I have been blogging for England lately...and I have really enjoyed it, but it has taken its toll and I am getting cramp in my fingers...so I really do need a break :). So I have agreed to put my computer away Friday afternoon and not switch it on again until Monday morning...Hmmmm! its going to be very difficult for me as my computer is such a big part of my lifestyle...but there is so much other stuff that I should be doing, so I am up for the challenge!

Anyway...I would like you all to leave a comment about what you like to do when you are not on your computer and what things you need to be catching up on if you have been on it too much lately! These days there is so many clubs and groups to join on here, that it can really take over...and its so much nicer to be reading gals blogs, than doing the hoovering...don't you agree! :)

Right down to the nitty gritty...this Give away is for the stripey 'Handmade by Happy Harris' bag, the pink and green, also handmade by Me @/*-*\@ button necklace and the pretty vintage embroidered hankerchief.

How wonderful is that...a perfect summer accessory kit, waiting here for you to win....Now the rules are, you can have as many goes as you like...I just need a different reason for each comment...and on monday evening 30th March, I will be drawing a winner...So what are you waiting for chicks!

Happy weekending gals, I shall look forward to reading your comments on monday morning :)


  1. I am on my computer FAR too much. I am a crafter. I am running behind on some swap projects for my dear partners, and other unfinished WIPs that have been put off for too long.

    Happy Spring :)


  2. i have soooo much to do but when i find a quiet moment i love to read...it fuels my imagination...but lately i have been decorating my home..painting up a storm..i love hunting for a deal as well...thank you for your lovely blog it really does inspire me...your home is beautiful and the colors ..wow!!!
    Hope you have a GREAT weekend...

  3. HI Happy!!!

    I am so impressed that you can turn this thing off... I am so addicted I can't stop..LOL I hope you get all the things done you want to get done!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Just A Gal...

  4. I only recently found crafty blogs--can you believe that? So, I am on them too much lately--inspiration, I call it. Otherwise, I am knitting, reading, puttering (I have a button necklace in process) when at home and ignoring the laundry and dishes! Off now to sew some ribbon onto some jeans for flair.


  5. I'm always behind on housework! I swear it never seems to get any better! I'd rather be on the computer or crafting!

  6. I usually get to the laundry, the vaccuuming and any other honey do type of chores that are necessary!
    Then I like to catch up on slowing down if possible, taking in some magazines, movie or getting some much needed rest!
    Of course all this is subject to change if the circumstances change. Then we are looking at working on things on the computer or filing business paperwork.Of course if can be put to the side when the weekend comes, it only took me 40 yrs to understand what the weekends were meant to be used for.
    lamaisonfou blog

  7. My goodness, a "draft excluder"! How completely descriptive, I love it! xo, suzy

  8. I'm from the US.......not England.......and I love the way you word things:) I assume having "as many goes" as I like means I can enter several times....? Here's #1
    I need to catch up on letter writing. I'm always good at making my girlies write letters to the grandmas, but then they get lost in the shuffle of papers while waiting for me to add MY letter. Oops:(

  9. Beautiful bag!
    I daydream about living in England with access to a Cath Kidston store:)

  10. #3
    I do P90X exercise videos.

  11. OK....I'm feeling a bit greedy and wonder if maybe I interpreted "as many goes as you like" incorrectly.....
    The last thing that I am ALWAYS doing and NEVER done with is laundry. My 4 little girls love to change outfits/costumes several times a day and I just can't keep up with it all. lol.

    I love the new gingham background!

  12. Hi Happy, good for you to shut it down. Not that cleaning is fun because lets face it, it's not.

    I need to do SO much myself. I have crafting projects that need my attention before Spring comes and goes,mostly sewing projects.

    Love you giveaway items that you made.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  13. Things I like to do, Shop at my Local Thrift Shops.
    Hugs, Diane

  14. Things I should get done CLEAN my garage, so the car can park in it!
    Hugs, Diane

  15. Visit my Mom and stepdad, I take them far too much for granted.
    OX, Diane

  16. OOOhhh please please enter me, i love them.

    When i'm not blogging i like to colour with my boys, read magazines, watch a lovely film, go out for lunch, shop - of course, spend time with my hubby.

    I really need to catch up on my washing, ironing, and put a great big pile of clothes away. xx

  17. I should of put that into more than 1 comment really, shouldn't i? oh well, heres another -

    I like to go for long walks, have breakfast by the sea, and have picnics in the car if it's chilly or raining.

  18. and -- i really need to organise the whole house!!!! xx

  19. Hello Happy, I wish you good luck in your challenge, no sneaky peaking now! I was laptopless the other day, and it made me realise just how many times I pop on here and there. I got so much done that day! Have a lovely productive weekend.
    Bertie x

  20. Hi there!
    Hope your weekend is a good one.
    I would definitely read a lot more...I love reading but the internet takes over and it shouldn't...or I shouldn't let it!
    But I'm sure that I would be doing a mix of chores and pleasures because, as they say, ...'.all work and no play...'!

  21. Did somebody say ... giveaway? Well I had better hurry and make a comment then. What do I do if I'm not blogging or blog hopping? Most likely I'm creating some ART of some description :)

    Have a nice, peacefully quiet, sans-computer weekend.

  22. The computer has an off switch?? Hehe, hope you have a lovely weekend.

    When I'm not sat in front of a screen, I love drawing. I only started drawing recently but I am so addicted. My new 'thing' is drawing the sports pages. Footballers, horses from the horse racing... it's great fun. And I also like crochet, especially amigurumi. And photography. And reading. Oh and I'm doing a part time degree in Spanish and Portuguese. Honestly if you could buy free time on ebay I would pay lots of money for some more of it!

    Aveen x

  23. Not being behind my computer? Hmmm....there would be a lot I could do. Household, reading, crafting. But I´m afraid I would get withdrawal symptons. :)
    Have a nice weekend! Jeannette

  24. Wat a lovely giveaway. I wish I could turn off my computer, but running a business I find it too hard. However when I'm not attached to it, I like to be in the garden especially as it's been lovely weather lately. The must do's at the moment are decorating - yuck.......!

  25. Comme les traductions sont très mauvaises, je t'écris en français, désolée.
    Repose toi bien ce week-end et profite de chaque instant de bonheur.
    Avec mon amitié.

  26. Have a great weekend! When I'm not on the computer I love watching mindless tv!!! and I really need to hop off the computer to do some ironing and cleaning etc etc etc!!!!!!!!!

  27. I am "lucky" because so far, as I live in a temporary house, I don't have the broadband at home ;) so, basically I use internet, my mail, blog surfing etc just during my office hours..and during the weekend I am free :) Obviously, as I'll soon be moving soon in a more permanent house with my bf, I'll have the broadband 24/7 again... and I will fight against the addiction to the web and trying hard to keep some time for me, especially for crafting, cooking, gardening etc.. but I already know it'll be hard ^__^ Hugs and best of luck for your web-free weekend!!! I am sure you'll enjoy it!!! federica

  28. In Portugal that lovelly bag will do a great sucess!
    Nice weekend

  29. Dear Happy,
    I have only recently discovered your blog but I love it already!
    I am getting rather addicted to blogging and spend a lot of time reading various blogs on my computer daily.
    My excuse is that if I don't log on daily there are too many to read through in one go!
    Thankfully I have plenty of time to do all my housework and gardening stuff as well as reading blogs because I was made redundant recently (boo hoo)!
    Han x

  30. I'm so addicted to my computer that I bought a laptop yesterday so I can stay connected anywhere in the house. As for neglecting things, well, I could give you a list as long as my arm of things I need to get done. Washing, ironing, dusting, hoovering to name but a few. But, the most important thing I need to do is stop surfing all the time and spend more time with my daughter and my grandchildren, so, it's going to be switch off weekend for me too and thanks for motivating me to do it.

  31. ooh I would be in heaven if I won these pretty goodies ;o) Like many of us PCs can consume my life, also use them heaps in my career. One of the things I like to do when taking a break is sort through my clothes and jewellery, it kinda relaxes my mind with the added benefit of being able to find things easier the next day. xx

  32. Okay here is another one, I live in a market town by the river and there's nothing better than popping into the local charity shops (I also volunteer for one of them) with my mum finished off by a Latte by the waterside. Bliss xx

  33. oh go on then I'll have one more go, housework! There I've said it out loud which means I have to do it right? he he xx

  34. What a lovely giveaway. Ok so I need to catch up on spring cleaning. I should really get on that.

  35. How lovely. Enjoy your weekend break... not sure I could stay away. LOL. Well, I love to read - addicted, actually, so that's what I spend lots of non-pooter time doing. xxx

  36. you are so nice! i'll be the luckiest girl ever if i win all of these cuties! :)
    i've also been trying to stay away of the computer, at least over the weekends, but i find that on monday mornings there is soooo much to catch along! :)
    its quite sunny here in portugal so i'll probably leave the computer at home and head for some sunny spot to get some colour on my legs! I reeaally need it! :)
    well, thanks again for being so nice! :)

  37. oh I forgot! i will eat icecream too! i think that that is very important too! a girl gotta eat her icecream on some sunny spot and try to forget all the spring cleaning that is wating at home! :)

  38. What do I do when not on the computer? Garden, cook, catch up on telly, do some ATCs or make felties.

    thanks for offering these lovely items for giveaway...very generous of you.

    Good luck with your computer-free weekend!

  39. This is a giveaway I can't resist entering!

    I've recently had to set myself some rules with the laptop. I'm not not allowed to switch on the latop until I've completed my to do list for the day.

    I found I was coming home from work (where i'd spend the day popping in and out of google reader!) and sitting on the laptop all evening till I reached breaking point and had to run around like a headless chicken getting all the errands done!

    I've found it actually works much better, the tasks tend to complete quicker without my popping in and out of the WWW and it's far more rewarding to climb into bed satisfied with what i've achieved and happily browse blogs at leisure!

    Victoria xxx

  40. Wow - don't i go on!!!!

    As for what I should be doing instead of blogging.... finishing off a swap package.... completing a scrapbook that is an overdue gift... writing Easter cards.... I could go on forever!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    Victoria xx

  41. I homeschool my daughter and clean. I feel like that is all I can do. I spend too much time on the computer.
    I LOVE love Love your blog too!

  42. When I'm not on my computer, I try to the housework, food shopping and catch up on paperwork, but more often than not I am daydreaming of living a vintage life by the sea!!

  43. What a GREAT giveaway and a great idea for comments! I would love to win these lovely goodies!
    I should be cleaning out my kids room instead of being on the computer, but that is not nearly as much fun!


  45. Hi Sweets!!!
    OHHH what a wonderfull bag, so so pretty.
    I need to shut off my computer this weekend as well. but it wont be hard, because I will have my son with me this weekend. Yeahhh!!! Going though a divorce and allof a sudden have to split ur kids up, u learn to really enjoy the time u do have with them, and this weekend will be that time. Can't wait.
    U enjoy ur weekend as well, big hugs my dear,

  46. I admire your restraint over keeping the computer switched off!
    There is always a pile of ironing, there is always a floor to clean and there is always a book to read or a game to play with the children.
    Which to do?? Not a tough decision!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  47. Oh my goodness! I have so much I need to be doing from cleaning to laundry. I'm also a 49 year old returning college student so I really should be studying. I'm not as smart as I used to be! LOL

  48. OMG this the most wonderfull giveaway i´ve ever seen!!!
    I hope this gorgeous things came to me...it would make me so happy!! :)
    Thank for the inspiration of everyday!

  49. Well, I'm taking a little break from work and housework right now. I painted my old wooden cabinet all black this morning and I own my own business (that I operate from work) and my customers just left. This is my little reward. When I'm not on the computer, I like to decorate (which always involves cleaning!) and just getting the "to do "things finally done! Thanks, Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

  50. I would like to write about all the wonderful things I do when not at my computer, but unfortunately the computer IS my life right now!

    I work as an administrator, so am at the computer all day, then I come 'home' and sit at my laptop.

    I currently live with my sister and her boyfriend, but am shortly moving to my own little flat - my very first own place!

    When I move I will hopefully catch up on my hobbies- photography, collecting shabby chic items, interior design, playing guitar, long walks on sunny days, trips to the seaside...

    Please see my newly made blog!


    Happy weekend!
    Love Ruby Rose

  51. OMG - I need this handbag, seriously. Leave my computer for 3 days oh I am shaking just at the thought, it has taken over my life between blogging, flickr and home sites.
    What I should be doing, wow you don't need to know all as its not fair to bore you that much but most importantly, focus on my jewellery business, make some jewellery, do my daytime job which I should do 2 hours a day at home, housework tons of that and looking after my poor hubby he has been neglected since baby was born, actually since pregnancy xx have a good weekend xx we will miss you x

  52. How devine, thank you for giving me the opportunity to win your wonderful pretties :)

    Well I love to cuddle my husband, and don't do too much of that whilst I am on here, actually my love life is definately something I need to catch up on ;) Not tonight darling, I am blogging

    Also playing, I love playing with my children and think I should be doing more of it rather than being on here, though with delightful Blogs like yours, it is soooooooo hard to stay away, so pretty and cheery uppy :)



  53. That's so generous of you!

    It just happens that TODAY I'll start to blog less - needing to catch up my work I need to write for my diplom - and if there's time for any other lecture, I'd love to finish that Anthony Bourdain book I started about two months ago...

  54. Happy~I'm so glad that I've recently found your blog. You're so cheery, and talented. Your colors amaze me!
    I've made an effort all week to get away from the computer. With Spring coming, I'm getting ready for a tag sale, which means sorting, boxing, cleaning....plenty to do while off line! Have a lovely weekend, and your giveaway looks charming!

  55. I definitely need to step away from the computer to:
    do housework
    read actual books
    play more with my young children
    go for a walk in the beautiful Spring!

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. I am pretty much addicted to my laptop, so I know how you feel! When I do manage to turn it off I draw, draw and generally draw some more! (and occasionally manage to fit in some household chores too!) :)

  58. By the way, I only recently discovered your blog and I am loving it!! Not that I needed another distraction from real life, but its always lovely to find new inspiring blogs! I'm very impressed with this great giveaway too! What a lovely thing to do! :) x

  59. What did we do before we had computers? I don't remember, but when I'm not on mine I like to read and do lots on crafts. Right now I should be sewing a top I have cut out.
    Theresa N

  60. Hi! I have a long list..but, what I really hope to do over Easter break is clean out drawers and closets and say goodbye to lots of things I have been saving for no reason.

  61. I am officially inspired to also turn it off for one full day at least, (baby steps)! ;-)
    EARTH HOUR 2009 is tonight, March 29th, so that can be the beginning of my 24 hours computer free!
    Things I should do but usually dont:
    cleaning, unpacking, organizing, exercising
    Things I love to do when not online:
    reading, playing, singing, dancing, crafting, going for walks to the park and the library with my two lovely little unschooled girlies!
    We've lived here for months, and I still have boxes to unpack, but with all the lovely places to visit, both online and in the real world, who would want to do that stuff?
    Thank you for being such a lovely little place to visit, and your giveaway is absolutely exquisite!

  62. um... that should say tonight,
    March 28th!

  63. hehehehe Happy, like you and everyone else, we always have lots of things to do.. and how I wish I have more time to strike out one by one list of things to do.. but too bad, time is what I lack off.. but amazingly, I managed to finish reading all the Twilight books.. 4 of them in a month! hehehehe..

    love your giveaway bag.. so beautiful! have a good weekend!


  64. Hi Happy,when I am not on the PC I find so much that needs to be done around my home...I could stay busy forever...I do love taking a break to enjoy a book or look through a lovely decorating magazine,or spend some time with my sweet GRANDS...then I like to get back on line,and check to see what all of you gals have been up to(smile)......

  65. Hi Happy - Umm the housework is always calling to be done. I really enjoy knitting, card making, sewing - anything creative really. I also enjoy cooking.I hate the hurried mealtimes where I'm trying to get something for the family to eat between me getting in from work and our daughter going to her evening job! I also love reading. Vegetable growing is something new I'm trying this year - just need to find the time to do it - I've done plenty of reading about it!
    Love your blog and your style (I was also an avid fan of Fred's blog).
    Best wishes, Jane

  66. What a fun Monday morning you must be having reading all these lovely comments, cup o' tea in your hand and a smile on your face! Enjoy! I went two weeks without internet access last October while traveling through France, the first week was withdrawls...the second week was lovely!

  67. Hummmm, I think you have inspired me to go finish a baby blanket for my new nephew!

  68. One more...your blog is always my first stop for decorating-eye-candy! It is such a pleasure to read and enjoy the pictures! And your giveaway is no different...how fabulous to carry that bag and wear the necklace with my black suit and hankerchief in the pocket!

  69. What a wonderful give away, I would love to be included. When I'm not on my computer, I'm on my daughters computer, I really should be doing housework, but whats the fun in that?...you can find me sewing, knitting, crocheting, beading and hunting for treasures at my local antique shop!

  70. What a lovely giveaway! I hope you have a fantastically productive weekend. When our internet went down this last week I suddenly discovered just how creative I could be without blogging: I prepared a whole set of bunting and began to stitch it (my first bunting) then I decorated three photo frames, a tray and some wooden letters for teaching. Then the internet came back on! So those are the things I should be finishing instead of writing here now!

  71. Hello H and R!!! I have finally find the comment box page for the giveaway...well i hope i have!
    I am extreeeeemley intrested!

    I hope you have the productive weekend which you have planned for yourself!

    love love love! Katie xxxxx

  72. Of course, the other thing I love doing when not on the computer is sewing, now I've rediscovered the joys. I just find it sew relaxing. xxx

  73. Just finished A new Dutch fabric bag I will blog about tomorrow.... but I should do loundry, Cleaning, visit family, etc......
    Blogging is inspiring me. It makes me more productive and creative than I was before, in other words I can't imagine a world without the cumputer longer than a few days.

  74. Hi there I am not sure that I could switch of my computer for the whole weekend! When I am not on line, I am thinking about being online and wondering what is happening in blogland. I suppose if there was no one to nag me, I would love to do more crochet and reading and crafting and baking and material shopping and....oh I am exhausted just thinking about it. Safer and cheaper to just log on and have a browse, don't you think? p.s that pink bag is to die for... Enjoy your blog free weekend if you can. dev X

  75. How exciting! I would LOVE to win! I actually took a few days off this week to get some Spring cleaning done. But I would rather be sewing. I like making aprons and pincushions and I want to get back to embroidery next! I do all kinds of crafts...I jump around! Thank you!

  76. What a lovely bag your clever hands have made!

    Most of what I have to do is dust cobwebs, then catch their little weavers in a jar and free them outdoors. (The spring sun is shining kindly now and they can have a good life out there.)

    After that, the next chore is matching socks. Some will be reunited with their mate... for others, a new found friend that compliments them!

    Best wishes to you, Happy.


  77. I am sure i am glued to the puter which is not good , think of all those things i could be doing !!!

    That's it i am turning it off for oooh lets see well at least 20 mins , oh goodness i have no will power at all ;0)

    I hope you have had a lovely pc free weekend

    Sara x

  78. Thank you for accepting me into your fun group! I love your blog design too nice change from pink!
    Any decorating ideas for my walls..I am a renter and cannot paint my walls that are pine wood paneling..dark..ugh! wher do you sell your bags? Do you make etsy banners?

  79. Normally..I should be doing laundry (it never seems to de done), but I would rather read. :)

  80. Hi
    I also spend too much time on the PC...but there are sooooooo many lovely blogs to look at (like your one which I just discovered today )
    When I really have time (just for myself) then I like to sew.

  81. cripes lady you have blogged a lot - i have had a lovely time catching up with all your news x
    thank you so much for your offer of the CK shopping - i really neeeeeed the messenger bag but i think that it is out of stock until mid April - i have kept myself quiet by ordering the set of tins and the cute as a button pumps - as for the shop me and my mama cold not find??
    Cath Kidston!!!!!
    i come all the way from the darkest depths of North Scotland in to th ebright shiny London town, all excited at finally entering the sacred CK and we simply could not see it - bah!
    anyhoo - as for what i do when not sitting at my laptop?
    looking after countless animals, avoiding building this darn house, eating anything yummy, knitting, a spot of crochet and a little sewing...
    i wonder if you have lasted until Monday?
    hats off to you if you have, i would find it a complete nightmare - now reward yourself with a little treat x
    speak soon
    t x

  82. I'm absolutely addicted to my pc! I'm almost ashamed to admit, but I'm afraid I can't live without it anymore! But when (and that rarely happens!) I'm not behind my pc for some reason I do sóóó many things! I'm crafting, scrapping, I'm cleaning, I've more time for my kids, hubby and doggies....!!! I even make long walks. Hmmm... I think I'm gonna shut down that terrible thing right now!
    And... have you survived this pc-less weekend???

  83. Ooh I have to have a go I would be sooooooo excited if I won your goodies I especically love your button necklace!
    I am so addicted to being on here but there's plenty of stuff I could be doing like the huge mountain of ironing!!

  84. What else? I am learning to drive and need to revise for my theory BORRING I have been putting this off forever!!

  85. That was a happy weekend, indeed, and it's turning even happier if I*m lucky in your giveaway! I like your photos and style!

  86. And the nice stuff when not on here sewing, baking - tonight hubbie gone to rent a good film so going to switch off now have a deep hot bath and watch the film! Hope youve got your jobs done bet youve been so tempted to switch it on!
    Sarah x

  87. I'm so delighted I just stumbled upon your sweet blog! Lovely giveaway:):) oooh...if I could get away from my computer I'd love to do spend a relaxing day with my family...eating out, shopping and the park:)

    Enjoy your break! xox...jenn
    noodle and lou studio

  88. HAPPY! Your giveaway is super cute! I cant wait to have a house so I can be crafty again ARGH!! You know I loooove your blog though.. keeps me in with the good stuff ;) When Im not on here... usually Im just relaxing.. mostly cleaning though because Im the maid duh! Well atleast everyone else seems to think so. I just noticed the 'buses' on your right side thats super cute!!!

    XOXOXO Hope your enjoying your tech free weekend!

  89. I recently went computer free for three whole days and it was very hard. I did enjoy going to the beach with my family though!

  90. I love reading and joined a book club for the month of April, I can't wait to start reading our book!

  91. Crafting is so much fun and that is another thing I do when I turn off the computer.

  92. gardening is wonderful I am about to go outside right now!

  93. Last night we turned off everything electric for an hour and just layed around with all the candles lit - the kids loved it!

  94. oh how i would love to be the winner of your give away;)
    I too spent far to much time at my computer...
    but when i manage to put it away, i enjoy Norways Nice nature, inbetween drinks with my sweet friends, work at the theatre,
    sewing and that oh so boring housework...
    Hope youve had a wonderfull weekend, and done lots.
    Big hug,
    Bergen NORWAY

  95. I know it! It is so hard not to be at my computer :)

    What I should be doing instead? Playing with my kids!
    Sewing up some baby shoes for my sister's girlfriend. I am using the new Amy Butler book and this is the first pair I have ever made. It is taking me a bit of time to follow the directions!!

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway :)

  96. Dear Happy,
    Your site is So eye catching and colorful. Always been enamored with British books, movies, accents, decorating ect.
    Since Christmas, was a laptop, the wool-flowered pillows aren't getting made as quickly. Thank you for the highlight of my day!


  97. What a lovely giveaway!

    This weekend I spent most of my days painting our kitchen, and this week I'm going to turn off my computer and focus on some projects that I've been meaning to get to but haven't had the time. Mostly I need to sit at my sewing machines and work and work and work making things for the house. There are lots of curtains that need to be made. I also want to play some new games with my little boy and try out some new recipes.

  98. And, of course, I love hearing about sales like yours last year and rushing my family to get some goodies! xxx
    Can't wait to hear how your computer free w/e went.

  99. when I am not on the computor I have quilts to finish cleaning to do, so I should do like you turn it off and get on with things. Lynne

  100. I try to stay away from the computer to do other things like feeding my family and providing clean laundry, you know,....stuff that's very exciting like that!! Haha! I have so many things on my to do list that are needed and some crafty things too. Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. I was planing a goal of having my 12 year old's bedroom painted by last November. Now it is March and she is now 13 and the bedroom is only half painted. What makes me mad is that she does not seem to be in a hurry. Shouldn't a 13 year old be complaining of a half painted room, I ask you!!?
    Love your giveaway things...hope I win :)

  101. Love your blog! I will add your little picture in my blog so people can link to you! :) Great stuff!


Thanks for leaving a comment...I really do appreciate your kind words xx