Do We need a Garage?

TGA Harley Davidson Scooter

I know I keep harping on about what I want attached to my house lately…but I am thinking aloud here and thought I would share my thoughts with all of you!

You may or may not know that I had a garage at my old Cottage, for which I used to store a multitude of things in! some of which I should of really got rid of years ago…! But these days instead of storing a car in our garages we tend to park the car outside the house and store all of our sh*t in there instead lol!

Well I was definitely one of those people and when we moved, we had to leave a lot of things behind as we were happy hoarders of the serious kind!  at first I didnt really miss it…but now two years into living without one…I am starting to miss it badly!

My Freddy, being in a wheelchair, now has lots of different gadgets for getting around in! and we have a problem Houston! Where the hell do we store them all!

He has a Harley Davidson style Scooter (Pic above)…A couple of discarded wheelchairs and two Electric wheelchairs…all of which we need to keep!…just in case there is a malfunction on one or the other!

If they aren’t being stored in the car…we have them indoors…and it is starting to get rather crowded…I mean Freddy needs the space at home to move around in freely…at the moment, he is forever banging into things…we have cupboard doors hanging off and held together with nails…we have corners of walls chipped…and the list goes on!

Of course it doesn’t help, the fact that we seem to be morphing in to our old happy hoarding ways again! So I really need me some extra garagey type storage Pronto!

So! How do we fix this!

My friend suggested Lidget Compton Concrete Garages they have all types of buildings to suit different budgets and might just be the kind I am looking for…

Although I would prefer something like this…it’s just not going to happen!

Lidget Compton Garages

So I thought perhaps more in keeping with the size of the garden like this for instance…

Lidget Compton Concrete Garages

Thing is I would need a wide door, but flat to the ground to aid easy access…I have also thought of doing something like this (below) for we have a side gate and just about as much room as in the picture…but I wonder whether this will be safe enough and also it would probably drive me mad unparking everything to get to the vehicle he needed!

I like the look of this (below)…but I would probably need a few of them! and a higher room…Just anything to make our life a little easier…


So I have decided!…We definitely need another outbuilding in our garden! something else to save up for in the new year then! 😉 

Thanks for reading my thoughts gals and guys…Have you got any plans for the New Year?

Do you need any building work done?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below…I love hearing from you all.

Love Happy x

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