Pretty Greetings Photoshoot

Well the day had arrived…I had washed, dusted and hoovered all on my ownio! Yes! everyone was going to help me! but when I finally decided to have a BIG clear up…everyone had made themselves scarce! typical eh!…anyway at least everything was done my way ;)Liz and Charlie arrived a little after 9am and we started by having some freshly brewed coffee and a chat before they ‘fired up the camera’!

(liz checking the pictures are just right with charlie)

 Liz bought some pretty bits and pieces with her, as she wanted to create a pretty vintage sewing style of card…and I got to work getting together all my sewing collectables….and goodness me! did we make a mess between us! lol!
oh yes…we were getting in a right ‘ole state! look at all the ornaments and flowers etc scattered around the dining room…!

Max was looking at me…as if to say! ‘Mum! why the hell did you bother to clean up! They are wrecking the house!’ 😀

Liz always brings an array of pretty flowers with her, as the range of cards that she styles for is called ‘Posies and Petals’ so naturally everything has to be styled accordingly! I popped out into the garden to photograph some of them…aren’t they divine! and what a wonderful selection!

Tulips are definitely her signature flower I think…she styles them so beautifully…I did drop a few hints about her leaving the flowers with me! but alas it didnt work 🙁 lol!…next time!

 !More mess!

 A bit of tweaking here and there and plenty more coffees and cream cakes later..IT WAS A WRAP! Finally at 5.45pm they had finshed…what a long day….but so much fun!

By the time they had left Max needed a well earned cuddle! I had been previously occupied all day…and he was feeling left out! ahh Bless!…
We all had a lovely time…Roll on the next photoshoot!

Speak soon my luverlies 🙂


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