Happy New Year

I would like to wish all my lovely followers and friends a very Happy New Year and all the best for a Bright and Prosperous 2011.

Have fun tonight in whatever you are doing and keep safe.


Happy Christmas from Happy and Co xx

Well here we are folks...and just in time for Christmas...I have loved the build up to it, as I always do...all the buying and making chrimbo pressies...wrapping them up and decorating the house with vintage and modern decs.
Its been a lot easier too! and as it has been so cold and icy out there I have got alot of my pressies online....Fred (my hubby) loves his scrapbooking, so I have known what to buy for him! and Rosie gave me a long list and told me just to pick a few items for her....Bless!

Happy Loves Dingers ....

I bought these boots, just in time for more snow to arrive!
....and don't you just love them?
When I saw them...I squeeled and just had to buy a pair, as they are just like Converse's, but in wellie form! with real laces....mine are still a bit new at the moment...but it won't be long before they have dirtied up a bit!

Don't you just love them :o)
Get yours HERE and tell them Happy sent ya :o)

My Christmas Decoration post is coming up next...sorry its a bit late :)!

Somerset House at Christmas .....

Is totally delightful!
My lovely Mum invited me along to one of her outings that she arranges for the WHSmiths retirement group...my Dad used to work for them and my Mum has organised the outings for this group for about 25 years now...
On the way we took in some wonderful sights.


Before I show you how we have decorated for Christmas at the Happy House this year...I thought I would show you some pictures from previous years....and have a little old natter at the same time :)

My wish list for Christmas 2010

Please Santa...if you are listening and think that I have been a good girl this year!
....can you please bring me....

This lovely
Fossil Key-Per Across Body Bag...I sooo love the graphics on this!

Happy Birthday - I love my Cath Kidston Goodies :)

Thank you so much for all my lovely Birthday wishesl....you see it is and has always been a very special day indeed! for I was born on My Dads birthday! Yes, this is him (below) with my Mum in the black and white pic and also in the heart picture frame, that is also his Mary Magdalen, that he always had placed by his bedside for as long as I knew him. Very sadly he passed away 24 years ago now...a very long time ago, but as you can imagine, I still miss him ever so much!

 So you can imagine that my birthday, is shared with thoughts of him and I couldn't possibly do this post without mentioning him.   I lit a candle for him, as indeed I do every year.  He was a great inspiration to me, and you will often find me chatting away to him, as I always feel that he is with me....and more so in this house, as I often can smell the tobacco that he used to smoke on our landing :)....

Freddy always buys me roses for my birthday, as you know how much I love them....and this year he chose these lovely pink ones...Oh I just so love pink, Rosie also bought me a little rose plant...which I adore!

Its Snow Joke!...Just got worse!

OMG! Blighty has never had it sooo bad!
OK, so you hardy gals, in colder countries are probably thinking! Yeah! so! :)

But honestly us Brits have not seen weather this bad for aparently 45 years....I don't remember it this bad in my lifetime! Anyway!

Its Snow Joke!

Phew! look at this weather! I have been mooching around my garden looking for bones that I have hidden last week....and I just cannot find them in all this Freeeeeezing cold white stuff!
sniff sniff! Na, nuffing there!
aha! whats that moving over there!