How to Juggle Parenting while Working from Home

Many hard-working parents faced one of the biggest challenges of their career in 2020: working from home while caring for their kids. While your children have likely returned to school, there is always the prospect that they will need to isolate should a child in the year group test positive for COVID-19.

As a result, you might have no other choice but to home-school your kids once again, which can make it difficult to complete tasks and projects when working at home. Make the experience a breeze by reading these top tips on how to juggle parenting with remote work.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

A strict schedule will help you to accomplish every task on your list while caring for your kids’ needs. Identify how many hours you can work each day and set times for returning a client’s phone call or tackling a big task. For example, you could leave important jobs for when your kids are busy reading a book or completing their set homework. The key is to work smarter, not harder.

Look for Fun Educational Activities

The last thing you will want is for your child’s education to fall by the wayside when at home. As you will be unable to sit by their side all day, you should look for educational activities to ensure they return to school filled with knowledge and confidence.

For example, an anagram solver is an ideal activity for kids to complete outside of school, as they will need to rearrange letters to identify the many words within an anagram. You can also customise an anagram to match family names or school subjects. Anagrams can be a fun way to improve your child’s vocabulary, and you will be able to finish many tasks with ease.

Plan Breaks

Set breaks to ensure you all have something to look forward to in the home, which can prevent frustration and emotional outbursts. Schedule the breaks in your calendar and stick to them, as it will allow your kids to step away from their set schoolwork and spend some quality time with you. If you spend at least half an hour with your kids, they will be less likely to demand your attention, which will allow you to focus on your to-do list.

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If your child has a passion for a school subject, tap into their interest to keep them entertained and increase your productivity at work. For example, if they love to draw or paint, stock up on art supplies to keep them busy and focused. If they love English, buy fiction books and word searches, and provide writing assignments.

Juggling parenting with remote work might feel anything but easy. Yet, there are tactics you can introduce to make your working life much easier without compromising on your kids’ needs or education. A few educational activities and scheduled breaks might be all it takes to transform your working day and their home life.

Happy’s Conclusion

Don’t Panic! Everything they learn in your company is a bonus…remember it’s one to one! and if you make a little time here and there, it will become fun!  You don’t have to follow the school’s time table either! There is a lot of time wasted at school, but as to actual learning, 3 hours a day is just fine!  playing football in the garden could take up some of that time or going shopping and making your child add up the prices and paying at the counter builds maths skills and confidence.

Its important to talk to your child, spend time with them playing games, Scrabble, Uno even Chess will keep their minds ticking over, not to mention yours lol!

I Homeschooled my Rosie and she turned out just fine!

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