I bought these boots, just in time for more snow to arrive!
....and don't you just love them?
When I saw them...I squeeled and just had to buy a pair, as they are just like Converse's, but in wellie form! with real laces....mine are still a bit new at the moment...but it won't be long before they have dirtied up a bit!

Don't you just love them :o)
Get yours HERE and tell them Happy sent ya :o)

My Christmas Decoration post is coming up next...sorry its a bit late :)!


  1. They are snazzy! Merry Christmas, hope you and your family have a lovely time.

  2. Oh I love your boots so much, they are fab !!xx

  3. Just been catching up on your Christmas blogging Happy. A feast for the eyes as usual. Gorgeous, gorgeous gumboots!
    love jacqui

  4. cool!! love the colour!


  5. my daughter will love these she is a big converse fan
    xx fee

  6. Oh Em Gee!! Love them :) I must blog about them forthwith. Thank you for sharing, sweet Happy. And a Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  7. Fantastic! So cute!! Thank you for sharing those pictures!! Merry Christmas!!


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