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Gardens are fantastic in spring, aren’t they? Who doesn’t love being able to sit outside with a good book while listening to the birds sing, getting your hand’s dirty planting rose bushes and trimming back the sprawling buddleia from the garden path. Having said that, when the sun starts to go down wouldn’t it be nice to have an outdoor room to retire to instead of having to go back indoors?

 pretty summer house

Why Have One?

Garden rooms are flexible, adaptable spaces that don’t just let you grow exotic plants like lemons, oranges, and even palms but they add a whole new dimension to your home as you gradually create the perfect indoor/ outdoor environment. A garden room, mini-conservatory or even orangery isn’t just somewhere to relax after a long day at work either! They make perfect guest rooms, home offices, and libraries too! From a financial perspective having an extra building on the property makes perfect sense as well, you could either rent it out to someone looking for a casual workspaceor to a lodger, (remember to kick them out in spring and summer though! :P) and you can be sure it’ll add more value to your home when the time comes to sell.

garden room ideas

 People In Glass Houses

There’s no denying that gorgeous glass boxes with ultra modern skylights and sliding windows are beautiful, but it’s certainly not the only option. You could go for a more natural feel, using sustainable wood and locally sourced materials to create a stunning kitchen garden or a bespoke woodland themed orangery. Garden rooms can be designed to face south, making the most of the natural light, have smart technology built in and even feature elegant patios or a wrap around verandah. Whatever you choose you’ll need to think about how you’re going to heat your tranquil space. Many people decide to have solar panels, such as ones fitted by Sempar Solaris to the roof because you won’t be in there all the time, so it’ll make more sense to go for an energy saving option as well as having an eco-friendly way of heating, lighting and working in this incredible space.

pretty orangery conservatory

Fantasy Furniture

Remember, your orangery is still a room, so it will require furniture but you don’t have to stick to the rattan and wicker theme that many people associate with outdoor furniture. Consider what the room looks like, a modern space would look lovely with hi-gloss end tables, suede chairs and a stunning leather couch against the wall facing out onto the garden. Floral patterns, rustic wooden benches, and comfy squashy armchairs would look best in a conservatory which has a more ‘country casual’ vibe.

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Take inspiration from the garden too! If the flower beds are bursting with color, emulate that in your backyard haven, choose bright shades for the walls, pop down a fluffy rug and add ‘green touches’ like a cute watering can umbrella holder, a flower shaped mug tree or a floor lamp that looks like an indoor fern. Try to avoid cramming the space full of knick knacks though, a vase of freshly picked tulips is much prettier than a glass bowl filled with colored pebbles or stones…well! that’s my opinion anyway!

Heres more of my favourite garden rooms…

beach house garden room

Little wisteria covered garden cottage

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 reclaimed window sheds

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