christmas decor with cars and plants

I thought I would bring you a Little Drop of Happy Christmas Cheer,  Freddy and I have been putting up Christmas decorations since we got back from Norway, (I will blog about that soon) You see we found a couple of Charity shops whilst we were there, curtesy of our lovely friends that we met on holiday Christine and Mark.  They actually found the shops when we were visiting Stavanger, which was the last part of our trip to Norway!…And we were so grateful to them, because they had found two charity shops, one dedicated completely to Christmas and the other for homewares etc.

christmas decor

Our little christmas elf on the shelf is from Norway

They had both been very good and had only bought a couple of Gonks…us on the other hand went completely and utterly over the top!  not thinking at all how we was going to get everything home with us!  But it has never stopped us before and I don’t think it will ever, because Freddy and I love a bit of shopping, especially second hand shopping!  Just look at our decor!  We are maximilists and proud!

christmas decor
Mr and Mrs Christmas we bought in Tromso and the hanging heart pockets are from the charity shop 

Everything in Norway was expensive, so it was a breath of fresh air buying things in these two shops.  The prices were really low, kind of like what our charity shops used to be like before Ebay, so it wasn’t really a surprise when our bill came to £139.00! Lol!  and by the time everything was packed in paper and shoved into bags (14 bags to be exact!) Freddy’s wheelchair was loaded up beyond belief! lol!  Trust us!  I was carrying quite a few bags as well, but what a brilliant time we had…we were like kids in a candy shop…the Norwegians really do have good taste and the Charity shop had not long been open, so they had saved up all their best things….it was just brilliant!

christmas decor

So you will see quite a lot of bits and pieces in my pictures here from the Norwegian Charity shop.  We did decide at first to not bother getting our decorations down from the loft this year…so a sparse Nordic style Christmasicon tree was purchased and erected…but it is not my favourite tree that we have ever had and now I wish that I had put up my lovely tree that we used last year…but you live and you learn don’t you!

christmas decor

That lovely wood snowflake with the polar bear on top is from the Norwegian Charity shop

We did get more things down from the loft in the end thanks to Jamie, Rosie’s Fiance,  He really is so caring and helpful, I really do not know that I would do without him.  Nothing is any trouble and he goes out of his way to help us…what with me and my problems and Freddy in his wheelchair and what with his heart problems and the like we really do need someone to help us occasionally and Jamie always comes to our rescue…Rosie has definitely found a good guy there and we all love him like one of our own…

vintage christmas decorations

Our little elf and santa are from the charity shop

vintage christmas decorations

The little felt doll is from the Charity shop

Mr and Mrs Christmas ornaments from Norway
Mr & Mrs Christmas we bought in Tromso Norway

Jolly vintage Christmas decorations

The white haired christmas ‘Gonk’ style doll is from the charity shop

We are also a lover of those fake candles, they are so much safer than real ones, as I am so clumsy and would definitely of had an accident by now if they were real by setting a few of my jumpers and hair alight!  EeK!  They look so real don’t they and run on batteries, we have bought quite a few of those and the ones we bought in Norway, go off after a few hours which is brilliant as if you are the last to go to bed like me, you can spend a few hours just turning all the lights out lol!

vintage christmas decorations

That’s all for now folks,  I have more pictures to show you but I am going to save those until I have written my post about our holiday to Norway,  I hope you are all well and keeping warm in this rather Freezing cold snap…My feet seem to be freezing all the time I just can’t get them warm no matter what I try! Any Ideas?

Bye for now xx

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