Happy House Collectables

queen biscuit tin and deer ornament

I have been collecting bright and happy ornaments for a nearly all of my married life, I am lucky that I have a hubby that also loves this bright and whimsy style…
sindy pram and kewpie
This October we will have been married 27 years and in that time we have accumulated quite a lot of things…we have moved quite a few times too each time upsizing and once downsizing to where we are now….and for me it is hard to part with the things that I love even though it is necessary when you have hardly any room to store them.

spotty milk jug

These are new pictures of some of my latest and oldest finds…I have done some re-arranging in my Cold House and I thought I would share the new pictures with you…

box brownie vintage buttons

When collecting old vintage pieces…just go with what you love, there is always something that draws you to a piece, it might be something that you remember from your past, a certain colour that attracts you….or something that is very tactile…all in all, if you love it and it is within your budget…just go for it!

vintage craft jars

Sometimes I think to myself…Why!!!! did I buy that! and then I get home and it fits in perfectly with my other things…and I realise why! you have to go with your sixth sense…you know that feeling…its an excitable feeling and you just have to have it!

vintage deer french enamel

Be confident in your taste and style…don’t be put off by a friend saying OMG fancy buying that! Just think to yourself that you are an individual and this goes for everything in your life…don’t be shy to say that you like something, especially when buying things for you home…this way you can create such an individual home…people visit mine and love to talk about all the things that we have collected over the years…it’s like a kitsch vintage homage to our memories of 48 years on this planet…and I love everything in it!

vintage buttons and crinoline doll

So in other words, be brave my lovely friends, decorate your home with the things you love, although vintage is better, shops like Cath Kidston, who sells modern vintage and Happy Loves Rosie, my own shop on this site that will be stocked soon with more vintage goodness! can really help you with that bright and happy style that we have created in our home…

Have fun with your decorating and if you want to share any pictures of your style,
come and visit me on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

What vintage finds have you found lately…do tell!



  1. Holly
    29th September 2014 / 1:44 am

    Love your style so much! Even though it is not the same as ours in our home right now, I appreciate and love it so so much and I adore looking at your cheerful photos, maybe you should sell them as prints?

  2. Nancy Blue Moon
    25th September 2014 / 10:07 pm

    I love everything you do and all those wonderful goodies you have collected through the years..I only wish that there wasn't a big ocean between us sweetie..I would so love to go shopping for vintage goodies with you..and to see all of your amazing things in person would be heaven for me..Don't ever change girl..P.S…I just adore that precious little baby and stroller..

  3. Amy Jo
    25th September 2014 / 5:34 pm

    Your home always makes me smile!Blessings,Amy Jo

  4. joelynn gandolfo
    25th September 2014 / 1:59 pm

    Love your style.

  5. suzie jay sroka
    25th September 2014 / 1:54 pm

    I love all things vintage, and I can not wait to move and be sttled so i can let myself off the leash completely! I have only been playing at it so far 🙂 Love your style.. so mine! xxx

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