Garden Your Way To Summer: A Guide To Update Your Garden Quickly
We can all be a little guilty of letting time escape us and being so full of routine and daily life, that we can forget to enjoy some of the simpler things life has to offer. Getting outside and enjoying the garden is one of those simple things. But while we all dream of the summer vibes and party ideas we can’t wait to organise, it will only be good if we have a garden or outdoor area to enjoy them in. Which is why I thought i would share with you a quick guide to help you speed up the process and help you get your garden ready for summer.

Give it a good tidy up

One of the quickest ways to spruce up your garden is by simply tidying it up. There will have been a lot of fallen leaves and even blossom now that could be strewn all over your garden. Time to get clearing away any mess and know exactly what you have to work with. Sometimes just doing this job alone is enough to restore your garden and outside space back to its former glory.

Tackle those yearly tasks

We all have those chores on our list we love to hate, am I right? Gutters, window cleaning, clearing out the shed or garage, they can all be tasks we just don't enjoy doing. However getting them done can make a huge difference to your outdoor space, and also provide you with some much-needed storage to help you keep your garden tidy.

Invest in some new items for your garden

Who doesn’t love a new comfy chair to soak in the summer rays? Or a new dining set that’s perfect for entertaining during a summer evening? So maybe now is the time to consider investing in some new items for your garden. Companies like featureDECO have some great rattan styles, or even heading to websites like Pinterest could offer some much-needed inspiration.

Give your lawn some love

A lawn that isn’t vibrant and green and cut neatly just looks messy and unloved, so give your grass some love this spring. Giving it a good cut and applying some grass seed could be all it takes to bring your lawn back to life.

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Spend some time on the flower beds

Who doesn’t love flowers in your garden? They can add an instant bit of colour and really transform any area in your garden. However, they may need some attention after winter due to pesky weeds. Focus some time on those flower beds and turn over the soil. Treat those weeds and even plant some new flowers. Garden centers always have an abundance of plants already flowering, meaning you can instantly add some colour to your outdoor area.

Clean up any patio or decking area

Finally, giving your patio or decking area a good clean could be a great way to revamp your garden. During the winter patios and decking areas can fade in colour or look a little disheveled. But simply using a power wash can bring them back to life.

I hope this guide helps you update your garden quickly and effectively. I am currently working on my I will update you on that soon!

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