Bright New Door

Finally we have a new door! yep the old one was deteriorating fast! and we had wanted to paint it a different colour for ages…but the landlord said NO! 🙁

But finally after an AGE of waiting…The Man from Del Monte…he say YES! Yay! lol!
the paint was chosen…by Rosie and I…..and OMG what a day that
was!…we set the alarm off on the way into B&Q…and security and
all the assistants looked at us!..thinking? ‘are they bringing something
back that they have already stolen!’ lol!…so we were gigling about

….and then we couldn’t find a decent ‘duck egg blue’ exterior gloss
paint…so we pressed the buzzer and got an assistant to help us….we
picked a colour which definitely wasnt the colour we have in these
pictures! it was a lovely pale duck egg!…anyway…the paint guy mixed
it up and showed us the colour…and we both laughed and said ‘that is
NOT the colour that we had picked!’…but we were in a ‘silly mood’ and
the guy insisted that if the correct undercoat was applied it would be
ok!…well we looked each other in the ‘cranky HaPpY lOvEs RoSiE’
way….and decided to take the paint afterall! well! he was supposed to
be a professional paint person! wasn’t he! 😉

….Then we made an even bigger embarrasment of oursleves 🙂 leaving the store, as I told all the assistants….as we were walking out of this HUGE superstore, that when we leave and go through the exit…we would set the alarm off again, because we had on the way in!…!….so we paid for the paint…drawing everyones attention that the alarm would go off…..and as we walked through the exit!….Guess what!

The ‘ruddy’ alarm DIDN’T go off! lol! 😀 what a HOOT! OMG Rosie and I could not stop laughing! it was sooooooo Hilarious! Oh we do have a right old laugh when we are out and about…we are like two Naughty School Gals 🙂 even through she is 17 and I am 45… 🙂

….And as for the paint! Grrrrr! the colour didn’t turn out to be the one we choose…but it did turn out to be this very very bright turquoise! Eek! Oh yeah!…The Landlord sent a lovely guy to paint the door for us and he had to wear sunglasses while he was painting it! lol!

So when it gets a little warmer, I will paint it a duller colour (unless of course we get used to this one!) and I have also decided to paint the ‘orrible wood stain white…and the gate a blue to match the door….and then I will be a hell of alot happier :)Have you had any painting disasters lately?


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