How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

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Keeping a house or flat smelling fresh, rather than simply masking odors with air freshener, perfumes, or incense, is an essential part of perfecting a home’s welcoming atmosphere. While products which emit sweet smells – such as candles – can be a quick fix and useful when softening the hit of smelly foods or pets, they do not get to the root of the problem. 

These simple tips are effective at keeping your home smelling fresh for longer.

Consider changing habits

The way you live, as well as the way you clean and ventilate your house, could be having a negative impact on the freshness of your home. Two clear examples of this are not doing laundry frequently enough – or leaving laundry drying for too long – and smoking. Reducing the number of cigarettes, you smoke will immediately improve the freshness of your home. Consider moving to vaping instead – through ZampleBox, you can receive an assortment of flavors to your door – or smoking outside. 

Maintain ventilation

Always maintain the ventilation in your home, even through the winter. Simply opening a door or window for a small amount of the day will increase the fresh air in your house, flushing out bad smells. In the summer, leaving windows ajar for long periods also prevents your home from warming up too much in bright sunlight; too warm a house could increase the intensity of odors. 

Ensure you are within the property when leaving entrances to your home open. Some flats are fitted with ventilation fans or outlets. If your home has one of these, it is recommended you leave them on, especially if you are leaving the house for an extended period.

Limit rubbish

Clear rubbish from your home as frequently as possible, and if you can do not keep outside bins near inlets to your home, such as windows or doors. Certain foods and smells should be removed from your home quicker than others. For instance, if you have enjoyed a delicious takeaway on a Saturday night, tie the remains and packaging in a bag and dispose of it outside on the same night. Leaving takeaway materials in your living room or kitchen overnight is a sure-fire way to create lasting smells. 

Furthermore, attempt to keep your bins clean as well as empty. Doing this often will prevent the build-up of dirt and smells and make it a much easier task. 

Clean regularly

This cleaning, of bins or elsewhere, should take place regularly. Keeping kitchen utensils cleaned at the end of each day also reduces the smells from food, while using odor-free cleaning products prevents your home from smelling too chemical. Good ventilations aids freshness if you are using cleaning products with a pungent smell.

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Final thoughts

Both the way you treat your house and the way you treat yourself have an impact on the cleanliness and freshness of your home. While cleaning is effective, it can leave a synthetic odor behind, which is where being tidy and improving ventilation are so critical. While changing your lifestyle, such as stopping smoking, may be difficult, many of these tips are quick and straightforward to stick to.

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  1. Susan Skinner
    22nd June 2020 / 3:11 am

    I’ve just finished reading your blog from the first post to the last. I want you to know that what I enjoyed the most were the posts you wrote from your heart. You have a fabulous talent for design and display. You have inspired an entire genre of decorating style, and have inspired Cath Kidson herself. I love your pictures, your words, and your design style.

    I like that you have continued to blog for the love of it and not only for financial gain. I enjoy your honesty and the fact that you are the real thing, sharing real life. You are very strong, and have endured a lot over the years. Thank you for continuing to blog. You are an inspiration to many women worldwide.

    Thank you

    • 15th July 2020 / 12:58 pm

      Hello Susan,

      I have been meaning to reply to you for some time now…I must say that you have totally made my year with your comment…you actually bought me to tears. For a long time now I have been suffering from a deep depression and you have reminded me who I actually am! Thank you for that my darling…

      I am so grateful for your kind words…I am still carrying on and I still take plenty of pictures, but I never seem to have the time to write new blog posts…I want too, but I feel that technology has caught up with me and gone far and beyond my capabilities 🙁 . There is so many do’s and dont’s with blogging these days and now that I am on wordpress (it is so complicated for my lil brain lol!)

      Thank you again my lovely for reading through the whole of my blog..reading your comment gives me the encouragement to carry on…

      Thank you so much for that!

      Keep safe,

      Love Happy xxx

  2. 21st June 2020 / 3:04 pm

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