Prepare For Your Children's Summer Campout!


Prepare Your Garden for Your Children's Summer Campout!

It’s official - this summer is going to be better than ever. At least that’s what the forecasts are saying. No matter what you hope to do with this time, there has never been a summer with more inherent beauty (and intense heat!) than this one. Making the most of it is important.

Hosting a party or simply entertaining guests could be the primary way to do this. We are social animals, and we need to have people come to our home space to feel like we occupy it right. It can help your house become a home.

But you’re fresh out of ideas. Your garden space might be looking a little worse for wear, and you might want to upgrade it to host the party to end all parties. What a beautiful way for your children to enjoy the summer with their friends and what better way could there be for you to make friends with their parents? It’s always nice to be on friendly terms with those who raise the children your child is friends with because then you can organize future memories with ease that will make their childhood amazing.
Here are a few garden hosting tips to make sure you’re fully equipped for this fantastic summer event.

Tidy The Garden
First of all, you want to keep your garden well maintained. If you’ve been doing some interior repairs or upgrades, it’s easy for you to have stocked those materials outside for the time being. A couple of planks of wood here, a bag of plaster there. Unfortunately, this can look downright messy, and makes your property seem unkempt. If children are playing in your garden, this can also be dangerous. Who’s to say you haven’t left a rusty nail here or there, or simply something sharp they could injure themselves on?

Children are forever injuring themselves in creative ways, so make sure you don’t give them any excuse to do so on an object they could legitimately experience harm from. Go over your garden with a fine toothed comb, and organize the mess effectively.

Upgrade Your Decking
It’s important to have somewhere sturdy and strong for you to host your main event. If you’re hosting a barbecue or hope to install some leveled garden furniture, consider building some DIY decking that allows you to make a full resting area in your garden, and safely avoid the uneven ground that gardens are known for. This will allow you to host the parents well as you allow your kids to have their fun.
This will allow give your home an element of class, and raise your property value. Many birds, one stone!

Host A Camp-Out
Campouts are a brilliant, yet safe way for your children to enjoy themselves with their friends and stay in nature, without having to resort to camping in an actual field. If your garden is secure, this can be a perfect way to ensure that your children have a fun time while well within the safety of your property. They’ll have facilities very close by, and this will help alleviate some of the worries they might have, but they’ll also be able to appreciate the outdoors and bond in a natural environment.

These quirky tips will allow any garden summer to be well spent, and you might make some new friends in the process! All pictures and their links can be found HERE Enjoy! Love Happy x

An A to Zzz for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

 From A to Zzz: Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Good Night's Sleep
We spend more than a third of our entire lives asleep. For something so necessary and so time-consuming, you’d think the average person would know a whole lot more about a good night’s kip than they seem to. Sleep is a vital indicator of health and wellbeing. So, to live a healthy and happy lifestyle it is almost essential that we understand sleep, know our own sleep cycles and habits and do everything in our power to make sure that we and the people we love have sufficient and good quality sleep. Here’s everything you could wish to know on the topic!


Create a Low-Maintenance Garden!

When people think of perfect gardens, they often think of astonishingly beautiful and elaborate gardens. While these are the gardens that really catch the eye and inspire the imagination, there is a big problem: they’re the kind of garden that needs tending to on an almost daily basis!


Super Simple Office Cut Backs

Where there are highs in our businesses there will also inevitably be some lows, from time to time. No business is immune from a few dry spells here and there and when those times crop up it’s essential that we know exactly what to do. There are many ways to make simple cut backs, either when going through times of financial difficulty or whether just looking to tighten things up a little. Here are our top ways of doing just that.

How You Can Own A Home!

If you want to make a really good decision for your future - or the future of your family - start seriously thinking about buying your own home. This might be a home that becomes the base for your family, or it might be something you rent out to give your family another source of finance through rental income and investing.

Can Your Home Be Beautifully Minimalist?

A lot of people really like the idea of going minimalist with their household. Of course, you may not be too familiar with minimalism! Put simply, it’s creating a home that isn’t loaded with unnecessary stuff. It also tends to feature pretty smooth and simple design. It helps people bring a sense of calm to their home. A lot of people are attracted to a more minimalist approach to their home, but they also think that it’s quite a lot of work. After all, it’s not quite as simple as stripping away everything you don’t want!

So here’s a quick guide that will help you get started. If you’re interested in bringing minimalism to your home, this is a must-read.


Melted Crayon Art

We all have fond memories of drawing all sorts of pictures with wax crayons, but these days we’re a bit old for playing with them aren’t we? You’re never too old to create something amazing out of crayons, but there are better ways to do it than just drawing. Melted wax crayon art is easy and cheap to make, and it makes for great decoration. Follow these simple steps and you can make your own at home.


How To Protect Your Home From a Break-In

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day to find that your home has been broken into. It is more than just the things that end up being taken, it is the sense of intrusion that someone has been inside the home that you have worked so hard to make your own. Though there are no total surefire ways that you can protect your home from a break-in, there are a few things that you can do to improve your overall home security. Here are just a few of them that can hopefully give you added peace of mind.


3 Handy Tricks For The Lazy Gardener

Image from Pixabay
The UK is bursting with people who want a “no work” garden. Even if you love looking out on a beautiful garden, there are probably times where you just wish it would tend to itself! If your busy schedule doesn’t allow much time to get into the garden and work on sprucing it up, there are fortunately some handy tricks you can use make it easier for yourself. Here are three to try out…


8 Inspirational Stories Of A Happy Garden

I am really into gardening lately and what with the Chelsea Flower Show currently on at the moment I thought I would share with you once again some inspirational stories to achieve a Happy Garden...

Once upon a time, there was a sunny patch of land attached to a cosy little home. It wasn’t the sunniest place on the planet; it wasn’t the biggest place either. But it was the happiest garden you’d ever seen. Why so?


Outdoor Dining Spaces

SOURCE Outdoor Dining Spaces... That'll Make The Neighbours Drool

Now that summer is nearly upon us, the time has come to start thinking seriously about how to put our gardens to good use. Spring is coming to an end, so most of the gardening is now done. All that’s left is to figure out a way to enjoy it all...If you love eating alfresco, you’ll love this post. We’re going to look at some outdoor dining space ideas that’ll make the neighbours drool.


Garden Your Way To Summer

Garden Your Way To Summer: A Guide To Update Your Garden Quickly
We can all be a little guilty of letting time escape us and being so full of routine and daily life, that we can forget to enjoy some of the simpler things life has to offer. Getting outside and enjoying the garden is one of those simple things. But while we all dream of the summer vibes and party ideas we can’t wait to organise, it will only be good if we have a garden or outdoor area to enjoy them in. Which is why I thought i would share with you a quick guide to help you speed up the process and help you get your garden ready for summer.

Get your Home Summer Ready

shabby chic summer flowers

The home can sometimes feel quite dreary as Winter ends and Summer approaches. You may feel like you need to spruce it up, make it brighter throughout and ensure it looks ready for garden relaxation and hot days in your home. There are all kinds of things you can do to stay in sync with Summer.


Banish the Bathroom Blues


Did you know that doing your bathroom up will increase the overall value of your property by around 4%? Even if the cost and effort of improving your bathroom have been putting you off; that increase in property value should make you see things differently!

And you should also pleased to hear that revamping your bathroom shouldn’t take too much. In fact, there are some jobs that don’t take all that long that can really help you ditch your bathroom blues.


Garden Glamour: Designing A Nostalgic Vibe

nostalgic pram planter
Garden Glamour: Designing A Space With A Nostalgic Vibe

Do you feel like you were born at the wrong time? Perhaps you are a gal who wishes she still lived in the swinging sixties or flower power seventies? Personally I love the style of the 1940’s and 50’s...everything about those era’s has a divine gorgeousness to me!

So if this is the case with you too, the chances are, that your home, already has a wonderfully nostalgic vibe to it! but what about your garden? We take a lot of time and make a lot of effort to create homes that reflect our personalities and tastes, but what about our gardens?
happy's garden bike

Fresh Summer Party Ideas

garden party 2.jpg
Prepare for Summer With These Fresh Party Ideas

Summer is on its way and with it comes a scorching hot sun and an excuse to get outside more. Parties are one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the summer. They can last from morning till night and with the blazing sun and a fresh breeze blowing, there’s nothing more enjoyable than hanging around with your friends and family in the great outdoors.
Summer Secret Garden tea party, vintage tea party wedding, Sweetpea and Ivy wedding decor.:


Vintage Caravan Pictures for Inspiration

Even though I no longer own a Vintage Caravan, I still love to look at them at every opportunity! Pinterest is a good source to find interesting pictures and also typing the subject into Google brings up some pretty amazing pictures too...But just lately, I have been looking at my own! And Boy! Have I taken some!


Homes That Flourish In The Summer

summer 1.jpg
Sunny Side Up : Homes That Flourish in The Summer
The days are getting longer, air is getting warmer and some of us unlucky folk are dealing with all the allergies the bright seasons bring around. But besides that, Summer should be a time that we all look forward to and live to the fullest. Your home can play a huge role in that. Don’t let Summer dominate you by making things too hot and too stuffy. These are the changes you can make that welcome the Summer and invites it to create the happiest home you’ve enjoyed all year.


Get Your Vegetable Patch Off To A Great Start!

Starting your own vegetable patch is a great way to get more out of your garden, and save a lot of money in the process. That £5 tomato plant you bring home can easily provide you with several kilograms over the course of a growing season. Aside from that, the flavour and texture of the veg you’ll grow in your own garden can have a massive edge on anything you’ll buy in the shops. If you’re interested in starting your own vegetable garden from scratch, here’s some handy idea’s to help you set a great foundation to work with.


Cool Shade Gardens For Happy Healthy Summers

Summer is the perfect time to catch up with family and friends but with the hotter weather comes a responsibility to keep your loved ones safe, particularly children.

Children can burn easily after just a few minutes of sun exposure, but it is not always easy to keep them covered up when they want to be out in the garden enjoying everything the summer has to offer from sticky ice lollies to splashing water fights.


The Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Opulence

Do you struggle to know what to do in your bedroom? You know what you like when you go to stay in a friend’s beautiful guest room, or you come home from a boutique hotel, but transferring that into your bedroom seems impossible. You would need an interior designer and a cleaner to make your room look as good as that! Well, that isn’t true. It can be hard to see through the current layout of your bedroom, especially if like many of us you have been neglecting it, but every single bedroom has the potential to be beautiful. So we are going to give you the ultimate guide to creating bedroom opulence.


Choosing The Perfect Garden Room

Gardens are fantastic in spring, aren’t they? Who doesn’t love being able to sit outside with a good book while listening to the birds sing, getting your hand's dirty planting rose bushes and trimming back the sprawling buddleia from the garden path. Having said that, when the sun starts to go down wouldn’t it be nice to have an outdoor room to retire to instead of having to go back indoors?

The Ideal Family Garden

Something that every family can get behind is the idea that the garden is one of the most important parts of the house. In many cases, this is where families meet to relax and enjoy some quality time together - and when it gets to the warmer months, it can be particularly enjoyable to have a decent garden space to enjoy together.


Have You Chosen The Right Furniture For Your Home?

One of the biggest decisions that you need to make when you are designing your home’s interior is what furniture to go for. Choosing furniture is both central to the overall look of your home, and notoriously quite difficult to get right. However, as long as you bear some basic things in mind, you should probably find that it is easier than you might have though. In this article, we are going to look into this in more detail, by taking a look at some of the basic elements of furniture which you should consider when choosing the ideal pieces for your home. Get this right, and your interior will see some dramatically positive changes in no time.


Relax and Recuperate

 Transform Your Home into a Calming Haven

Does your home make you feel happy and relaxed? If not, something needs to change! If you don’t have a place where you can unwind each day, life can quickly catch up with you. Here are some of the ways you can create a calming haven at home.
A relaxing bedroom is crucial for a good night’s sleep. Being surrounded by mess and chaos isn’t good when you’re trying to wind down. Find good storage where you can house your possessions, this makes them easy to access but means they’re not cluttering up the space. Update your bedding, and make an effort to make the bed every day. Psychologists have found that bed makers tend to be happier and more successful in their lives, so it’s a practice worth getting on board with! Painting the room in calming colours can help too. If you’ve gone with bold red, oranges, bright pink or other vivid shades, it’s worth scaling it back. White, light grey, cream or a light pastel shade will be far more soothing.


What is your Number 1 Priority?

Make Home Security Your Number One Priority!
It's hardly going to be much of a shock to say that you probably care about your home quite a lot. I mean, who doesn't?! Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world. It's the place where you spend time with your family, make memories, and should feel safer than just about anywhere else in the world, which is what makes it so utterly horrible when something happens to disrupt that safety.


How To Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Our gardens are one of the most neglected spaces in our home. We don’t often tend to think of them as a space as such - more of a backup for when the summer months hit and we need to get outside to cool ourselves down, bask in the warmth and give the kids somewhere to run around. However, we need to be giving them a bit more attention - it’s only what they deserve.



I thought it was about time that I update you all on what has been happening around here...we have finally arrived at the other end of the tunnel...all the work as been done on the house to make it Freddy friendly and we have also designed the living room to carry it forward for 2017...

Ok so we have argued alot about what we should have, as I still love kitschy chic, but Freddy wanted a more grown up look kinda like what we had here but with a bit more grey added! but we have had to compromise...we agreed that we would keep our favourite ornaments and get rid of the really kitschy ones (I have added a few back though! shhhh don't let him know ;))


Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink This Spring

Unusual floral display above a table:
The days are getting longer, and the sun is starting to rear its head a bit more often. Spring is on the horizon and moods are starting to lighten. Now is the perfect time to clean up and remodel our homes, and one room that should not be neglected in 2017 is the kitchen. The heart of many homes, the kitchen is the one room where you can guarantee a good time, whether that be eating great food, enjoying a family get together or throwing a party for a special occasion. So, it is important that your kitchen space looks great, feels welcoming and functions well.


Spring Into The Garden!

pretty pink hydrangeas
It's A Jungle Out There So Spring Into The Garden!
One of the benefits of winter is that you lose a little bit of housework.  Virtually nothing grows in the winter season so you can almost forget you have a garden.  It’s a little different in the Spring though.  From February onwards everything seems to be shooting up from the ground and before you know it, you have a jungle on your hands.  Now is the time to start working on little bits of your garden to get maximum results in the summer.


Two's A Crowd: Amazing Solutions For A Multi-Child Bedroom

While one bedroom for more than one child might not be optimal, sometimes it’s just a case of making the best out of a situation. It can be fun for young kids to grow up sharing a bedroom with their beloved sibling, although it can become more problematic as they age and develop stronger differences in their personalities.


Happy Valentines cute 1940's vintage card
Yep Valentines day is just around the corner! and for some of us it can be a depressing time, whether you have a loved one or not!...Some of you are lucky enough to have a partner who remembers this occassion every year and smothers you in chocolates, cards and pressies! (Please share him with us all! lol!) But for most of us, that just is NOT the case!...So to avoid that horrible feeling of being TOTALLY depressed on this special day...Let's plan ahead!


THE CHIC ROSEBERY HOTEL we is the evening before Mum's Big move! I feel so very tired as it has been a week of frantic sorting and clearing! sorting out the garage, kitchen and understairs cupboards taking rubbish to the dump and more unwanted things to the Charity Shop!...It's been a long haul! and it has taken it's toll on me!



Happy House Bedroom
Well Folks...the work has been well underway here at The Happy House!
The wet room is nearly finished...and the sliding door in my bedroom is being fitted as I speak to you! I must admitt!...I was dreading all of this work being done...but it has actually been ok...we have had brilliant builders here, who are very proud of their work and are doing a great job of it all!


Start Planning Your Outdoor Decor for 2017

Now’s the Time to Start Planning Your Outdoor Improvements for 2017
It might be chilly and wet outside (unless you’re in Australia!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some home improvements done to the outsides of your home. Even if you’re not up for braving the snow and cold, you can start to plan your outdoor improvements for when Spring and Summer come around. Buffing up the garden, a new set of outdoor furniture or even an upgraded barbeque set up—the possibilities are both endless and exciting!

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