The Lazy Gardener

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The Lazy Gardener: Low-Effort Tips That Aren't Back Breaking

We all love a beautiful garden, but that doesn’t mean we are all ready to roll up our sleeves. Some of you will hate the idea of spending the summer turning over soil and watering plants. Let’s face it - gardening is a lot of work. But, what if someone who will remain nameless told you that you could have your cake and eat it. Would you be interested? Good, because it is possible to cultivate an awesome garden even if you are a lazy gardener. All you have to do is get creative and think outside of the box. Because being creative involves being active, you might find it difficult, which is why this post is worth a read!

Think About Plant Geography

The garden isn’t big enough for every plant to thrive unless you consider the geography. Quite simply, the location of the plants and flowers will affect their lifespan. As long as you put them in the right spot, most plants will thrive without much attention from yours truly. The difficult part is finding out where to put the seeds, yet that isn’t impossible. The trick is trial and error. Try and plant seeds all around the garden and note which ones prosper and which die. Also, consider the changing conditions and how they affect the garden. For example, everything will need sunlight to grow, which is why you want to point them in the direction of the sun’s rays. If they are not in the sun’s arc, they won’t get the nutrients they need to live.

[Pretty Flowers ready to plant in my old Cottage]

Plant Companions

Sadly, living organisms tend to compete for food and water and plants are no different. In fact, they are the worst offenders because they will gladly kill off their neighbours for their gain. As you can tell, this is a lot of work for the gardener as they constantly end up back at square one. The good news is that some plants are not natural born killers. Instead, they act as companions that help other flowers bloom. Mint is a prime example as the strong scent confuses and deters pests from eating your crops. Lavender, on the other hand, attracts welcome insects such as bees, and they help pollinate the other plants. Some even grow big enough to provide shelter from the elements.

Mix Materials

Of course, everyone wants their garden to pop with colour, especially in the summer. However, an obsession with plants isn’t the way to go if you are lazy. Regardless of which ones you choose, they will always need some care and attention. What you want are materials that you can forget about for months on end, yet that still look the part. With that in mind, it is time to focus on using stone and wood in the garden as well as plants and flowers. For one thing, these elements add a new contrast that is striking. More than that, stone and wood are easy to maintain. Using railway sleepers for flower beds and flags as paving stones means you won’t have to bother hitting the garden all summer. Sure, they might get dirty, but a simple power washer will clear away the dirt and grime. When it comes to garden materials, there aren’t many things as low-maintenance.

[You can't beat Geraniums for low maintenance]

Can You Dig It?

The answer to that question is no! Normally, cultivating and maintaining a garden involves a lot of digging. After all, it is important to turn over the soil for the sake of the plants. Or is it that important? Over thousands of years, plants have evolved to thrive in their conditions. For the most part, the soil isn’t turned over because the majority of vegetation is wild. As such, they don’t mind having to do the dirty work. This is great news for you because it means you don’t have to bother with a spade and a rake.  All you need to do is place a wet piece of cardboard over the soil and put a hole in it. Once you add the mulch the seeds will do the rest.

Attract Wildlife

The previous paragraph spoke about the need for pollinators, but they aren’t the only insects you want to attract. There is a host of animals that will help your garden, and want them in your corner. Take the humble ladybird for instance. Usually, you would see it as a beautifully colourful insect that is a tad fragile. In truth, it is a hungry predator that eats plant pests. Frogs, meanwhile, eat large prey such as slugs and flies.

See, you don’t have to be Alan Titchmarsh to create an amazing garden.

Bye for now my lovelies, Love Happy x

Happy's New Garden Part 1

[Picture of some of the items we left behind - not the enamel]

Last year not much happened in our garden really...I new that I wanted to landscape it eventually, but Freddy was still in his bed in the Living Room and the work on the lift and the wet room wasn't going to start until January 2017.

Happy Blog Posts are Back!

Hello peeps...sorry I have not been sharing my life on my blog for a while, but I have been extremely busy and didn't seem to get the time to fit everything in!...lately though, I have been getting into a better routine, I knew that once my Mum moved round the corner to me I would have less time...but I also knew that after a while we would get into a routine that works for everyone and I could start sharing my life on here again...I just hope you, my readers, still want to read what I have to say!

I have so much to tell you about, as a lot of time has gone by and a lot of things have happened.

So rather than tell you about it all here in one post...! (it would be too long lol!) I will start on Tuesday 25th July at 10am, in a series of posts to keep it all interesting for you once again...I feel I owe it to you :)

So please add me to your reading list and wait for the posts to come... It will be a pleasure to finally connect with you all my heart has always been in blogging! Love you all,
Love Happy x

How To Bring Wildlife Into Your Garden

How To Bring Beautiful Floral Displays And Wildlife Into Your Garden

Adding a splash of colour is one of the most attractive techniques to breath new creativity into your garden and liven up your home in the process. Vibrant tones give the impression of brightness and tap into the energy of mother nature to express the jovial voice of spring and summer. The sun rebounds of your garden with a sublime attitude escorting shy neutrals away from the mundane spectrum and out into the wild, loud and proud. And while nature is sprouting and spreading its wings, the attraction will be too much for animals that do spread their wings. Birds should be flowing in and out of your garden. A sign of wildlife being comfortable is the mark of a great natural stylist who creates the desired sunshine look but balances the need open outdoor space.  

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How to pretty up your Garden


If you’re looking at your garden thinking about how you could do a lot more with it to pretty it up a little, but aren’t sure where to start - here are some simple ideas that can make a big difference.

Remove the weeds

Weeds can be incredibly annoying because you can remove them as much as you like, but they will eventually return with a vengeance. They have the ability to make a whole garden look messy, so make sure you keep on top of them. Pull them out from the roots and/or cover them in boiling water. They will eventually shrivel up and die, without harming the area like certain weed killers can do.

Make Your Garden Magical This Summer

Designing and owning a magical home space is often something we as parents dream of, but it’s much harder to implement in reality. This almost goes without saying. We can imagine the Disney princesses of fame having to maintain the golden gardens they usually achieve at the end of their tales, and the fantasy usually falls.

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