Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have a Dog: 5 Tips

Keeping Your Home Clean When You Have a Dog: Here’s 5 Tips

If youre extremely house proud and like to have a tidy and well-presented home, a pet can often serve to completely derail that. Through no fault of their own, mess, dirt and a considerable amount of pet hair can be spread throughout your humble abode.

1. Make Regular Grooming a Part of Your Dogs Routine

If you have a dog with a considerably thick coat, then grooming can significantly help to reduce the amount of hair spread throughout your property. Not only that, but professional grooming services like Heart and Paw mean that your pet will always be in clean and prim condition. By having your dog regularly washed, brushed and groomed, youre ensuring that your home is happy as well as your dog.

cavachon dog on tidy clean bed

2. Designate a Spot for Pet Cleaning

By keeping all cleaning habits dedicated to one specific place, youre avoiding dirt and mess being spread throughout your home. The best cleaning spots should ideally be near the door, so that you can attend to your dog as soon as you arrive back from a walk.

Vestibules or porches are good places to try and take care of these tasks, so make sure your dog is fully cleaned down before it steps inside your main living area. You can then keep everything yourequire in this place, such as cleaning products, a towel and its lead and collar.

3. Invest in Better Quality Cleaning Products

One of the best ways to tackle a messy pet is to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. Investing a high-powered vacuum cleaner which is targeted at pet hair can mean that your home-cleaning routine can be a lot easier.

You should also take the time to research pet cleaning products, as they will be tailored specifically for home issues with pets, such as fabric fragrances which eliminate pet odours, and high-quality cleaning products should accidents happen.

clean cavachon dog laying in a red spotty dog bed and a cath kidston pillow

4. Think Carefully About Your Home Furnishings

If youre looking for maximum ease of use as well as keeping everything clean, fabrics such as leather for your sofa as opposed to fabric can be a huge boon, as these can easily be wiped down. You may also want to consider wooden flooring instead of carpet if youre looking to have everything easily cleaned. Muddy pawprints on a wooden floor are much easier to deal with than mud soaking into a thick, light-coloured carpet.

cavachon dog wanting more pet storage

5. Incorporate Pet Storage

Dogs love to play with lots of toys and spread them evenly (and messily) around your home. If youre looking to have your home that little bit tidier, you should consider buying storage boxes to place all your pets toys and items into. This can help to keep them organised and in one place.

You can also use this as an opportunity to promote your interior design, by choosing boxes or storage options which match well with your other furniture and which complement your style.

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