Modern Victorian Home Decor? It Can Be Done!

There are so many things to love about Victorian home decor. It can feel ridiculously lavish and cosy. However, at times it can look a little outdated. This is why more and more people are opting for the modern Victorian style of decorating their home. This allows for more of a modern appeal while keeping the Victorian coziness intact. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this look with your home!

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Mixing Both Modern Styles And Victorian Styles
‘Modern Victorian’ is basically an eclectic mix of both modern styles that you love and Victorian styles that you love - it’s that simple. If you live in a Victorian home, you probably crave a few modern aspects that can enhance your home. If you live in a modern home, then you might want to emulate a few Victorian features that can be hard to come by.

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By carefully mixing these two styles together in a way you're really happy with, you can create your very own version of ‘Modern Victorian’. This design must be well thought out, and is so much more than different aspects of each style haphazardly thrown together.

Knowing a few of the key things you can pair together is important. You could mix fireplaces from the Victorian era with a statement sofa in a modern chevron fabric. You could use plastic/steel chairs and an ancient wooden table, or even upholster a Victorian piece of furniture with a more modern print. These mixtures will help you to create a style statement and tell people a bit about the modern designs/Victorian antiques that you love.

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Add A Bit Of Craftsman Personality The Victorians loved things that were ornately carved with intricate detail. However, adding things like crown molding, wainscoting, and wall panels to your home isn’t the easiest. Of course they will help to add Victorian character, but they will take time, money, and effort to get right. Instead, it may be easier to include ornately carved wooden furniture. Something hand-carved out of mahogany, oak, or walnut will fit in very well. It’s a great way to add some Victorian quality without renovating your home.
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Think Of Color-Themed Rooms

You would be hard pressed to travel back to Victorian times and find a room painted white. They were not afraid of color in Victorian times! Colors like green, red, and blue were very popular. Although the colors may not have been as bright as the ones we use today, having more of a dusty feel, they used color absolutely everywhere. If you want to keep things modern, you can use a color from a heritage paint line on one wall of your home, adding an accent rather than full on color.

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On top of the tips above, make sure you don’t forget the little details that will make a world of difference to your modern-Victorian decor. Ornate furniture, paintings, and knick knacks were everywhere. Take a look online for a little inspiration so that you get a feel for the right mix you need in your home. Have fun!

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