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Serious About Keeping Your Home Safe?... Read This
How secure is your home? Not only do we need to protect our possessions but our families too, is yours as safe as it should be? Our homes are left unoccupied often, whether it’s when we’re at work or school or on a holiday. And so making sure they’re kept secure when we’re not around is of the utmost importance. Follow this advice and you will massively decrease your chances of a burglar entering your home.

Most Burglars Are Opportunistic
This means that most burglars target houses simply because they’re easy. Because of this, it means that taking simple measures can be enough to put off a potential thief. The risk of being caught will outweigh the potential reward of breaking in in most cases if you’ve made it more difficult for them. This could be as simple as locking doors and windows. Fitting a motion detector floodlight at the front of your house, or leaving a tv on to make it appear that someone is inside can be enough. If a burglar has decided to target your house to try their luck, any one of these things can make them feel though it’s too much of a risk and keep on walking.
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Take Extra Precautions
While many burglars are opportunistic (and using common sense can be enough to put them off) there are cases where they can be more determined. And so it’s always worth taking extra precautions too, this includes things like having a burglar alarm and CCTV fitted. These act as both deterrents, but can also help to catch a criminal if they do happen to be particularly determined. Always have a burglar alarm professionally fitted, and with CCTV do your research.

Find out the best home surveillance cameras to give you peace of mind. You’ll want something that has good night vision, and ideally, can be streamed to an app on your mobile phone. Other precautions you could take include using timer switches for lamps and televisions whenever you’re not at home. And making sure that your windows and doors are of the best quality which will make it more difficult for them to be kicked in or jimmied open.
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Use Common Sense
In many cases a burglar will walk right through an empty door, or climb through an open window. If you’re leaving your house for any amount of time, always make sure it’s locked and secure behind you. The same applies with leaving spare keys; a burglar will know all of the places to look despite how clever you think you’ve been.

Don’t leave keys or car keys on hooks or side tables by your front door either. A burglar will be able to hook these through the letterbox with no hassle, giving them full access to both your house and car. Another thing to be aware of is gardens and sheds. Make sure there are no tools left out. Not only will expensive tools be taken, but to make matters worse, they could even be used to gain access to your home. Things like ladders and crowbars will make a burglar's job even quicker and easier. Have everything locked up in a sturdy shed or garage, and fitted with a good quality padlock.

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