Happy House Bedroom Pictures


 A couple of posts ago, I showed you my little trinkets that I have been buying over the months and promised you a further peek into what my bedroom looks like at the moment…

  Most of my items are second hand vintage or antique…I just can’t bare to buy new…well apart from Cath Kidston bits and bobs…but even those are old now…the new designs along with the black and white spot is just not doing it for me anymore!!

 You know me…quirky and kitsch has always been my forte!

 Look above…we still have the wedding couple that was on our original wedding cake all those years ago!

 Vintage rollers, cute postcards…and! Oh dear! check out the state of that drawer handle! you can tell my hubby is not very good at DIY! and neither am I come to think of it! lol!

I have moved the bed back to underneath the window again now, because Rosie, wanted to get rid of her wardrobe, that was in her room!…and what with the change around, I was able to fit it into our bedroom too!

Luckily the bedroom already had a built in louvre door wardrobe and an over stairs cupboard…so I can hide my Ironing board and iron etc etc in those…

 The little red Bean Bag below is Max’s bed, which is near to my side…I often wake up to see him laying there on his back with all four paws in the air 😉

 I don’t really like the jewellery draw unit in the above piccie…that is a buy from Ikea, many moons ago, but it is such good storage…Ideal for hair scrunchies, Jewellery and makeup…I just can’t bare to part with it…perhaps a little paint job on it soon will make me like it more.

 I still love my bedroom and I am always adding to it…I have even taken to propping items (especially pictures) up against the skirting!

 Well I hope you like my little tour of the wider angle on my bedroom and I also hope that it has given you a little more inspiration.

Have a HAPPY week my Luverlies.

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