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If you have a have a garden that you have been neglecting for a while, then we’re going to share some tips for fun ways that you can makeover your garden, without having to spend massive amounts of money or going over the top with the renovations – no matter what kind of space and budget you’re working with.

Of course, some of these tips will cost more money than others, and the whole point is to give you ideas for what you can do if you perhaps hadn’t thought of any of these ways of making over your garden.

You’ll also certainly not try all of them, so it’s really up to you which ones you choose to go with for your garden, since you’ll know best what will work there.

Build a decking area

A decking area can be a great addition to any garden, and are perfect if you’re looking to section different parts of your garden – for example, if you want to keep your decking area completely free for entertaining or sunbathing, then you could add something like a fence with acoustic fence panels so that you’re maintaining your privacy without disturbing your neighbours. These are also a good alternative if you don’t have a lot of grass. You could also add a barbeque area on the decking to keep it away from the main garden, and if you want to raise the decking, it can be a lovely place to relax and look at the beautiful garden you have.

Add a vegetable or herb garden

These are a great addition to any garden and especially if you’re someone who enjoys eating healthy and enjoying fresh produce, then there’s really very little more satisfying than going and plucking your own home grown tomatoes and adding them to a delicious and fresh salad. Or adding some vibrant herbs to a hearty winter soup. Maintaining a vegetable or herb garden is something that will take work ongoing, but it’s absolutely worth it and will make you feel good each time you go out and see how it’s coming along, so you’ll be motivated to keep going with it.

Build a pool

If there’s one thing that most people would want to have in their garden, then it’s got to be a pool. However, it’s no small purchase and will take a while to get things finished, but the good news is it’s also not as expensive as it used to be. You can find swimming pools for your home’s garden in all price ranges, and in all shapes and sizes, so even if you have a smaller space to work with you’re going to be likely to find something that will work in your garden and that will really add a fun touch to your makeover.

pretty cast iron water feature

Get a water feature

Water features are always going to be a lovely addition to any garden and since they come in all kinds of styles, shapes, sizes and prices, then you’ll easily find something that you like and that works for your garden, so if you’re considering getting a water feature, but have no idea where to start or what you should be looking for, then you’ll find plenty of inspiration online to help you.

bath hot tub in pink
Add a hot tub

A hot tub is right up there along with a swimming pool for one of the things most people would love to have in their garden, so if you’re not quite ready to go for a pool – or even if you have extra space on your decking, then a hot tub could also be a great way to makeover your garden. Like pools, hot tubs are also not as expensive as they once were, and also come in a large variety of shapes and sizes so there’s really nowhere near as much restriction around this as there once was.

shabby chic garden lighting

Add nice lighting

Lighting is not just something that’s for indoors, and outdoor garden lights can really make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your garden – especially when entertaining or when enjoying your hot tub or pool You can add lights to the ground, around the decking, or even create hanging lights to give a warm and cozy glow in your garden.

Hopefully this post shows you that there are plenty of fun ways to makeover your garden that can really be done without spending obscene amounts of money or without having loads of space to play with.

Now go and get creating out there…it is beautiful weather for the time being so come back and tell me what you have done on a budget in the garden recently 🙂

*Pictures that aren’t marked are taken from my HaPpY GaRdEn IdEaS board on Pinterest.

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