Copyright in the UK – How To Protect Your Work

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Copyright laws in the UK are relatively well known. Following the explosion of online content, everyone seems to be at least vaguely familiar with when and how you would be breaking these laws. Of late, however, I have noticed a growing trend of people who don't seem to be as knowledgeable when it comes to actually copyrighting their work in the first place; and just because it's yours, doesn't mean somebody else can't take it. Here's how to ensure your work is protected.
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Copyright Symbols

Whatever it is your looking to copyright, the simplest way to ensure it remains yours is to include the copyright symbol (©), your name and the year of publication at the foot of every web page. For example, simply writing something like “Copyright © John Smith 2014” will actually prove to be a legally binding notice of copyright should somebody steal a photograph of your production, a piece of text or anything displayed on the copyrighted page.
Terms of Use

Next, another good way to ensure your work is appropriately copyrighted is to include a Terms of Use section on your website, whereby you state explicitly that the work contained is not for reproduction. Simply include a few choice legal phrases to make it clear that you own the work. These include the no-frills “All rights reserved,” for a basic warning, or include something like “any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will infringe copyright” to be explicitly clear. 
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Digital Protection

The final tip is to attach some form of digital protection to your work. Especially valid in the cases of photographs, digitally watermarking your images will mean that the copyright information is embedded into the pixels of the image. While the image will show up clear on your site, if it is reproduced elsewhere the watermark will appear alongside all of the relevant copyright information. Other examples of digital protection also include using password protected PDFs or encrypting files. Unfortunately, however, the use of these will mean that only select people with the correct credentials can access your work.
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What to do if someone steals your work?

Now, as long as you have applied at least some of the above advice to your work, it is, in theory, fully copyright protected. This means that the moment somebody reproduces it, you have every right to exhaust all of the legal alleyways at your disposal.

If you're happy with the website by simply removing the image, the best course of action would be to courteously email the website and request them to take it down. In the case that they don't reply or refuse, however, contact the webhoster. These can range from WordPress to Blogger, and as long as you can prove that it is your content displayed they will swiftly remove it.

If you want to take it a step further, though, and seek financial reparations for the theft of your intellectual property, then first take counsel from an experienced legal team, such as that on offer over at Coles Solicitors. In this event, you will again need to prove that the image is yours, as well as providing evidence of all of the steps you took to make it clear that the content was copyrighted.

Happy House Collectables

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I have been collecting bright and happy ornaments for a nearly all of my married life, I am lucky that I have a hubby that also loves this bright and whimsy style...
sindy pram and kewpie
 This October we will have been married 27 years and in that time we have accumulated quite a lot of things...we have moved quite a few times too each time upsizing and once downsizing to where we are now....and for me it is hard to part with the things that I love even though it is necessary when you have hardly any room to store them.
spotty milk jug
These are new pictures of some of my latest and oldest finds...I have done some re-arranging in my Cold House and I thought I would share the new pictures with you...
box brownie vintage buttons
When collecting old vintage pieces...just go with what you love, there is always something that draws you to a piece, it might be something that you remember from your past, a certain colour that attracts you....or something that is very tactile...all in all, if you love it and it is within your budget...just go for it!
vintage craft jars
Sometimes I think to myself...Why!!!! did I buy that! and then I get home and it fits in perfectly with my other things...and I realise why! you have to go with your sixth know that feeling...its an excitable feeling and you just have to have it!
vintage deer french enamel
Be confident in your taste and style...don't be put off by a friend saying OMG fancy buying that! Just think to yourself that you are an individual and this goes for everything in your life...don't be shy to say that you like something, especially when buying things for you home...this way you can create such an individual home...people visit mine and love to talk about all the things that we have collected over the's like a kitsch vintage homage to our memories of 48 years on this planet...and I love everything in it!
vintage buttons and crinoline doll
So in other words, be brave my lovely friends, decorate your home with the things you love, although vintage is better, shops like Cath Kidston, who sells modern vintage and Happy Loves Rosie, my own shop that will be stocked soon with more vintage goodness! can really help you with that bright and happy style that we have created in our home...

Have fun with your decorating and if you want to share any pictures of your style,
 come and visit me on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

What vintage finds have you found tell!


Just letting you know...that I am still up...infact I have been up all night watching 'Scotland decides' on TV and I am proud to announce that they have voted NO! 

  Yay! I am so pleased...this means the United Kingdom will stay United...
The 'Better together' campaign has won...
Good 'ole Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown!

Although now, this means BIG changes for the UK, at least it will better the Country overall, which seems much fairer to me...

I'm of to bed now at 5.30 am...see you at tea time ;)


greetings from scotland
Today, Scotland decides whether to stay part of the United Kingdom!
There has been a lot of debate on the Television and on the radio and at first I thought...oh well if they want to leave us...then good riddance! But the more I have listened to the for's and the against's...and believe me I have watched a lot of the discussions on TV...I can kind of understand why they might want to vote to leave us!
cheeky scots kilt postcard cameron higlanders postcard
The Government that we have at the moment is laughable...even in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, most of the people are fed up with I can see the allure of breaking away from us and starting a fresh...our laws are archaic and we need to change them for a changing society.
good luck westie dogs
The last election we had recently a lot of people voted for Nick Farage and UKIP...thus showing that the people of the United Kingdom are fed up with the current parties and what they have to offer...It's difficult times at the is tight, more people are poor, kids can't get a foot on the property again I can understand them wanting to break away and try to sort out their own is a very difficult situation...and this day has been a long time coming! but alas here it is!
funny scottish postcard scottish boy christmas card
 Watching all the debates on TV recently though has made me very sad indeedy!
I know Scotland is not going to float away for us never to see them again...but the thought that they might vote YES feels me with horror, even though I have said I understand their feelings!

gordon highlanders bagpipes postcard
We have been a United Kingdom for 300 years now...Never have we had something so Enormous that will change our history forever in my lifetime...I hope that we do stay together and the NO campaign wins...surely if we stay together, we can change together and be a better country for it....

When couples have a row, its like clearing the air...good comes from it...let's hope that this row can all blow over and we can discuss where we went wrong and learn from it...making the United Kingdom a better country to live in for all....

 I know it would break the Queen's heart if there was to be a break up
and the Union Jack would look so bland!

What are your views on this subject?


tommy homeprides book
Well gals it looks like summer is nearly over!
 I don't know about you, but I have had cold feet and have had to put on a cardigan and some socks this week!

retro kitsch bluebird collectables
Usually I don't feel the I suffer from the dreaded hot flushes...!
but could this be a sign that at last my menopause is on its way out!
(Please please please lets hope it is lol)
cute deers and enid blyton vintage books
Our summer has been a lovely one...I have been out on lots of day trips with my Mum, we visited Bourton-on-water for the day! I know! what a long way that was...5 hours there and 5 hours back again...but it was still a lovely day, the trip was broken up with a visit to a garden center...a cup of tea and a lovely piece of cake...which went down rather lovely may I say!...
roberts radio cath kidston wallpaper
We have had trips to the Theatre and to the beach, Southend on Sea, Margate and also Brighton...all of the trips were lovely days, all arranged by my lovely Mumma, (you know she is 84 and is still arranging outings and festivities for her WHSmith retirement Group!) she is Marvelous ain't she!
vintage roses
I have fought a loosing battle with the Caravan and the Garden this summer...
As for the Caravan, (white one not the green one) well I have cleaned it up, but still not painted it...I might actually sell it next Spring...its just a redundant space at the moment...and my electricity bill since my Daz has moved out has been halved,..he used to use this van like his own living room, so all through the year he either had a fan or the heater on in there! (I really miss him though :()
vintage camera case and cloth bag
and as for the garden....
I employed a couple of gardeners...that I might rename as choppers! yes that's it!
I employed a couple of choppers to do the garden for me...what a mug I was!
Nearly £200 later...(over a course of a few weeks) I wished that I had of done it myself!
what a pair of wally's they were indeedy!

chop chop chop a kid could of done a better I sacked them and now my garden is more overgrown than ever lol!...Oh well I'm not going to fret over it...
retro wallpaper and lamp
I hope you have all had a lovely summer...what have you been up to?
Are you feeling the weather changing?
Have you turned the heating on yet?

Bye for now.