Making your Garden look good through the Year

Making your Garden look good through the Year – For a lot of people, the garden is one of the most important parts of their home. Giving you your own slice of nature, this sort of space is great for anyone, whether you love to spend time gardening or prefer to simply sit in the sun. When you care about something this much, it makes sense that you’re want it to look good. Unfortunately, though, most people are only able to nail one season, and the place will start to fall apart after that. To give you a helping hand with this, this post will be exploring some of the steps which can be taken to make your garden beautiful all year round.

The Plants & Animals

The very first area to consider in all of this is the plants and animals which share this sort of space with you. Most flowers will be strictly seasonal, and this means that they won’t appear when the wrong weather is in the air. Daffodils, for example, will usually only flower during spring, lying dormant for the rest of the year. By planting plants which you know will last all year round, you can combat the dullness which winter can bring. With the right research, you’ll even be able to find flowers which prefer the colder months, and this is a great way to get started.

The Regular Work

There are loads of regular jobs which come with keeping a garden looking good, but they don’t often last all year round. Mowing lawns, for example, is something which most people will only do during spring and summer, as the grass won’t grow during the colder half of the year. This leaves a lot of people struggling to build a routine which keeps their grass looking good while it grows. Astro turf has come a long way over the last couple of decades, with modern examples looking very convincing, and often greatly improving the appearance of a garden throughout the year.

The Cleaning & Tidying

Finally, as the last area to think about, it’s time to think about cleaning and tidying. When autumn hits the scene, most of the trees and other leafy plants in your garden will start to shed. During spring, you will get a similar effect, only it will be things like berries, fruits, and petals which start to create a mess. By keeping your garden clean and tidy of waste like this, you will make it very hard to tell what time of year it is out there. A rake and broom are usually all you’ll need for this, as long as you put the waste somewhere to compost.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on making a garden which looks great throughout the year. A lot of people struggle with this sort of work, finding it hard to know what they can do to improve their outdoor space. Of course, though, with the right effort, anything can be possible…and its worth taking a trip to garden shows to get some more tips!

All my pictures were taken at The Royal Chelsea Flower Show…


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