How To Protect Your Home From a Break-In

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day to find that your home has been broken into. It is more than just the things that end up being taken, it is the sense of intrusion that someone has been inside the home that you have worked so hard to make your own. Though there are no total surefire ways that you can protect your home from a break-in, there are a few things that you can do to improve your overall home security. Here are just a few of them that can hopefully give you added peace of mind.

3 Handy Tricks For The Lazy Gardener

The UK is bursting with people who want a “no work” garden. Even if you love looking out on a beautiful garden, there are probably times where you just wish it would tend to itself! If your busy schedule doesn’t allow much time to get into the garden and work on sprucing it up, there are fortunately some handy tricks you can use make it easier for yourself. Here are three to try out…

8 Inspirational Stories Of A Happy Garden

I am really into gardening lately and what with the Chelsea Flower Show currently on at the moment I thought I would share with you once again some inspirational stories to achieve a Happy Garden...

Once upon a time, there was a sunny patch of land attached to a cosy little home. It wasn’t the sunniest place on the planet; it wasn’t the biggest place either. But it was the happiest garden you’d ever seen. Why so?

Outdoor Dining Spaces

SOURCE Outdoor Dining Spaces... That'll Make The Neighbours Drool

Now that summer is nearly upon us, the time has come to start thinking seriously about how to put our gardens to good use. Spring is coming to an end, so most of the gardening is now done. All that’s left is to figure out a way to enjoy it all...If you love eating alfresco, you’ll love this post. We’re going to look at some outdoor dining space ideas that’ll make the neighbours drool.

Garden Your Way To Summer

Garden Your Way To Summer: A Guide To Update Your Garden Quickly
We can all be a little guilty of letting time escape us and being so full of routine and daily life, that we can forget to enjoy some of the simpler things life has to offer. Getting outside and enjoying the garden is one of those simple things. But while we all dream of the summer vibes and party ideas we can’t wait to organise, it will only be good if we have a garden or outdoor area to enjoy them in. Which is why I thought i would share with you a quick guide to help you speed up the process and help you get your garden ready for summer.