Thursday, 28 August 2014


blue metal cafe chair red metal cafe chair
I know I have been blogging a lot lately regarding the kind of furniture that I like! I have been looking on the web and finding lots of really lovely furniture shops and this one happens to be another one that I am going to have to list as one of my fav's.
french shabby chic drawers
The Trade Furniture Company has been in business now for 8 years, they are based in West Yorkshire...and it is no surprise that they have notched up many famous interior design clients, what with their vast array of fabulous home furniture...
ornate noir book case
I have taken some of the pictures from their site to show you the kind of style that I would purchase from them...My roots are French Country Chic, what with all the enamel that I have collected over the years, so the Etienne collection would fit fantastically into the Happy House! 
industrial wheeled chest of drawers
The Industrial collection has some of the quirkiest pieces I have seen in a while, there is also furniture for every kind of style that you could possibly want...from the most unusual to the traditional...
french shabby sideboard
So wherever you live, may it be in a state of the art Designer Apartment to a Quintessential English Cottage The Trade Furniture Company will have something for you... 

industrial coffee table
At the moment they are running a Summer Sale...Their prices are very competitive anyway, especially for the quality and workmanship of the materials they MDF here ;) 
etienne french shabby dresser
...And another little fact to throw into the mix, is that they are the official supplier for Peter Andre'a 60 Minute if you have watched it, you will already know the lovely items that they use to decorate the rooms if I haven't convinced you already...Head over to their site and if you can't find something to buy now, bookmark their site for future reference, as I am sure, like me, you will already be in love!

Bye for now my lovelies x

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


happy loves rosie on Television
I have been out and about lately, furniture shopping with my Mum and also my Son Daz, they both have cash to splash, unlike me, who has always liked to buy second hand! A bit of a bargain hunter is me!

Daz has recently bought a 50 inch Television for his flat...I can hear you all gasping at the thought of how big this TV is!...yes it is humongous!...we have a van type car and it just about fitted in there, when we bought it!
Anyways...he has been looking for a Television stand to put it as you do I looked on Google and found Furniture Plus, they sell the most gorgeous oak furniture...Daz is like me though, he likes the painted white wood furniture and is seriously thinking about investing in the lovely Television table above...
 white nest of Oak Tables
My Mum on the other hand loves the more traditional Oak unpainted furniture that they also sell, but recently she has had her Living Room decorated and wanted a new nest of tables and she has also fallen in love with this set above from the same store!

But as for me...I am sooooo in Love with this...white oak chest of drawers
...Beautiful Chest of drawers...oh honestly! What I wouldn't give for these pieces of furniture! Now don't get me wrong! I still love my old vintage furniture...but I am also lusting after these pieces! I feel my life would be so organised with these drawers in my life!
white oak cd cabinet white oak cd cabinet

 ...And i just love this cute CD cabinet too...
beautiful country white oak dresser

...And as for this dresser! *sigh*
Need I say more...!

A gal can dream can't she!

What kind of furniture do you like to have in your home?
Do you like old or new?
Or a mix of the two?

Bye for now my lovelies xxx

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


 craft table mixed media tim holtz
My Freddy has a new craft studio!
It's actually sited in our bedroom next to the bed!
He has been confined to the bedroom lately, as he has torn his tendon in his leg making
getting around rather awkward!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Happy Friday Pictures

happy loves rosie style
Happy Friday Everyone
I thought I would add some Happy House bling to get you ready for the weekend.
1950's Queen poodle cute
They are pictures that I have blogged about in the past, in different posts...
They have never been seen altogether...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


June Haver and Betty Grable, 1945 

I happen to use a lot of bobby pins, what with my hairstyle and all, whether I am wearing a quiff or creating my victory rolls...a bobby pin is never too far away from my reach...Having said all that, the worst thing about these clever little that they seem to be scattered all over the place and especially on the floor!...wherever I go, there is a trail of grips behind me!

Sunday, 17 August 2014


I have that 'want to make something' I thought I would get inspired over at Pinterest...and you know how addictive that can be!

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