Decorating your Vintage Caravan

fresh flowers vintage caravan

Back when we bought our Vintage Caravan in 2009 they weren’t that popular…well people still went away on holiday in them, but people never really just bought one to have in their garden to ‘play in’! But since 2009 it has been rather a phenomenon and now peeps are buying them to decorate and use for a bit of extra space for the kids, or a craft studio, which ours was originally used for…

inside Happy's Vintage Caravan

Now, Freddy has told me that I can have it…originally it was his art studio! so just lately I have been in there, sprucing it up…you know giving it a clean and finding things that had been squirreled in there for safe keeping, for me to think that I had lost it!

Happy's green Holivan Caravan

Really the caravan lends itself to the summer months…but it is also lovely sitting in there with a nice cup of Rosey Lea and a couple of biscuits whiling away an afternoon….just reading a book or lying on the bed and listening to the radio…just getting away from the house and into that place is lovely…even just for an hour…it’s like a crafty rest on the beach or a walk in the country…just enough to give your batteries a charge…oh yes it’s still the perfect space!
vintage caravan
So just to let you know…if you are thinking of purchasing one…do it! just make sure it has no damp and no leaks…especially as we are heading for winter now…you wouldn’t want to decorate it, only to go in there to charge your batteries and everything is soaking!

outside vintage caravan

If you have a hubby that says it is not a good idea…tell him that is rubbish! especially if he has a man shed! tell him this is your space…it’s real fun decorating a caravan in your own style.  Our Holivan has got rather weathered on one side where the sun shines on it and she will have to be repainted…I managed to get a garage door paint in the same green and I will be doing that next.

vintage holivan caravan

It’s nice to get out in the garden…although this time of year there is a lot to do according to Alan Titchmarsh…but never underestimate a woman with an extremely large hedge trimmer!

inside a vintage caravan

For my other caravan {yes I have two} I have been looking at colours and have bought several paints which have all been tested in patches up the side of it…oh it does look well! I suppose eventually it will get too cold to go out there and spruce things up and that’s when ‘play’ will have to stop..but until then I am having lots of fun!

vintage caravan door

Have you bought a vintage caravan lately?
What style are you decorating it in?
What make is it?
Do tell.

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