What To Do In The Garden Now To Prepare For Spring

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What To Do In The Garden Now To Prepare For Spring

With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready. The Winter can take its toll on your garden but spending time sorting it out will enable you to enjoy it when the warmer weather arrives. So, what can you do in the garden to make sure it is ready for Spring?

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Time to tidy your garden

The Winter can leave your garden looking untidy, so it pays to spend time cleaning it. This will involve removing dead leaves and any debris that might have ended up in your garden. By removing dead leaves and plants, you can prevent disease and bacteria from forming that could infect other plants in your garden.

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Look after your trees

Where necessary, now is the time to cut back and prune any trees. It’s really important to make sure that this is done correctly, so you might want to call in a tree surgery company that can take care of it for you.

If you have trees such as crab apple trees, you should prune the tree correctly and then ensure that you give a mulch of manure or compost. When pruning, you should make sure that you remove any dead, diseased or crossing branches to help the tree thrive during Spring and Summer.

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Prepare your lawn

Now is the time to give your lawn a rake and you can scarify the ground too. This will help to remove any debris or grass cuttings that could be preventing your lawn from thriving. If you fail to remove this, it can prevent the uptake of oxygen and nutrients. You can also give your lawn a feed and add more grass seed in areas that might be thinning.

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Remove weeds

Weeds can still thrive during the Winter, so take a look around and make sure that you remove as many as possible. It’s possible to do this by hand or you can use a weed killer. For any flower beds, you should make sure that you rake the soil to help airflow and now is the time to plant perennials while you might want to add some more topsoil.

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Clean up

With the garden free from mess and debris, you’ll be able to see what needs cleaning. You can pressure wash patios to remove the build-up of dirt and grime while you can also clean any furniture too. You might want to consider giving decking a fresh coat of paint, so it is ready to look its best once the sun comes out.

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Look for pests

Pests can cause a problem for your garden as they can kill plants and trees. Therefore, now is the perfect time to check underneath leaves and around plants for a sign of pests. Once you have spotted them, you can then use the correct treatment to get rid of them.

When the Spring arrives, you want to be able to use your garden, so it makes sense to spend a little time now putting it right, so it’s ready to use.

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