Happy House Christmas Part 3

I would like to wish all of my Friends, Family and Followers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

I am a bit late with this...but I had no time to spare these last few days...I will let you know all about that in my next post...but until I can write that, I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Holidays!!

I have added the rest of my Happy House Christmas pictures...I hope you like them!

Rustic Farmhouse Style

Creating Rustic Farmhouse style in your Home

Now is the best time to recreate a rustic look at home. With the weather and the lack of sunlight, you want the house to feel as cosy and as comfortable as possible. Without a doubt, the king of rural design is the farmhouse look. The name may suggest you need a particular property to pull it off, but the fashion is about the interior. Get the inside just right and it will feel as if you are in your very own manor with the livestock just outside the door. With that in mind, this is what you need to consider.

Wordless Wednesday

For people who just love the pictures!
(Pictures have been taken from my home in 2017!)

Happy House Christmas Part 2

 scnadi santa display
Well it's getting a bit close to Christmas now and I am far from being ready! Ok so the Christmas Decorations are up, but I haven't wrapped a single pressie!...and to think I started buying presents in September...you can imagine how many there are now! I started buying them then, because I wanted to be prepared!...I keep joking that I will probably be wrapping them all up on Christmas Eve...but I actually now think, I might be, EeK!

Solutions To Everyday Family Life

Solutions To Everyday Family Life: A Technological Approach

A foolish thing to say, would be to say that the digital age is coming. Not that the sentiment is wrong, but it would probably be safe to say that we are currently well into the digital age. Just about everyone and their grandmother carries some sort of technology on them at all times, be it a phone or a tablet, a smartwatch, or maybe a laptop tucked away in the bag somewhere.

Past Christmas Inspirations

Tunnocks Teacakes

This is a post from the Archives that I thought I would share with you again...to give you some Christmas Inspiration... I hope you enjoy it !...More Christmas Posts coming soon...

Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their next-year nuptial plans recently, and I am thrilled to pieces about it!

Modern Victorian Style...So Chic!

modern victorian interior decor

I don't know whether I have been watching too much Grand Designs lately but I am loving the Modern Victorian look...You know what I mean don't you? This kinda thing...

Do We need a Garage?

TGA Harley Davidson Scooter
I know I keep harping on about what I want attached to my house lately...but I am thinking aloud here and thought I would share my thoughts with all of you!

You may or may not know that I had a garage at my old Cottage, for which I used to store a multitude of things in! some of which I should of really got rid of years ago...! But these days instead of storing a car in our garages we tend to park the car outside the house and store all of our sh*t in there instead lol!

A Garden Room Please Santa!

G B C Group garden house office

Father Christmas...I have been a really good girl this year! So please may I have a garden room so that I can use it as my Happy Hideaway all through the Summer months and beyond! Oh yes and please could it be ready built and can you plonk it at the back of my garden all painted and fixed together for me, as there is just no way I will be able to do it myself! Thank you...Love Happy

Hahaha! If only that were to become true! But it is a garden house/office call it what you like, that I would totally love for my garden next year, especially like the one above!

Happy Birthday Surprise at the Shard

professional picture of the shard
Freddy decided to surprise me for my Birthday last week and after days of teasing me about going up in a wind tunnel (my worst fear!) he announced (on my actual Birthday December 2nd) that he was taking me to The Shard for Afternoon Tea!  As you can imagine I was so excited and went off shopping with Rosie to get me an outfit to wear!...and I bagged this lil dress from New Look UK in the Sale for half price! but as I am an old gal now!...I teamed it with some black leggings and black suede boots...and boy did I feel good!  Rosie took a picture of us both before we left! Don't we scrub up well!

Boom! How To Save Like A Superhero

How to be a super saver
Are you prone to an impulse buy or do you waste too much money? If so, it’s time to follow in the footsteps of superheroes and adopt some superhuman saving strategies.
Did you know that the average Brit spends more than £400 on impulse buys every year? (I think it might be a bit more where I am concerned! EeK!) If this problem sounds familiar...

Hello From Bella Rose

Bella the fluffy Cavachon

Hello there everyone...

My Name is Bella and I am a Cavachon...I know I look like a cutey lil teddy bear! But I am a King Charles Spaniel mixed with a Bijon Frise....aren't I just the cutest fur baby that you ever did see? Well apart from your fur babies of course! woof woof!

Wordless Wednesday

vintage sewing patterns and red rose tablecloths

Congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan

Harry loves Meghan

I am so happy I could burst!

I know everyone in the world now knows about Prince Harry and Meghan, but I just had to blog about it!  As you know I love the Royal family and all of that and this News is so wonderful, it brightened my day Yesterday!...I even shed a few Happy tears!

A Happy House Christmas

christmas cushions

Its getting very near to december and here in the happy house we have been getting the place all decorated for the holiday season...This year above all years, I have really noticed the dark nights and I hate them! I suppose it is because I have more to do in my day...and I need the light to do them!   Gardening has become a true love of mine as is visiting my Mum, we have such a lovely relationship now and I want to go and visit her often...

Were you hit by Photobuckets Fail!

Lucille Ball feeling sad about photobucket

Were you hit by this ugly label on your blog during the summer?

Yes what a blooming problem this has been and what an ugly piece of kit to be on your blog!
You probably know what caused it...Photobucket decided to be greedy and wanted everyone that used their hosting to pay for it!  And a pretty penny it was too! Something like £350 for the year!

Happy 10th Birthday Happy Loves Rosie

happy loves rosie is 10 years old

Before I even start talking about Christmas, I have got to mention something which happened earlier in the year and that is!...it was my blogs birthday!!  Yes Happy Loves Rosie was 10 years old in June! see first post Here. I had always meant to celebrate it...but what with all the busy days I have had this year I just didn't get 'a round to it'!...HaHaHa...remember these things...My Nan had one of those!

Why I deleted the G Plus System from my Blog

Why I deleted the G+ Commenting System from my Blog

I have been rather detached from the blogging community  lately and couldn’t really understand why my usual blog friends weren’t commenting on my blog posts...I just thought it was because there were so many blogs out there now and that there was so much choice for people to read!  Comments from like minded people mean a lot to me...back in the day when I first started blogging, the comments were strong...it felt like my extended family, the people that liked what I liked and every time I went out and about I took my camera with me to show my friends what I was up to...It was so fun and enjoyable.

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Since I have changed my hair colour from red to grey, I feel like I am a new person...When I had the red hair, because it was so vibrant, I felt like I had to always be bright and cheerful myself! Oh don’t get me wrong! I actually loved being that happy person, dressing in bright and happy colours and decorating my home in that way, but now I feel I have entered a new phase in my life...if I was writing a book, it would be called a new chapter…

1950's Interior Design Ideas

The 1950’s was an incredible period for interior design, a period which today many of us still love and enjoy. With some ideas of how to decorate, or even tweak your home, you can enjoy the stylish and gracious living which we all associate with this era.

Make Recycling Super Simple: 3 Key Tips


Recycling is one of the best ways to help the environment these days. Turning old items into new items rather than creating new items from scratch saves energy and resources in the long run. Our resources are limited, so looking at ways to do this is always going to be important!

Designing A Relaxing Bathroom

Designing A Relaxing Bathroom: Expert Advice You Can't Ignore
Would you like to turn your bathroom into a place of tranquillity and sanctuary? Do you struggle to unwind in the tub at the moment? Then you’ll want to consider some of the expert suggestions from this post. None of these ideas should break the bank or require a lot of effort. So, nothing should stand in the way of you achieving your goal.

Bathroom Revamp: From Dreary to Divine

Is it time your bathroom had a make-over? If don’t enjoy spending much time in your bathroom, something has to change. It’s easy to overlook the bathroom because other rooms in the home are often given higher priority. But, your bathroom should be somewhere that helps you to relax after the stresses of the day. If you don’t feel like it’s your haven, perhaps it’s time to make some tweaks. Here’s how to convert your boring bathroom into a luxury, modern sanctuary.

Getting Married? What about the Invites!

If you have been lucky enough to of been proposed to this year and are at a loss on where to start with your wedding plans?... why not try looking at pictures in magazines!...it's a good place to start!...filling your head with ideas is a brilliant way of getting your creative juices flowing.

Cleaning Out A Storage Cupboard

So we all can admit that there’s a cupboard in our house that we throw everything in when we don’t know where to put anything else. Yet, that means we can lose track of some pretty valuable stuff. So it’s time to fight through the possible dust layers and cluttered floors to find things again. Here’s a few tips on what to do to sort out a store cupboard, which can be so much denser than anywhere else in your home.

It's Time to Reclaim Your Junk Room

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home where you have more bedrooms than you need for your family to live comfortably, the last thing you should be doing is using that extra space as a place to store your collective junk! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what so many of us do, and it means we are missing out on more living space, and in many places, actually paying over the odds for a storage space. What a waste.

5 Tips to Help with the Moving Out Process

moving home post 2.jpg

5 Tips to Help with Moving Out Process

It’s time to move out but you just don’t know where to start! This is a common dilemma of people who are moving out of for the first time. Sometimes even those with experiences in moving still feel overwhelmed with all the tasks involved in it. Those who would like some help with the process may want to put these tips into use.

My Top 10 Bargain Hunting Haunts

I love shopping don’t you?  It’s just the best thing to do with your spare time isn’t it! And what with the Bank Holiday coming up, some of us will have some spare time to bag those bargains!  

I am always on the lookout for a bargain and I have my favourite haunts to go and get them too! So I thought I would share with you my top ten list of favourite shopping destinations and perhaps you can also share yours in the comment section below…

Designing The Perfect Children's Garden

So You Want To Design The Perfect Children's Garden?

All parents want their kids to spend time outside with mother nature. However, a significant percentage of them prefer to sit inside and damage their eyes playing computer games. That is something all responsible mothers and fathers need to change as soon as possible. Sometimes making the garden a little more exciting for the little ones can encourage them to get some fresh air from time to time. Considering that, there are some ideas on this page designed to give parents some inspiration. Use them as the starting point, and then develop a plan based on the tastes of the child.

Modern Victorian Home Decor

Modern Victorian Home Decor? It Can Be Done!

There are so many things to love about Victorian home decor. It can feel ridiculously lavish and cosy. However, at times it can look a little outdated. This is why more and more people are opting for the modern Victorian style of decorating their home. This allows for more of a modern appeal while keeping the Victorian coziness intact. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this look with your home!

Add Modern Minimalist Style to Your Home

Add some Minimilistic Style to Your Home with These Ideas
Minimalist style is very popular in the world of home decor right now, so maybe it’s time for you to try it out too. If you haven’t tried anything like this before, you should start small by adding a little minimalist style to your home. The ideas that you’ll find below offer ideal places to start, so read on now.

Happy's New Garden Part 2

happy vintage caravan in my previous garden

So this year I knew I wanted to landscape the garden, so I bought tools especially for the job...Yes I had been overdosing on gardening programs and I had a few tools to get on my list...So armed with a spade, a fork and an edge cutter [all bought from the Boot fairs that we go too] I decided to get cracking! I marked a line out with some string all the way to the bottom of the garden and rather than do it like they say...I thought I would improvise and stick old knives intermittently down the garden twisting the string around each knife so it was taught! Haha! I thought...there’s the right way...and the bodged Happy way!

Fun Design Details For Your Period Property

If you’re lucky enough to live in a pre-war abode; your house is likely to be full of period character and charm, not to mention some high ceilings (unless you’re in a beautiful cottage; mind your head). If you love your interior design; you’ll probably be decorating to enhance and reflect your environment and the era your home was built. However, it’s often the little details that people can forget, and these can make all the difference. The following are some areas of your period property to consider and advice to help put the design details in for a considered and inviting space.

How to Run a Low-Effort Household

Less is More: How to Run a Low-Effort Household

Do you feel like you put a lot of effort into running your home only to find that you have little time leftover for anything else? It’s a feeling that lots of people have, but you don't have to just accept that that’s the way things are. Here are some of the ways in which you can do less and achieve more when it comes to running your household in a more low-effort way. At the end of it all, you will be left with more time to do the things you love and care about.

The Lazy Gardener

[My Mother-in-Laws Patio]

The Lazy Gardener: Low-Effort Tips That Aren't Back Breaking

We all love a beautiful garden, but that doesn’t mean we are all ready to roll up our sleeves. Some of you will hate the idea of spending the summer turning over soil and watering plants. Let’s face it - gardening is a lot of work. But, what if someone who will remain nameless told you that you could have your cake and eat it. Would you be interested? Good, because it is possible to cultivate an awesome garden even if you are a lazy gardener. All you have to do is get creative and think outside of the box. Because being creative involves being active, you might find it difficult, which is why this post is worth a read!

Happy's New Garden Part 1

[Picture of some of the items we left behind - not the enamel]

Last year not much happened in our garden really...I new that I wanted to landscape it eventually, but Freddy was still in his bed in the Living Room and the work on the lift and the wet room wasn't going to start until January 2017.

Happy Blog Posts are Back!

Hello peeps...sorry I have not been sharing my life on my blog for a while, but I have been extremely busy and didn't seem to get the time to fit everything in!...lately though, I have been getting into a better routine, I knew that once my Mum moved round the corner to me I would have less time...but I also knew that after a while we would get into a routine that works for everyone and I could start sharing my life on here again...I just hope you, my readers, still want to read what I have to say!

How To Bring Wildlife Into Your Garden

How To Bring Beautiful Floral Displays And Wildlife Into Your Garden

Adding a splash of colour is one of the most attractive techniques to breath new creativity into your garden and liven up your home in the process. Vibrant tones give the impression of brightness and tap into the energy of mother nature to express the jovial voice of spring and summer. The sun rebounds of your garden with a sublime attitude escorting shy neutrals away from the mundane spectrum and out into the wild, loud and proud.

How To Feel Great: Life Hacks For When You're Just Not Feeling Your Best

We’ve all experienced it.

It catches us unawares in the moments where we least expect it. That nagging sensation that everything’s just not okay. It manifests in different ways for different people. Some people feel tired, sluggish and struggle to get motivated, others become irritable and lash out at the ones they love. Whenever and however it presents itself, we all feel now and then that we’re not at all ourselves. Often we’ve been too busy caught up in the day-to-day of our busy lives that we’ve hardly stopped to notice it, but it’s there.

How to pretty up your Garden


If you’re looking at your garden thinking about how you could do a lot more with it to pretty it up a little, but aren’t sure where to start - here are some simple ideas that can make a big difference.

Remove the weeds

Weeds can be incredibly annoying because you can remove them as much as you like, but they will eventually return with a vengeance. They have the ability to make a whole garden look messy, so make sure you keep on top of them. Pull them out from the roots and/or cover them in boiling water. They will eventually shrivel up and die, without harming the area like certain weed killers can do.

Make Your Garden Magical This Summer

Designing and owning a magical home space is often something we as parents dream of, but it’s much harder to implement in reality. This almost goes without saying. We can imagine the Disney princesses of fame having to maintain the golden gardens they usually achieve at the end of their tales, and the fantasy usually falls.

Prepare For Your Children's Summer Campout!


Prepare Your Garden for Your Children's Summer Campout!

It’s official - this summer is going to be better than ever. At least that’s what the forecasts are saying. No matter what you hope to do with this time, there has never been a summer with more inherent beauty (and intense heat!) than this one. Making the most of it is important.

An A to Zzz for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

 From A to Zzz: Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Good Night's Sleep
We spend more than a third of our entire lives asleep. For something so necessary and so time-consuming, you’d think the average person would know a whole lot more about a good night’s kip than they seem to. Sleep is a vital indicator of health and wellbeing. So, to live a healthy and happy lifestyle it is almost essential that we understand sleep, know our own sleep cycles and habits and do everything in our power to make sure that we and the people we love have sufficient and good quality sleep. Here’s everything you could wish to know on the topic!

Create a Low-Maintenance Garden!

When people think of perfect gardens, they often think of astonishingly beautiful and elaborate gardens. While these are the gardens that really catch the eye and inspire the imagination, there is a big problem: they’re the kind of garden that needs tending to on an almost daily basis!

Super Simple Office Cut Backs

Where there are highs in our businesses there will also inevitably be some lows, from time to time. No business is immune from a few dry spells here and there and when those times crop up it’s essential that we know exactly what to do. There are many ways to make simple cut backs, either when going through times of financial difficulty or whether just looking to tighten things up a little. Here are our top ways of doing just that.

How You Can Own A Home!

If you want to make a really good decision for your future - or the future of your family - start seriously thinking about buying your own home. This might be a home that becomes the base for your family, or it might be something you rent out to give your family another source of finance through rental income and investing.

Can Your Home Be Beautifully Minimalist?

A lot of people really like the idea of going minimalist with their household. Of course, you may not be too familiar with minimalism! Put simply, it’s creating a home that isn’t loaded with unnecessary stuff. It also tends to feature pretty smooth and simple design. It helps people bring a sense of calm to their home. A lot of people are attracted to a more minimalist approach to their home, but they also think that it’s quite a lot of work. After all, it’s not quite as simple as stripping away everything you don’t want!

So here’s a quick guide that will help you get started. If you’re interested in bringing minimalism to your home, this is a must-read.

Melted Crayon Art

We all have fond memories of drawing all sorts of pictures with wax crayons, but these days we’re a bit old for playing with them aren’t we? You’re never too old to create something amazing out of crayons, but there are better ways to do it than just drawing. Melted wax crayon art is easy and cheap to make, and it makes for great decoration. Follow these simple steps and you can make your own at home.