4 of the Best Sea Kayaking Spots in the World

Is there nothing that you love more than sea kayaking? Or is this something that you are thinking of doing? The beauty of kayaking is that you can enjoy this fantastic sport in many destinations across the globe and you can get yourself one of the top kayaks for the sea to experience what each spot has to offer.


While your initial thoughts about sea kayaking are probably a warm and sunny destination, some of the best and most beautiful spots across the world are actually in some of the coldest countries. In Alaska, you can visit the Kenai Fjords National Park which has over 750 miles of rocky shoreline. Here, kayakers can explore remote wilderness and you can immerse yourself in remnants of the ice age. With hidden caves and coves amongst the fjords, you will be able to pass floating icebergs and even get up close to the wildlife here including orcas, whales and sea lions.


Of course, when kayaking some people are looking to enjoy this activity in a warm and sunny destination and Crete is the perfect place to do this. There are 650 miles for you to paddle along and we would recommend that you kayak along the southern coast as there is so much here to discover! The jagged coastline here gives you the opportunity to explore sea caves, hidden coves and visit beautiful beaches. Along the way, you can stop in at the many beautiful villages situated along the coastline.


If you are looking to head a little further afield for your next sea kayaking adventure, then one of the best destinations to visit is definitely Fiji! There are more than 300 islands here and with shallow, crystal blue waters bursting with colourful coral gardens, this really is the dream spot for kayakers. The tropical climate here as well as the calm waters make this an inviting and attractive place to kayak and you can even take your snorkel with you too and immerse yourself in the underwater paradise here.


Vietnam is well known amongst experienced kayakers as being one of the best places in the world for this water activity. Halong Bay is the spot to visit and you can beat the tourist crowds that gather here by taking to the water in your kayak. Jutting from the emerald waters are huge limestone islets and you can visit the amazing floating fishing villagesthat reside here plus the lagoons and hidden caves.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing destinations around the world that you can visit on your next sea kayaking adventure! Add some of them to your bucket list today and see how many you can experience.

Have you ever been Kayaking? and if so…what countries did you visit?

Love Happy xx


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    Carol Slater
    August 11, 2018 / 10:47 am

    I am not a fan of kayaks. I have never been in one but considering that I am just beginning to get into the water, I find that I would not want to be in such a small confined space that they offer and be on the water.

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