivers?

vintage pink cadillac
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According to tech experts, self-driving cars are the future. However, despite the obvious benefits of having a car do the driving for you, a recent article by the Independent, 43% of people surveyed wouldn't trust a self-driving car.

Commissioned by, the survey aimed to get the general public's reaction to the news that a small selection of self-driving cars are to be tested in four British cities in 2015. Although many people are intrigued by the latest technological developments, 16% of the people asked were "horrified" by the prospect of car having control of itself.
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Since this seems to be one of the hottest topics of debate in the world of motoring at the moment, it raises the question: will self-driving cars make us bad drivers? Although I'm not an expert on how these self-driving cars will operate, I am a mother and it's made me think about the potential safety issues of having a car drive itself. 
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 At present the UK is one of the safest driving nations in Europe. Through a combination of driving theory and practical testing, strict vehicle safety standards (through MOTs) and a host of speed control measures, it's safer to drive in the UK than many countries in the EU.
Are Autonomous Cars Bad for the UK's Safety Reputation?
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However, could the proliferation of self-driving cars impact on this reputation? While some would say yes, simply because we'd be relinquishing control to a computer; others would say no. Although a car may be able to drive itself, we will still need to know how to drive.

For example, a commercial airline pilot has to go through a strict training routine in order to gain their licence to fly a plane. Yet, when the pilot actually takes to the skies, much of the flying is done automatically.
vintage pink cadillac
The same will likely be true for self-driving cars. If a driver doesn't know basic driving theory or how to react to certain conditions then it will be a disaster. However, if the person sitting in a self-driving car knows how to drive a manual car then everything should be ok? Right? 
red cadillac bonhams
In my opinion, it seems inevitable that cars will become at least semi-autonomous in the next few years. Would I trust myself or a member of my family in one? Not yet. Although the UK is a great place to drive, I don't think we're quite ready as a society to give over control of such a powerful machine to a computer but I wouldn't bet against that changing within the next decade....

...and car techy guys..If you are gonna design a space type car for these new self drive vehicles! please bare in mind us retro gals! and please design something more in line with these vintage cadillacs above...ooh I could just be persuaded to buy a self driven car, if it looked like one of these!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Will money make you Happy

The age-old question of whether money can buy you happiness raised its controversial head over the festive period after international singing sensation Macy Gray claimed that money was the cause of her internal bliss.  Although having a glittering career as a recording artist is probably enough of a reason to be happy, Gray told The Daily Telegraph in the UK that having money "absolutely" made her smile because it allowed her to "do the things" that she enjoys. Unfortunately, as stated in the interview, one of Gray's pleasures appears to be love of playing casino games. However, with cash still streaming in from her hit single, "I Try", Gray doesn't appear to have cause for concern about her finances just yet.

A Millionaire's Perspective
Of course, Gray is just one example of someone who believes money is the key to happiness in this life. For some, money is just a reflection of how successful they are at utilizing their passion. Multimillionaire Tim Sykes recently told Business Insider that, despite him not hating the fortune he's amassed, it's certainly not directly linked to his happiness.

According to Sykes, the money in his bank account is a marker for how well his teaching business is doing. Indeed, for Sykes, the process of helping people to broaden their knowledgebase and achieve their own personal goals is the real route to happiness.

In fact, even if his money was a non-profit organization, Sykes would be happy that he's still achieving his goals by helping others. That, in a nutshell, seems to be the counterargument to achieving happiness in life. Money, as we all know, is fleeting and a commodity that can easily come and go. In contrast, personal development is part of an ongoing journey and infinitely more permanent.

Happiness isn't a Tradable Commodity
Although some people are keen to attribute their happiness to their wealth, they only really acknowledge this when they are at the extreme ends of the financial spectrum. Attaching your emotions to something that can rise and fall within a heartbeat is bound to become a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Yes, when you're at the top of the mountain it's easy to think that money is paramount to your happiness.

But when things aren't going so well then it can be extremely tough.
In contrast, knowledge can't be taken away from you like money can. Once you own it, it's yours to do as you wish and, in general, the more knowledge you have the more successful and, therefore, happy you'll be. Obviously there are no right or wrong answers in this debate, but time and time again it seems as though people who sit on the non-money orientated side of the fence are more stable.

Do they always reach the extremes of happiness achieved by someone with millions in the bank? Maybe not. But they certainly have a greater overall sense of happiness that's not fixed to a volatile commodity. To sum up, Sykes seems to say it best by explaining that possessions and money don't make you Happy.

It's the journey that's really the key to personal fulfilment.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


New Year Fireworks London

London 2014 New Year fireworks

london 2015 fireworks

Sunday, 28 December 2014


husky retro fridge
One of the good things that has happened recently is that I have a new is a HUSKY Retro Fridge in red and I love was supposed to fit in to where my existing fridge is, but to save my back I managed to lift it all by myself onto the worktop so that I do not have to bend down to use it like my other one!
red husky retro kitchen
It has been a god send for keeping all the Christmas food in...we have enough food to last a good few months lol! and what with Freddy now home from hospital...(he arrived home the day before Christmas Eve) we have had many people visiting us, so again it has been well used already! 
red kitchen appliances
My other Fridge/Freezer which I have covered in Cath Kidston wrapping paper! is still being used too!
husky retro red fridge
...And here it is in all its glory! this is a lovely design with curved edges...a very retro 1950's feel which as you all know I love...I ordered mine in Red, but it is also available in Black or Ivory too!

What do you think of it?...have you bought something for the kitchen lately that you love and now can't live without? do tell ;)


Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Festive Christmas Front door
I won't go into too much detail, but this year has been one of the most awful years of my life, I didn't mention too much on here because I know a lot of my lovely readers have problems of their own and come over to my blog for a bit of a cheer up, so to keep telling you all of my misfortune wouldn't boe well!

HAPPY CHICKADEES are currently reading this blog!

Your a 'Doll' for visiting...See you again soon.
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