Its Snow Joke!…Just got worse!

OMG! Blighty has never had it sooo bad!

OK, so you hardy gals, in colder countries are probably thinking! Yeah! so! 🙂

But honestly us Brits have not seen weather this bad for aparently 45 years….I don’t remember it this bad in my lifetime! Anyway!

…and at first it was very exciting! but you see I am a homebird and very contrary!…I just love to stay at home and potter about!…but!

  …The fact that it is getting worse and it is dangerous to drive, is forcing us to stay in! and I don’t like it! I want to go out!…we have been given free tickets by some of our lovely friends to visit the Wealden Christmas Fair…and that was cancelled today! 🙁

I did decide however, that when it got dark I would go out and take some piccies…I went out there with Max and he seemed to love jumping around in it! although the snow stuck to his legs like glue! and it became very hard for him to walk around!

You can see from the piccies how much worse it has got from my last post!
Oh I do hope it all stops soon! I have so much to get done for chrimbo…although it did feel wonderful yesterday….you know my birthday and all (thanks for all your lovely messages on here and FB :))

But now I want it to stop…as I am such a sissy walking around in it! I am sooo frightened of slipping and would rather crawl than walk! LOL! What a sight that would be eh! lol!

Apparently Scotland have had upto -25 degrees! OooH Goodness me! Brrrr!

What has the weather been like where you are?and have you managed to travel to work and stuff…and has anyone any news when it is going to go?  Come on you gals! thats what we are famous for isnt it! LOL! talking about the good ole British Weather! eh!

Anyway I hope you are all keeping warm and drinking lots of Cocoa! but has anyone got the heebeegeebee’s now like me and got this terrible craving to go out! 🙂

Let me know 🙂

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