Rosie's Room Update Ideas

I have been gathering together some more ideas to decorate Rosie's room as she feels like a bit of an update in there...Personally I feel that I have never quite got it right in there...and therefore due to that fact and also being that she is quite untidy! I have never featured her room much on here!

I feel she she needs something a little more quirkier...and so does she!

We have already painted the Fireplace wall Cerise and I have added touches of Zebra print here and there...she also loves the vintage Pin Up Girl pictures that we have collected over the years, so they are all in her room...I think we might repaint some of the frames, to make them look a bit more Retro Modern...

So we seem to know where we are going with the whole Updated idea...

LOL! This project has been pending for a few weeks now, with pieces of spare furniture scattered all around the I'll keep you posted and share the updated pictures with you once we are done!

The pin board above is of some ideas that I have found on the web...if one of the pictures is yours...please let me know and I will credit you ;)

What are you currently updating at the moment?

Quotes To Live By....



A Cheeky Dog for my Blythe Doll Find

I have found a friend for my Blythe Doll find from the Other Day

Such a cute dog, don't you think! and a definite keeper!

What cheeky ornaments have you found lately?

It's Happy All Around

Have you noticed lately that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, that some place and some times Happy is staring you right in the face, or you are humming along to a Happy tune!

Happy seems to be all around us at the moment, whether it be in songs like THIS or THAT or in adverts like THIS ONE or THAT ONE...Happiness is OUT there!.
...It's a good thing for me, as it keeps reminding me that love is all around me and helping me to get through some tough times at the moment...when I read other blogs for instance, and they have Happy in the title or have made something with Happy on reminds me that my nickname is Happy and I must fulfill my name and try to be happy with my lot!
It's very hard when times are tough, as I am sure you all know yourselves, but one good thing, coming along, is the lighter evenings and Springtime...I hope that God willing! I will have some Oomph to get in my garden and give it some extra love and attention, that it so badly needs, as last year I hardly stepped out there, what with the summer starting so late and then it being so darn hot to do anything!
What is so annoying for me, is that I don't seem to have the energy, that I once had, to do things! Everything seems to take longer than ever to achieve!  I have all these ideas in my head, that seem to take forever to put into place and then when I start the job, it takes me forever to finish it!...Its probably an age related thing!
 I am not getting any younger that's for sure! 
When I look at these old pictures of mine, it makes me realise what I can achieve when I put my mind to it! If only I could make my body work as quick as my mind!
So lets look forward to Spring and the Summer! To Health and to Happiness...and please pray for me my friends to find the strength to carry on through these hard times of mine...
Let's all try and add a little Happiness into our lives by just being contented with what we have been dealt with in our lives...because the fear of what might happen tomorrow, can ruin a Happy today! Here at 'The Happy House' we always have the ability to laugh at things...we seem to find the 'funny' in every situation we encounter! that's just the way we roll! So even though I'd never win Housewife of the Year Award!...and things are getting done at a much slower pace than I would like...I am not fretting about it!

Freddy did say the other day that he would call his autobiography (if he ever decided to write one!) 50 Shades of SH*T! and every time I think of him saying that...I laugh to myself!

So Onwards and Upwards as my Lovely Nanny Hilda used to say...

I hope I have not rambled...I suppose what I am trying to say is that if you are dealt a rotten pack of cards....just Breathe and try to laugh your way through, because what's the point of being sad all the time...this is YOUR life now!...if you can't laugh through life's rotten situations, you will look back and have sad memories of the people we love rather than happy ones!

So go on my lovelies...Bring a little Happy into your lives and if you fancy helping me with my Oomph, please drop me a line...I have a whole host of jobs that I need doing around the house and garden right now! lol!...

Have you noticed that Happy is all around? and where have you seen or heard it?
Have you been inspired to make something Happy?
Do tell...I can't wait to hear all about would really cheer me up ;)