My New Living Room Decor

happy new dresser decor fun

Well here it is…the long awaited arrival of my new living room decor.  I have tinkered about with it most of last year, putting away all bright colours and quirky collectibles. I have also given quite a lot away to the charity shops and feel all the better for it too.  Not so much clutter in my brain! and much easier to do the house work.

Stormtrooper and Mary

I still like quirky…oh yes don’t get me wrong there, memories of my cheeky Nanny Hilda are still in me, don’t you worry about that!  But it has been lovely to go out into the world and buy something modern for a change rather than just sticking to vintage all the time! and you know how much vintage I had Phew I could of filled up the Albert Hall with it all lol!

faux botanicals and mid century ornaments

I have always loved texture, pattern and design so it has been really enjoyable finding everything to fit with fresh eyes, it has all been so exhilarating for me and trying out new colours…You know I would of never picked mustard as a colour…but just a little here and there looks really nice…adding a few of my vintage pieces that I can’t bare to get rid of here and there with the modern pieces and some pink ( I am very in to pink at the moment!) makes my heart sing!

mid century happy modern

I had a big cull of old furniture, taking falling apart old dressers and cupboards into the garden…and rather than get ‘rid’ (they are still in the garden! it looks a bit like Steptoe & Sons out there lol!) I have incorporated some into the garden and will be planting them up in the warmer months…Roll on Spring!  I have even made one of the old cupboards into a composter at the back of my garden! Clever me ay! waste not want not!

cactus ornament

I did think about getting some new furniture, but in the end moved ours around (yes we still had enough after ‘The Cull’ !) and now the room is nice and spacious and easy for Freddy to get around in his wheelchair without knocking in to anything!  Which is so needed, as I call his electric wheelchair EMU of the Rod Hull variety!…You just never know where he is going in that thing…it’s toe curling when he drives by lol!

happy modern and vintage style

As you can see from the picture above, we have kept our vintage large hall table, that Freddy bought from a Bootsale a couple of years ago…being in a wheelchair doesn’t stop him from buying anything big! luckily we have a few good friends that we hang around with and they took it home for us…and anything big that we have bought in the past, that needs to go upstairs, we have the lift remember! so that takes all the hard graft out for me…humping large items up the stairs is not good for me!

Frida Khalo Print

We have always loved Frida Khalo, she is so inspirational and for a long time I have been looking for a print that I was happy with…so as you can imagine we were so delighted when we came across this one on Etsy…I love modern prints and this one brings a little yellow with the pink…bringing the colours of the Living room all together…one of my favourite finds of the year this was!

vintage meets modern

I love this website, Dunelm...It’s a one stop shop for everything Home orientated, that you could ever want…I have found so many things that I want to buy in this place…Check out these dining chairs for instance! I just love all the choice they have and most of them are so reasonable, there is a price bracket for everyone and the choice online is fantastic!

J H Lynch Print meets BUDDHA

I have managed to buy back my J H LYNCH print from Rosie! lol! Yes it was a print I bought years ago, that I let her have…it fitted in so well with my new Living Room decor, so I had to literally buy it back from her…well we actually did a trade! she liked a few new pieces that I had newly bought…pictures and some ornaments…so she took those and I was able to take MY (lol) picture back for the Living Room…She is an expert at wheeling and dealing Hahaha!

french blue bowls and glass decanter

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures…I hope you like my new style.  However it is always changing, each new item that we buy and is placed somewhere, creates a new display, but as my Mum always say’s ‘One in and One out!’ Well I try to live by those standards now, but it is very hard when you have been a hoarder all your life…

faux botanicals

But as I have said before, I am really enjoying decorating this modern house of ours and slowly but surely it is all coming together…I am loving the Greenery too!  it’s like living in a greenhouse, some plants are faux botanicals and some are the real mc’coys.  I just have to remember to water the right ones!

vintage suitcase and mid century modern ornaments

vintage postcards and french enamel

happy loves rosie new style

I hope you like my new living room decor!  Have you changed your style lately?

Bye for now my lovely peeps…

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