Barbie, flowers and the Union jack with a sprinkling of Cath Kidston

Hello gals…I awoke at 10.30am today! I am still suffering badly from the anaesthetic! OOoh I do suffer so bad!…Anyway, I wouldn’t of been able to walk around this morning so Mr Happy took Rosie to the Booty so that she could help him with carrying things etc…and they were both ‘on form’! look at what they both came back with!

(Above) A lovely colourful table cloth, embroidered horse badges, a cricket book and a lovely Barbie, with blue boots!….oh! and that ever so cute tiny union jack!

They also bought the chilli lights hanging up over the door.

….and this cute ickle chickadee!

They also came back with these wonderful flowers to cheer me up 🙂

They also bought this blue heart shelf, some coat hooks, tea and coffee tins, a rotring drawing board and red case, a Cath Kidston purse and pencil case, baskets and milk churns…

OoOh what wonderful finds they found!

They even found this lovely…Ikea, Rosali curtain, which I have just the place for!

Didn’t they do well!….

I have got them both so well trained – havn’t I! LOL!

I just had to take some piccy’s to show you all 🙂

Mr Happy also bought me this wonderful Hydrangea for the garden, which is one of my favourite plants and also this plant below…which we are not sure of the name, but its just soooo beautiful 🙂

As you know… I am loving my garden and decorating it like another room! and with my Mother-in-laws help yesterday, (she done a great job of weeding the beds) I want to plant (when I can) A rose bush, a lavender and a few more hydrangeas as those are my three most favourite plants…

I hope the sun shines tomorrow, we are off too the aerodrome, where Rosie will be learning to drive a car….aparently you can even drive tanks and hummers…so I might have a go! EeK!

Love Happy

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