Autumn Is Here!...

...So Let The Big Garden Clean Up Begin!
Now that Autumn has officially arrived, it’s time to get back in your garden. Once summer comes to an end, many homeowners think that they don’t need to garden until next year. However, this is untrue. Autumn is an essential time for gardening. It allows you to clear away the debris from summer and get your outdoor space ready for the colder weather ahead. Not doing so could mean your garden gets damaged and stop looking it’s best. It can also give you more work to do next year to return it to it’s former glory. So if you want to enjoy your garden for a little longer, let the Autumn clear up begin.
Rejuvenate your lawn
Autumn is the perfect time to breathe new life back into your lawn if it’s been damaged by the summer sunshine. Start by giving your lawn a cut with your lawn mower then remove all grass clippings from the surface with a rake. This will keep it looking fresh and tidy rather than wild and overgrown. Autumn often brings inclement weather, so you need to ensure your lawn’s drainage is up to scratch too. Use a pitchfork to create holes across your entire lawn or install drainage solutions like catch basins. To really help your lawn withstand the winter weather, cover your lawn with an autumn lawn feed. This will promote growth and keep your lawn looking lush and green.
Plant some evergreens
A garden without any evergreens can look lifeless during the winter. So if your garden doesn’t currently have any, now is the perfect time to buy and plant some. There are many different types of evergreen to choose from. Daphne evergreen plants can flower during the coldest of winters and fill your outdoor space with life. Bay and holly bushes are also popular and welcomed additions to any garden. Head to your local garden center to see what possible options you have.

Before you start buying evergreens, make sure you weed and remove any dead plants from your flower beds. This will allow you to see just how much space you have and what gaps you need to fill. Put all dead plants, weeds and leaves that you remove into your compost bin ready for next year.
Remove shade
Shade can be beneficial during the summer to help keep your garden cool. But once winter arrives, the days become shorter and less sunlight will enter your garden. So it’s vital that you ensure your garden gets as much of it as possible by removing the shade from your outdoor space. Cut back trees and climbing plants which could be blocking the sunlight from smaller plants and bushes. Also, remove any trellis fencing you have and clean the windows of your greenhouse if you have one. That way you can maximise the light and help your garden look better for longer.

With the help of this guide, you can prepare your garden for winter while also keeping it looking fabulous for the autumn. Why not buy an outdoor heater so you can continue entertaining in your beautiful garden, even when the temperature drops.


Since getting the ball rolling on my Mum's house move, her tastes are a changing!
The more properties we are looking at, the more she is falling out of love with her dark mahogany furniture! (thank gooodness! ;)) She is also starting to love white walls which is also a plus, as we all know who else loves white walls don't we!

Aiken House & Gardens: Living space with white furniture, a white fireplace and white planked floors:
We have looked at about 8 properties now and the one she likes in particular, it is a ground floor maisonette with its own front and back garden! It is also the closest to me of all the others and we have made an offer on it, which has been accepted!...there have been a lot of problems along the way! as indeed there always is...House Moving is not the best of events is it!...but we are getting there!...Having a garden of her very own is just the best thing and we are planning all the lovely plants that we want to add in there...
Mum has decided that she wants to have a more modern approach to furnishings...I guess the white walls and modern kitchen of the new property has helped with that! I can't show you it yet, as our offer has only just been accepted and I don't want to tempt fate...but it is perfect for Mum....

Cottage look:
We have been talking about how we are going to decorate it and looking on sites like Beytug for all of her new things...we particularly like the idea of having new bed linen in her bedrooms, she is liking more of the French shabby chic look but with a modern twist, so I will be looking forward to decorating her new home myself...not in my style...but following Mum's directions of course!
French Shabby Chic style we Love
There are a few adjustments to be made though, for instance she needs to have a shower cubicle added to the bathroom, as at the moment there is just a shower over the bath...making it almost impossible for her to get into it, what with her poor mobility!  Also there are a few steps that need sorting out so that Mum can get into the garden, which will also make it easier access for Freddy in his in other words we are making it all 'super human proof'!
antique plates wall decor:

There is a lot of work to be done of next week I am going over to her London flat which is now Sold and we are going to have a big sort out! I am a dab hand at all of that now...she is fretting about it, but I have told her not to worry as I will be doing most of the packing and we are also going to be paying for decent removal men...not the 'likely lads' that I had, where they left everything on the walls and in the garden behind! lol!...I suppose you pay for what you get!

So watch this space and I'll be updating you very soon.
Bye for now.

Serious About Keeping Your Home Safe?

Dordogne, France
Serious About Keeping Your Home Safe?... Read This
How secure is your home? Not only do we need to protect our possessions but our families too, is yours as safe as it should be? Our homes are left unoccupied often, whether it’s when we’re at work or school or on a holiday. And so making sure they’re kept secure when we’re not around is of the utmost importance. Follow this advice and you will massively decrease your chances of a burglar entering your home.

Most Burglars Are Opportunistic
This means that most burglars target houses simply because they’re easy. Because of this, it means that taking simple measures can be enough to put off a potential thief. The risk of being caught will outweigh the potential reward of breaking in in most cases if you’ve made it more difficult for them. This could be as simple as locking doors and windows. Fitting a motion detector floodlight at the front of your house, or leaving a tv on to make it appear that someone is inside can be enough. If a burglar has decided to target your house to try their luck, any one of these things can make them feel though it’s too much of a risk and keep on walking.
Designs of Doors, İzmir, Turkey:
Take Extra Precautions
While many burglars are opportunistic (and using common sense can be enough to put them off) there are cases where they can be more determined. And so it’s always worth taking extra precautions too, this includes things like having a burglar alarm and CCTV fitted. These act as both deterrents, but can also help to catch a criminal if they do happen to be particularly determined. Always have a burglar alarm professionally fitted, and with CCTV do your research.

Find out the best home surveillance cameras to give you peace of mind. You’ll want something that has good night vision, and ideally, can be streamed to an app on your mobile phone. Other precautions you could take include using timer switches for lamps and televisions whenever you’re not at home. And making sure that your windows and doors are of the best quality which will make it more difficult for them to be kicked in or jimmied open.
. Año 1903. Fotos David Cardelús
Use Common Sense
In many cases a burglar will walk right through an empty door, or climb through an open window. If you’re leaving your house for any amount of time, always make sure it’s locked and secure behind you. The same applies with leaving spare keys; a burglar will know all of the places to look despite how clever you think you’ve been.

Don’t leave keys or car keys on hooks or side tables by your front door either. A burglar will be able to hook these through the letterbox with no hassle, giving them full access to both your house and car. Another thing to be aware of is gardens and sheds. Make sure there are no tools left out. Not only will expensive tools be taken, but to make matters worse, they could even be used to gain access to your home. Things like ladders and crowbars will make a burglar's job even quicker and easier. Have everything locked up in a sturdy shed or garage, and fitted with a good quality padlock.

Amazing Greenhouse Benefits

...Amazing Greenhouse Benefits & Everything Else You Should Know
If you’re thinking of getting a greenhouse in your garden, there are lots of reasons to go ahead with it. Greenhouses can benefit you in many different ways. There are some things you should know first though, before you decide on your greenhouse and anything you might grow in there.
Here are some amazing greenhouse benefits and everything else you should know about them:
You Can Save Money On Your Food Shopping
One of the most obvious benefits when you’re starting your own greenhouse, is that you can save money on your food and shopping bill. You can grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs, saving you a substantial amount of money on your healthy food shop. You’ll also be able to grow certain things during any season, when they may not be available in shops or found anywhere else. This means you can eat the foods you love no matter what time of year it is! You’ll never need to rush to the shop for tomatoes, and you can eat yummy fruit whenever the feeling takes you. Tucked away in an overlooked neighbourhood of East London, quieter and smaller than Shoreditch but with the potential to outshine Brick Lane, Exmouth Market:
No Need To Worry About The Seasons
With a greenhouse, there’s no need to worry about how your plants will fare during different seasons. If you know anything about plants, you’ll know that many of them thrive during different seasons. You need to be organised in your approach to planting different things so that they flower at the right time. If you don’t, you’ll be fighting a losing battle. That being said, a greenhouse means you don’t need to worry about the seasons. You can grow what you like, when you like, as you get to control your greenhouse and play mother nature.
Protection For Your Plants
A greenhouse offers protection to your plants. They’ll be protected from storms, and any other environmental factors that could hinder your gardening efforts. Not only that, they’ll be protected from pests and any kind of bugs/animals that might come along and try to eat your plants. If your garden is usually full of pests that like the taste of your hydrangeas, or if winter is soon to be upon you, getting a greenhouse could change the way you do your gardening for good.
Give A Better Environment For Your Plants To Thrive
You can completely control the environment with your greenhouse, giving a much better environment for your plants to thrive. You can’t control the weather, but you can control the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse, giving your plants a way to reach their full potential. You can rest assured that your plants will be doing everything they are supposed to and you’ll be overjoyed at the results!
Enjoy Multipurpose Gardening
As you’re not planting your different plants in the same soil, you can enjoy multipurpose gardening. You can plant a little of everything if you wish, without needing to worry whether something is contaminating something else. As long as you do a little planning on where you’ll put things and what you’ll use, you can usually plant a multitude of fun things.
Develop A New Hobby
Greenhouses are often used for hobby gardening, which can be a lot of fun. If you’ve been thinking about new hobbies to try, then this could be for you. A greenhouse kit could easily get you started on this fun journey without having to put too much work in. Many people say that gardening is extremely relaxing, so it makes a good hobby.
A small backyard dome greenhouse kit, the perfect starter greenhouse. #greenhouses:
Buying The Essentials
When you decide to get a greenhouse, you need to be prepared to buy the essentials. This includes a ventilator. Most greenhouses need these so that they can remain the perfect temperature and humidity as you use them. You don’t want your plants to end up cooking themselves! Many greenhouse will come with a ventilator, but sometimes, this isn’t enough. You may need to buy separate bits of kit.
Choosing The Right Greenhouse
You can’t just choose any old greenhouse and hope for the best. There are an abundance of different styles and types, depending on how you envision your work in the greenhouse. A regular metal framed greenhouse is usually eco-friendly and the most popular one people buy. This style will suit most people, regardless of what they are planning on doing with their greenhouse. However, if you’re short on space, there’s a greenhouse for you too. There are ‘mini’ glass greenhouses that you can slot somewhere you have room. No need to worry if you’re short on space! Choosing the right area for your chosen greenhouse is important though, as you may need to make the most of the sun for your chosen plants. That being said, if your greenhouse is in full sun, then ventilation is a must. Studying brochures and websites for greenhouses properly will help you to decide on the right one for you.
Getting The Fixtures And Fittings
You’ll need fixtures and fittings in your greenhouse to make sure you can accomplish the things you want to accomplish. Most people have it in their head that they want to grow a bit of everything, so staying flexible with your greenhouse is a must. Staging your greenhouse is a popular way to make room for all kinds of cuttings and seeds. Two storey staging will allow you to have twice the number of plants in your greenhouse, so make sure you do that if you can.
More inspiration for the garden outside my gardenhouse:
Should Your Greenhouse Be Hot Or Cold?
One question many people ask when considering this, is should their greenhouse be hot or cold? You can grow certain plants in a cold greenhouse with no need to worry about heating. However, being able to heat your greenhouse will open up a whole world of possibilities to you. To keep the cost of heating your greenhouse as low as possible, you could consider getting it as close as you can to an existing power supply. It’s usually best to use an electrician for this job, as you could encounter many problems if you try to do it yourself.
Simple Tips For Growing In Your Greenhouse
With all of the above in mind, here are some simple tips that will help you grow in your greenhouse:
  • If you want to have some fun with the things you grow in your greenhouse, choose something that you could only grow in there. Why not fruits that thrive off lots of heat? You could even grow a tropical plant.
  • During cold nights you can use bubble wrap to keep your plants a good temperature, or even a fleece.
  • Watering in the evening when the temperature is cooler will stop the liquid from evaporating.
  • Have a look for sneaky slugs and snails before you go to bed, or you might lose some of your hard work.
  • Keep your greenhouse neat and tidy as you go along.
  • Keep a close eye on the temperature, as a few degrees could make all the difference.
  • A thermometer will be your most invaluable tool in a greenhouse. You should never be without one!
How to Build a Miniature Greenhouse from Old Windows:
Now you know what a greenhouse can do for your plants, what are you waiting for? You could be enjoying a much higher quality of plants, and even having more fun in your gardening endeavours. You could be growing things you never dreamed you’d be able to, like watermelons or chilis. This can even make your cooking and food more exciting. If you have any comments or ideas you’d like to share, leave one below.
Will you be getting a greenhouse?


Pretty West London home of interior designer Louise Jones
As any keen gardener knows, looking after your outside space is no easy feat. Both your plants and vegetables can easily fall victim to creepy-crawlies, weather. Plus, sometimes it's just difficult to keep on top of things. But something every keen gardener does know is the great feeling you get when your garden is looking and tasting good. Don’t let common garden ailments wreak havoc with your hard work – follow these easy hacks so you can run your garden like a pro!
Ideas for Gardens Designs
Soil problems

If there’s one thing that can set your garden off on a bad foot, it’s bad soil. Soil can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Climate, terrain, and the parent material can all affect the consistency of your soil. If your soil is too wet or too dry, you will struggle to grow anything in it. A great option if you suffer with both scenarios in different seasons is buying some mulches. Mulches are sheets of material you can place over your soil for a variety of reasons.  Their primary functions are to help the soil retain moisture in the summer and to protect from the elements during the winter. Mulches can also come in the form of loose chippings, such as the bark chips you frequently see in gardens. Leaf mould is also excellent at conditioning poor quality soil.
A handy guide on Garden Care Lawn issues

Maintaining a healthy lawn can take quite a lot of time and effort – which is probably why so many people use lawn care companies to do the job for them! However, there are ways to treat the most common lawn problems from the comfort of your own home. If your lawn has bare patches, try re-seeding these areas and looking after them as if new. The large patches of brown grass that often appear on your lawn late in summer are usually caused by underground grubs. Dig up a section of the offending area and apply a pesticide such as diazinon. Once your lawn is looking healthy, it’s time to preen it. Invest in some good quality gardening equipment and keep an eye out for Gretch discount codes to ensure you get a polished result.

Repurpose a chest of drawers
Snails and slugs

Arguably the most common garden pests are snails and slugs. Slugs in particular aren’t that fussy about what they’ll persistently eat holes in – pretty much anything goes! However, lettuce, celery and potatoes are often favourites, and plant-wise they seem to like dahlias and delphiniums. It is virtually impossible to eradicate slugs and snails from our gardens, so for the most part you will just have to learn to live with them. But, there are ways to minimise their damage. If you’re feeling particularly dedicated, go out on an evening with a ‘slug bucket’ and hand pick slugs off your garden. If the thought of that doesn’t sit too well with you, place copper tapes around pots to act as a barrier against gastropods. Also, slugs have an affinity for beer. If you place a cup of beer in your garden overnight, the slugs will be attracted to it and you can collect them from there the next day.

RIP Our Beautiful Max The Wonder Dog


 I have not been able to do this post as I have been so distraught about it...
But Our lovely Westie Max was so ill and bless his little heart, was trying to fight end stage renal failure...but in the last week he got so ill and had lost so much weight that we had to make the horrible decision to have him put to sleep on the 19th August 2016.

My heart aches for him...I have not taken it well at all and for the first few days couldn't stop my tears...It's amazing isnt it, how a lil bundle of fluff can be so a part of the family...I miss him being by my side, wanting cuddles and tapping his paw on the door when he wanted to go out...There is such a void in my heart...I miss him so terribly, that words just can't express...

I know he is free of pain now and that he is playing happily over the rainbow bridge...but it just breaks my heart that he is no longer with us...In the end he got very close to Freddy and they would have sleeps on the bed together during the day...they were like two peas in a pod...Ying and Yang...I think he could sense that Freddy was poorly and therefore wanted to be with him because he felt the same...

We were all able to cuddle him as he passed, it was very peaceful, he was so ready.

'Only Goodnight, Beloved, not Farewell'

In Loving Memory of
Max (The Wonder Dog) Harris
19th January 2002 - 19th August 2016